Arc:In Darkness We Trust

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In Character

Summary here.

Out of Character

If you wish to get involved with this arc, contact Larewen or Khitti by hmail or tell.

This is a Necromancer's Guild RP and is being coordinated by Larewen's player. If you have questions, direct them toward her by hmail.

The goal in this RP is to harness a powerful entity and trap it for study. If successful, the prison will be stored in the Black Library under Vailkrin. Otherwise, the entity must be destroyed.

The Story Thus Far


Summary: Under the guise of study for the Necromancer's Guild, Lady Larewen Dragana had taken control of Corruption. Aiding in freeing Jarith of the entity, she bound it to a golem which she kept bound in the Dark Forest. Only now, the magic that holds the creature at bay weakens and Larewen must turn to the slowly strengthening Necromancer's Guild that she commands for aid.

  1. A Promise of Corruption
  2. Can You Hear Me Now?
  3. The Master and the Apprentice: Back to Square One
  4. An End, Once and For All
  5. Placeholder for Lar/Emrith RP that needs to be uploaded, where Corruption's binding is temporarily renewed.
  6. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary
  7. Death Becomes Her
  8. To Court the Enemy
  9. The Assassination of Lady Larewen Dragana

Chapter One

  1. The End of the Line
  2. Something Wicked This Way Skitters
  3. A Pilar Crumbles
  4. To Spark An Idea
  5. The Witch's Devotion
  6. Desiccation Suits You, M'Dear
  7. Pride, Prejudice, And Promotions
  8. Playing Nice
  9. Return To The Dark Side
  10. History Always Repeats Itself

Players Involved