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RP:Further Plotting

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Part of the Souls Out of Time Arc

Synopsis: Eirik, Henry (NPC) and Aarika further add to their plans of war against the coven of venturil.

Further Plotting

Eirik once again found himself in the hall with drink in hand having a discussion with Henry as they both ate. Turns out Brynna had finally come to, and the squire was more than happy with this development. The clans healer was on the mend, though still confined to quarters. Brynna being as stubborn as she was had taken over her own medications. Eiriks ability was simple at best and she knew better tricks than he. “I’m glad to hear she came to, Henry.” Eirik stuffs his beak with more mounds of food as he continues to eye the squire. As normal the warrior is clad in his usual arms and armor, two weapons dangling from either hip.

Aarika would still be in bed, the new development of many sleepless nights had caught up to the matron. Henry was now taking on the same habits fueled by the same motivations. His hand rose to the back of his neck while he pulled up a chair beside the berserker, "She's very strong and brave." There was a bashful smile with his words His voice had dropped in volume as he failed to hide his romantic interest in the girl." I wish to got out on the campaign with you." He wanted revenge, not only did he feel for the children puppets but also for Brynna.

Eirik would swig down more of the fluid and eyes shift to Henry, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Truth be told Eirik would not deny Henry the chance to gather vengeance by his own hand. “However, that is up to the Matron. I don’t believe I have any say in what you are able to do. But you tell the Matron I’d like you at my side personally. I’ve got a plan for an attack.” The berserker would smile. In fact gaze sweeps the area. Where is our fearless leader? “Give me just a moment Henry. Grab a beer and hear us out. I’m going to wake Aarika.” The Matron would soon find a loud succession of knocks. “Aarika, you should come join us when you’re able.” Eirik would wait for a response before turning back to the table near Henry.

Aarika was stirred by a banging at her door and shot up with a groan. Her hand groped around her end table, brain still foggy. The clutter clanked to the ground with a series of curses before Aarika finally address the familiar voice, "Yeah...yeah...Just a moment." Her legs swung her out of bed and a yawn and stretch set her in motion to adorning more cloths. A dress slid over her head and feet into boot as she opened the door to a retreating lycan, "What's happened?" She asked with another yawn while the sleeve of her dress wiped the sleep from her eyes. Ridged steps brought her to the empty chair beside Henry and she melted into the frame. "How's your girlfriend?" She chuckled able to pick at both the men at the same time.

Eirik would leave the comment of girlfriends alone and allow Henry to speak up to the Matron about what was just proposed. “Brynna’s up and alive again.” Eirik states as he comes to a halt at the table. His mug lifted and brought to those lips again. Silver hues moving back to Aarika and her choice of clothing; a dress. “Henry here has a few things he would like to discuss with you.” He winked to the boy. “I hope you’ll hear him out.” At this moment the squire would bring up Eiriks proposal of being at his side for the attack. Once finished the northman would speak further. “I have come up with an addition to our plan.”

Aarika now wore a grin while her eyes darted back and forth from to the co conspirators, "Personal request, huh?" Henry received a look of skepticism her emotions legible upon her features, "Only come if you are able to hold your own." There was a loft of her brow indicating he had the choice. "And what if this idea of yours?" Eirik was now in the line of sights as Aarika scooped up her freshly delivered coffee, using both hands to enjoy the warmth.

Eirik would watch the interaction between Henry and Aarika, giving them both a smile of satisfaction. “I thought further on our plans and remembered a few things from my last attack.” It had been a while since he and that bard Raphaline had saved Rachel. Who later died at the hands of Eirik and Sabrina. She too was a cursed child of the coven of Venturil. “Last time I attacked them they sealed off a section.” He would wait till Aarika would catch his meaning. “So before the final assault I think we should lead a series of smaller ones.” Again he would lead to his meaning. “If each time we attack and they close off an entrance or exit, the will soon run out of areas to run.” A small map is pulled, one of Eiriks own and laid out on the table. “If we lay focus on attacking known entrances and exits, we can bottle neck them here.” A fist is raised and punches his own hand. “With the tactics you have explained we can meet them at a place of our choosing and watch them smash upon our shields.”

