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Uriphiel Phandarion is a product of time archaic. Having lived through several pivotal wars and present for the rise of Arrecation, Uriphiel is a man whose soul is heavily stained and saturated with regret. After spending nearly two millennia inside of the hellish space known as the Timeless Void, he is finally free from its dark lifeless core, only to end up in a world that is quite different than the one he originally left. Instead of prosperity, Uriphiel has stumbled upon the Avian race in shambles; Striving now to rebuild the fallen Empire and pick up where he left off: Maintaining law and order across the land of Lithrydel.

Characteristics Life Aspects
  • Given Name: Uriphiel Ruehnar Phandarion
  • Nickname: Uri, Uriphiel-Shar
  • Age: 2167
  • Birth Date: December 20th
  • Race: Ancient Avian
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Glimmering Gold
  • Hair Color: Flaxen Blonde
  • Skin Tone: Lightly Tanned
  • Height: 7Ft
  • Weight: 265Lbs
  • Nation of Birth: Bardriel

  • Class: Aether Knight [of Justice]
  • Home: Schezerade
  • Title: Shar of the 21st Battalion
  • Clan: The Aether Knights [Unofficial]
  • Guild: None
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Trade: Jeweler
  • Secondary Trade: Enchanter
  • Aspiration: Lawman
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Deity: [Informal] The Divine Three

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Uriphiel stands at a sizable seven feet, a few inches taller than the average maximum height for his race. His wings, with feathers of shimmering gold, span nearly twenty feet when fully expanded. To look upon Uriphiel in a closer light, one would not guess that he was well over two thousand years old. He looks, by human metrics, to be an athletic man in his mid to late thirties at best. [The Timeless Void works wonders for keeping those wrinkles in check - although he would never recommend a stay to anyone looking to hold onto their sanity.] Cold, rhadamanthine eyes mask any sort of apprehension or insecurity. They are cloaked in rays of gold; Glimmering softly whenever the right amount of light enters the horizon of the iris. He is a well groomed man by most standards - With a lightly tanned, diamond-shaped jaw shaven clean and flaxen hair usually styled in a faded undercut; Slicked back, or neatly parted to the right, allowing for the points of his ears to be on full display.

When in civilian garb, Uriphiel tends to dress rather well, despite how informal the occasion may be. His torso is usually dressed in a neatly pressed, fitted, button down dress-shirt with the sleeves carefully rolled up to the elbow. His pants, accented by a mahogany colored leather belt, are often a cotton, or wool blend pleated dress pant. In lieu of dressy footwear, he is often found wearing well polished, black military boots. If he is expecting a more formal setting, Uriphiel will generally don a waistcoat with matching tie, and some sort of long, wool overcoat.

His clothing colors are a range of white, silver, navy, and tan. Never green.

Uriphiel does wear jewellery. Mostly some sort of gold or platinum with a stone setting. Hanging from his earlobes are two golden drop-earrings in the shape of eagle talons, clutching delicate sapphire spheres. Around his neck is a gold angel-eye necklace with a round sapphire in the center. He also wears an inscribed platinum band on the middle finger of his left hand. All of this jewellery is hand made and bears an engraved Phandarion family signature.

Resting upon on the ring finger of his right hand is a sapphire-studded gold ring, with a raised emblem in its center. The emblem itself is shaped like a heater shield with a sword striking downward through the middle. Along all of the edges of the shield are a series of runic letters from an era long ago. This is the Signet Ring of the Aether Knights.

When in his Knightly armor, Uriphiel usually dresses in a mixture of plate, chainmail, and dragonscale mail for a combination of defense and mobility. The chainmail, covering two thirds of his body, is made from a blue iron that is resistant to becoming brittle in the cold temperatures at higher altitudes. The dragon scale is from a blue dragon, insulating against magic of an electrical nature. It does not make him impervious, but it certainly helps lessen the damage taken. It can be found overlaid atop his upper arms, around his neck and chest, as well as over his thigh muscles. The plate, alabaster in color and gold-trimmed, is a mixture of mithril and true steel in order to protect against heavy blows; Yet light enough to maneuver with.

For use in combat, Uriphiel typically carries a three foot tall heater shield, and a double-edged, one-handed sword that is often enchanted.

