Arc:Souls Out of Time

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Deep within the plains of Venturil, a place known for hostility, lurks something unknown. A power from another time is brought forth into someone. Scattered scenes of carcasses are being discovered. Evidence of their rituals. What exactly is happening? These casters lay in wait, perfecting their technique. Only the choice for a random adventure shines a light on what they have been doing. Now, their efforts have been discovered and everything they have worked to build could either spill forth into the world or crumble at the hands of others.

To get involved, contact Eirik.

OOC NOTE: This page has been formatted to show the on goings of both sides! The RP's linked on the right side of this wiki page, tell the story of the villains. To follow the story, simply clink on the provided link. The links beneath each chapter on the left side of the screen are those of Hollows player base, reacting to the workings of this Venturil Coven. These stories will be posted soon!

It Begins

Dreams or Visions
It Begins
The In-between
#Story to come
Sinister Twists
Failure and Intruders

Chapter One: A Mark Most Foul

Chapter Summary: When Raphaline and Eirik set out for a little adventure, things turn south! They head into the great plains of Venturil seeking solace and exploration. The duo instead stumbles across something grotesque! Blood, evidence of slaughter and a peculiar looking piece of cloth with intricate stitching that reads: "Daddy". Upon further investigation its revealed that some form of dark magic was used here! Eventually they find a lair in the distance filled with witches, and an enslaved child. The master of this lair does not wish to allow them to escape. In order to do so, Eirik transforms and enters the lair even further to provide a distraction. While Raphaline and the child escape, Eirik does not. The invading Lycan is captured and the master of the complex reveals herself to be, nothing more than a child. This can't be right? Can it? Sometime later Eirik reappears, bloodied and beaten at the tavern in chartsend with an Archaic magically weaved mark on his arm. This mark drives him to rage, deeper and deeper in to the forlorn emptiness of pure anger. Over the course of time things start to irritate him. Little things, slight annoyances until he has a full-blown panic attack in Kelay Sage. Valen/Maldor/Valen, and Sabrina, take him down and literally skin Eiriks arm! This morbid act does indeed work and frees Eirik of the curse which plagued him.

  1. An Idea For Adventure
  2. The Journey Begins
  3. When Fun Goes Wrong
  4. A Taverns Interruption
  5. Something Is Wrong
  6. Good TImes Restored
  7. A Failed Attempt
  8. Food, Pain and Skin

We Have Been Discovered

#Story to come
#Story to come
#Story to come
#Story to come
#Story to come
#Story to come

Chapter Two: An Investigation Begins

Chapter Summary: Within the confines of Larket, Eirik happens upon another crime, the body looking similar to those he had discovered in Venturil! Could they have spread? A full report is filed with Queen Josleen and Eirik is asked to speak before the council and King Macon himself. Macon, though reluctantly, offeres aid by way of Artia and Sabrina. Artia however has different plans, and turns into the one thing Eirik cannot forgive. Instead, Eirik writes her off and continues without her. Eirik receives word from Rachel (The child he saved) and rushes off with Sabrina to meet her. But plot twist, Rachel is also one of the cursed and lays a particularly bloody ambush! Sabrina and Eirik escape with their lives, whilst Rachel dies. The Steel Collective is now brought into this entire ordeal. They send Henry and Brynna to investigate. However, Brynna and Henry were attacked by the same group and now the Collective seeks revenge. Together both Aarika and Eirik, devise a fire attack to smoke out the witch's coven and begin stocking up on oil drums and pigs fat… Kaval is sent to further scout while further preparations are being made.

  1. Who's a Witch
    OOC: This RP is incluced in this Arc because Eirik receives help from King Macon. Artia and Sabrina are tasked to investigate the child in Chartsend!
  2. Turning Forever Twenty-Eight
    OOC: In this RP Artia changes what she is, and chooses to become the most despicable thing in Eiriks eyes. He abandons her, and her aid.
  3. New Plans
  4. A Deal With Maldor
  5. The Problem Not the Source
  6. Attack on Innocence
  7. Further Plotting
  8. The First Scout
  9. Occult
  10. Recruited by the Berserker
  11. Two Weary Recruits

Chapter Three

The first attempt at rallying allies fails! The meeting that is supposed to take place in Denubyrg ends up turning into an assault on the satelitte township. Now new allies are being sought, to help rebuild and heal those who have been hurt in the attack.

  1. Not What We Expected