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This page is reserved for other geographical locations not otherwise accessible in-game, but established within the World of Hollow and have been approved canonically by Administrators. Areas within this page may include notable areas off of Lithrydel and Rynvale where characters originate from and return to with other players for significant roleplay reasons, such as for an arc. This also includes areas that were accessible in prior years and have since been closed off or demolished. Hollow 1 and Hollow 2 locations are not included here. Alternate realities, places that bear heavy resemblances to real-world locations, and places that can be traced back to copyrighted material will not be considered for approval.


This location is no longer available for role-play or statting purposes; it is only listed for completion’s sake. Please do not contact the Administration regarding reopening this area.


The fallen Empire of Archmosia was thought to be the pride of the strongest warriors during the Age of Warlords. Conflicting records exist as to what transpired in that area or whether certain annexations or invasions ever occurred or were successful due to the unintended distortion of space and time created by the only emperor the kingdom ever had. After the Siege of Archmosia led by Vailkrin King Kasyr and fabled inventor Ranok, the empire fell into ruins. Perhaps sensing his kingdom's imminent demise, Vuryal abandoned Archmosia and left it to Empress Leigh. What became of the castle and surrounding kingdom was ultimately lost to time. Some say the Gods descended to pluck Castle Archmosia from its hiding place in the realm of illusion and cast it into Perdere as punishment to a mortal that dared call himself a member of their realm. Others say the castle and the lonely empress crumbled from the cliffs of North Rynvale and fell into the sea. Whatever the cause was, Archmosia disappeared as quickly it appeared, and soon disappeared from the minds of those who had the unfortunate luck of interacting with it.


Please contact Khitti if you would like to roleplay at this location or reference this location for story purposes.


A couple thousand nautical miles to the west of Lithrydel lies the island country of Dhavislaav. Littered with lycan packs, a treacherous mountain range, a lethally enforced ban on magic, a history of betrayal and war, Dhavislaav can be a rather difficult place to deal with when traveling there. There are towers along the entire perimeter of the country, each one stationed with a hundred or so guards that perform routine checks weekly for any hints of magic so that it can be snuffed out. Those seeking refuge in the country are urged to stay away if they have mages of any kind amongst their ancestors. Those that are found are promptly burned at the stake after a trial in front of the Council. Despite all that, there are still some silver linings to the country. Besides the usual main exports related to agriculture and the like, Dhavislaav is brimming with storytellers, some of them actually making it to print, and then sent out into the world. Many of the fairytales heard all over Hollow have their origins in Dhavislaav.

Notable Locations

Dämmerung Stürze

Once one of the larger villages in Dhavislaav and the leader in lumber exports in the country thanks to the Eisenholz-Wald (translation: Ironwood Forest) that surrounds the entire village and the village’s dedication to replanting trees (which seems to grow faster despite the supposed lack of magic in the country), Dämmerung Stürze is nothing but a wasteland of death now. Some decades ago, necromancers raided the entire village, transformed the people into shambling undead, and kidnapped children that had just hit the age of fourteen, to use them in their vile experiments. The sole survivor of the Von Schreier clan, after her harrowing escape from the necromancers, cleared the entire place of undead in her own time, even including that of her own family. Now, the village is in ruins, only the stone that had made up the houses and foundations left, twinged with dark magic and scorched black by the fire that had been made to cleanse it of undeath. The forest around it still remains, however, and the three trees known as Die Trias (The Triad) refused to burn with the town itself. Some say that the place is haunted, and few are known to have gone there and made it out alive.


The capital of Dhavislaav, Richtersgans holds the cream of the crop of nobility and celebrities. It is ruled with an iron fist by The Council, as they run a tight ship, eradicating any hint of magic in the country. In truth, they are the very ancestors of those that turned against magic out of jealousy, making sure to keep things the way their forefathers intended after the war. On the outside, it seems like a magical (but not -actually- magical!!) place. Many shops and housing districts are named after their national animal and national flower, the goose and the edelweiss, respectively, while Richtergans’ high society make it a point to have no less than three grand balls a month in an effort to cover up all the unfortunateness of the public trials and gruesome executions that happen within the capital. All in all, Richtergans is a wonderful port town with wonderful people living rich, full lives unimpeded by even the gods themselves--or so the Council would tell you.

Map: https://ibb.co/Bz7nXXq Translation of Map Names: https://ibb.co/Lngbypz

Isle of Ikari

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The Isles of Ikari is a duet of many islands in what is colloquially known to some as the Rynvalian Archipelago; this refers to a series of smaller islands southeast of the continent of Rynvale. These islands, despite being inhabited already, were colonized by the High Elves as early as 20,000 years ago, expanding over the course of several millennia as a means of providing strongholds and safehouses inaccessible to the ogres during the fortification of Port Rynvale. After Port Rynvale attained enough security to open as a free port, the colonies were granted economic and governmental independence, though trade between the lands is still frequent. Today, the isles are demographically composed of a human majority.

Notable Locations

Capital City

The smaller of the two isles of Ikari, the lush valleys of this mountainous island were reserved for the monarchy of the native Ikarians, those natives who were trusted enough to set up shop along the ports, and visiting traders and nobles from Port Rynvale. At some point roughly two decades ago, virtually everyone in Capital City succumbed to a severe plague. The suddenness of this disease forced those remaining and those who discovered the deceased to be quarantined on the island until the end of their natural lives due to possible spread, leaving the Capital a ghost town. After this, the townships of the larger islands were forced into devolution.

Lake Safia

The heart-shaped lake of the capital city, it was rumored that the powerful beast of the archipelago resides there. The waters are so deep that the depths cannot be measured, but it is believed to be entirely freshwater. The creature that called this area its home was hunted to the brink of extinction before knowledge of its powerful arcane properties was forfeited to a dimension with the ability to remove traces of the knowledge from the Material Plane.

Isle of Uireasa


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A large island roughly in the shape of a crescent moon. A wide mountain range dominates the northern portion of the island, the Kingdom of Uagini’s Cross resting in the valley of the tallest of them. There are smaller villages for milling, mining and farming as well as a temple dedicated to Selene. Forts are maintained at either point of Gealach A’ Na Bay, as well as a larger one on the Westernmost part of the island where most sea channels lead travelers to and from Rynvale.

Notable Locations

Uaigni’s Cross

The heart of Uireasa and the capital of the Kingdom. Resting in the valley of Ealai, the tallest mountain in the Deaorgéin mountain range, and surrounded by the dense Sirghleas Forest. This kingdom is most easily accessible by sea through Gealach A’ Na Bay. Towering white walls surround the castle Anamidhe. The large, heavily populated port village outside is made up of buildings of blue and white stone harvested from the mountains. Most have been buffeted smooth from centuries of sea winds.

Deaorgéin Mountains

A large mountain range that houses several mining and quarry locations, rumoured to be the resting place of a great dragon.


RPs mentioned in:

A Certain Slant Of Light

Strange Fruit

Sylo Alari

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Located somewhere far south of the Sage Forest, long past the Kingdom of Enchantment, lies an elven village. The village, dubbed Sylo Alari by its residents, is placed in the middle of a thick forest. Its architecture is simple and blends seamlessly into the nature surrounding it as a testament to its residents' devotion to upholding the balance of progress and nature. Trees tower high into the sky with abnormally thick trunks. Houses are scattered about both on the ground and in the trees. There are small businesses but without a need for currency here. Everyone plays an equal part in this village. If not, they are cast out to the forest to survive on their own.

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