Uriphiel also carries the Aether Blade, Judicant, strapped to his right hip. It is quite easy to miss the weapon, as when it is inactive, there is no blade visible.

Further detailed information regarding Aether Knight armor and weapons down below.


Personality Traits

  • Lawful Good
  • Educated
  • Focused
  • Logical
  • Experimental
  • Faithful
  • Valorous
  • Selfless

  • Arrogant
  • Cold
  • Reserved
  • Prejudiced
  • Obsessive
  • Repentant
  • Patriotic


Uriphiel is a man of stern disposition. He is thrifty with smile or mirthful laughter, only to reserve such things for the company of those he considers close friends and true allies. To the rest of the populace he may come off as a cold, uncaring, and arrogant prick. He speaks in authoritative commanding tones that expose his rigid military training; Always straight to the point and lacking any sort of geniality. He is respectful in a general sense, although some may interpret his words as a demonstration of condescension. In casual conversation his voice is deep, yet gentle, like the whisper of a lion. Uriphiel has a habit of pausing his speech, taking some time before he answers in full. This is because he is attempting to assess and prepare his wording carefully.

Uriphiel's eyes tend to roam and wander, focusing on any face or passerby in the immediate vicinity; Something done to evaluate potential threats. He carries himself, regardless, in a confident manner to disguise any sort of worry or weakness from the public. In his own mind, he must show bravery and strength in every interaction, no matter how dire. While a man of honesty, if Uriphiel ever lies to cover unpleasant news, his ears are likely to twitch ever so slightly.

One thing that is both a blessing and a curse to the avian is that he is a man of cleanliness. His clothing is generally well laundered and free from defect. His armor is rigorously maintained and polished. He does not go so much as a single day without bathing. On the other hand, he also can not live in a comfortable way when in spaces that are not his own. Uriphiel will make sure to tidy his seating before lowering himself into it. If his beverage containers or silverware have spots of any sort, he will request new utensils or that they be washed again. Uriphiel also tends to avoid shaking hands with anyone that looks unclean, opting instead to offer a customary salute; Unless, of course, he is wearing gloves.

Uriphiel has a strong need to uphold justice, often interjecting in public quarrels and acts that show suspicion or breach of law. The avian will commonly place himself between two parties to prevent either from assaulting one another, and will typically defend the smaller party if it is deemed necessary. In all instances, Uriphiel will always choose diplomacy over combat, offering the offending party a chance to redeem themselves by settling a quarrel, a debt, or turning themselves in for a crime committed.

While not explicitly a devout individual, Uriphiel has a tendency to wish others safety in the name of the Divine Three; The Gods responsible for the salvation of Lithrydel during the darkest ages of history. He does not pray to, fight for, nor swear allegiance to any one God in particular. Instead, he chooses to consider them allies [those of a neutral or good nature] in his fight to spread law and order across the land. In battle, if Uriphiel must claim a life, he will always offer a prayer in the deceased's name to the Divine Three.

Uriphiel suffers from PTSD to a certain degree. When certain situations manage to trigger an episode, symptoms tend to manifest in the following ways: Heavy breathing, anxiety, profuse sweating, and increased aggression. If an attack occurs, Uriphiel may seek out alcohol to calm himself. Uriphiel does not often drink otherwise. He may indulge in a glass of wine after a long day, or in a setting where imbibing is a social custom, but he will always refrain drinking to the point of intoxication.

Philosophy & Ideals

Uriphiel values Law, Honor, Truth and Loyalty above all else. He feels that without these traits, the world would be forever lost to darkness. He strongly believes that most beings have an inherent virtue, and that with work and diplomacy it can be brought to the surface.

He is not ignorant, however. He also believes that there are some who are beyond redemption and fights to make sure these dark hearts do not spread their fear and hatred among the pure.

On Law

Law is the key to peace and order in Uriphiel's view. He does not break written law, regardless of how minor the infraction. He takes pity upon those that break the law in more harmless ways, but outright condemns those that would commit crimes without care for whom they may hurt. This is why he endeavors to work with world leaders and create a unified law enforcement organization to uphold all written law across the land of Lithrydel.