Aarika 's warm hand raked through her braided hair with a pensive expression, "But if we only know two points of entry....." There was a pause as the mug lifted to her lips. She almost spit the steaming beverage from her mouth, "Freakin hot." There was a complaint and glare aimed for the cup as she cast it aside, "We need two teams, trackers above ground and brute force under. We don't need to give them a chance to escape, regroup and attack. There is no remorse to use children for their dirty work, that alone tells you of the monsters we face."

Eirik nearly laughed as Aarika chortled her response to her hot fluids. “Precisely. One exit we set fire to. There will be no survival. The other exit is where we meet them head on.” He would explain. “The team within will be the driving force to the assault. While a team of scouts sets fire to the entrance to smoke them out. With the haze and our presence within, at least with what I have in mind, will force the group to panic and flee the facility. Thats where the other team comes in handy. The scouts will regroup with our main force, the team inside will give chase forcing them to the battle field. In their panic it will be much easier to put them to rest. The brute squad will pursue all the way to the field and meet them at their backs.” He would end his discussion of tactics. This is why he wanted to close of extra entrances and exits. One more scouting mission would be essential to their ploy. They needed to know if any more escape tunnels existed. “I would like to take Henry into the complex with me. Teach him how a raider works. How to command fear on a battle field. Its time he graduates from being a boy to being a man.” This would be Henry’s test as he has proven worthy of it so far. If and only if Aarika allowed it.

Aarika nodded along with the Rosfjorian's words, their plan seemed to be coming together nicely. "Hmmm, seems this will be quiet the walk in the park...As for Henry...."She let her words hand in the air as she leaned from her seat to inspect the plates of the two men. Herny watched her intently as she let the anticipation of her answer grow. A chunk of bread was claimed from Eirik's plate before she rested her back to the chair once more, "I think..." There was another pause she she toyed with the young man's emotions. Fingers ripped at rye and she chewed slowly before braving her coffee once more idly, "I suppose I am fine with the idea." There was a cheeky smile as the bread now shifted to Henry's plate. Henry beamed, even gave Aarika a squeeze to her arm in thanks, "Try not to make a mess of things." Her words were laced with love for the boy as her eyes met Eirik. "Thank you." The young man muttered to both the warriors before him.

Eirik would watch the matron knowing that she had begun to tease Henry. He even twisted his own gaze to watch him squirm. Finally when she would announce her intent to let him join the brute squad Eirik would laugh. “Good, you and me in the training yard tonight Henry. I’ll know first hand what your capable of.” His own hands would reach to Brann and his elemental axe. “You’ll get to meet these and me. After which, you’re going to get a lesson in tactics and how we plan to do this. You’ll meet your ancestors and be taken through the Berserkers trial. See what animal suits you best. Bear, wolf or raven.” He would elaborate only a little more. “Its a decision left up to you and your ancestors. Perhaps even the gods will hear the call and come themselves.” This much is stated to see if Aarika would be roped into going. Without further word the Lycan shifts, climbs to his feet and drags his mug and plate of food back to the mess hall to clean up his own mess. The two would be left to discuss what he just laid out for them. He would be back after a few minutes of time.

Aarika shook her head, Eirik, he sure was a manipulative bastard. He knew how to get her attention by using the gods and he knew already it would have worked. So the bound Aarika offered a curt nod as Eirik cleaned up after himself. How rare was it to actually see a man clean? Henry offered a few, yes sirs and deep nods in understanding before it would just be Aarika and himself. "He will show you no mercy." Aarika informed from behind her chipped mug, "Do not mistake him for a friend in the yard. If you want to play with the big boys you must be ready. There will be no coddling." Aarika's words rose towards the end to give the man a choice to reconsider. "I understand."He replied."And I am ready." Aarika grinned into her coffee, Henry's response did not let her down, "Good." Her hand patted his leg before returning to her glass. The excitement lit up Henry's face as he fought the urge to run off and share the news with Bryann, the woman who was becoming harder and harder to ignore.