On Honor

Uriphiel is a man of his word, that is most certain. He will not say one thing and do another; Always determined to keep a promise made. He believes in showing respect in most instances, even if it is toward an adversary that wishes to do harm. He will never attack an opponent first, nor would he use an underhanded move to gain the advantage in a simple quarrel. He believes in diplomacy and defense as a preventative measure.

On Truth

Trust is an important characteristic for Uriphiel. There is no trust without Truth. Uriphiel expects that whomever he speaks with will not tell him lies, nor will he lie to them. While he has an expectation that those of a nefarious nature will be a little more hesitant with parting with truth, he will nevertheless give the benefit of the doubt. Uriphiel will refuse to cover the truth in most cases, as he feels that people can grow and heal from the closure that truth brings. Still, if there is a dreadful need for a fib, Uriphiel may take this route as a necessary evil.

On Loyalty

The second key aspect of Trust - It is the bond that makes trust worthwhile. Uriphiel is as loyal as one can be when his allegiance is earned. No matter how deadly the circumstances, he will always be the first to throw himself into the face of danger if it means that he can spare someone he cares for. Whether it be friend, family, ally, or country. He would go hungry and destitute to make sure that those in his life do not go without.

On Charity

Uriphiel is a fairly charitable person. He feels that helping others can have a domino effect, with good deeds paying it forward to the next. Although, he has limitations. Due to an ethic of valuing hard work, he generally looks down upon those who choose not to help themselves out of sheer laziness. He will offer charity a first time, and afterward suggest places that may help the needy individual to seek work. Subsequent interactions, if the needy individual has done nothing to try and better themselves, will resort to admonishment and shaming.

On Humans

Humans were one of the last races to appear in Lithrydel and as such, they have always been viewed as a barbaric and warfaring creature by the many elder races. Uriphiel does not have the utmost dislike for the human race, but he still remembers the war that shattered the peace of the second golden age. Because of this, he is hesitant on giving humans his complete trust. It will take some time to adjust as to how far they have come in the recent millennia.

On Dragons

As one of the oldest enemies of the Avian race, Uriphiel has a deeper respect for the Dragons than most of his modern day brethren. When the Dark Immortals rose to power all those centuries ago, Uriphiel remembers everything that the Saurian forces did to help the initial onslaught. If there have been problems since that time, Uriphiel is blissfully unaware.

On Necromancy

Uriphiel is disgusted by Necromancy in all its forms. No matter the use, he sees it as a magic of selfish desire; Rather than working with magic that celebrates and protects life, a Necromancer is a being that would disturb the rest of the dead for their own benefit. It does not make a difference if the Necromancer's acts are for the good of the land, it is an eventuality that the magic will seep its way into the user's soul and corrupt them.

There was a reason that the art and its records were sealed away for so long.

On Vampires

Uriphiel is extremely prejudiced against vampires. Having been around for Elazul's arrival, Uriphiel knows the true purpose for which they were created. Regardless if the Dark Immortals' hold over the race is long forgotten, or if some unfortunate souls have no interest in evil deeds, Uriphiel feels that all Vampires must be killed. They are bound to feed upon the living and it is through that bond that they spread their curse. They are an abominable disease that needs to be exterminated.


  • Neat freak. Thorough with cleaning armor and weapons daily. In casual setting, has to make sure his place of leisure is clean; E.g - Seating, silverware, glasses.
  • Does not often lie. When he does, his ears twitch.
  • Due to his stay in the Timeless Void, he suffers PTSD. Extremely dark or cramped spaces may cause anxiety.
  • Offers a ritualistic prayer for the fallen when he must slay sapient life in combat.
  • Addresses his weapon, the Aether Blade, as if it were a living being.
  • Suffers heartburn and reflux; Yet continues to partake in trigger foods.
  • Extreme Sweet tooth. He almost craves something sugary and sweet at every meal. May carry candy.


2A LIKES.pngLikes 2B DISLIKES.pngDislikes
  • Wine. Red over white.
  • The smell of the forest after fresh rain.
  • A good battle or spar.
  • Keeping law and order.
  • Learning history.
  • The colors white, gold, and navy blue.
  • Minstrels - In the right setting.
  • Fishing in his leisure time.
  • Vampires. A seething hatred.
  • Humans. Although he does not hate them, he still recalls the primitive and war-faring nature they tend to exhibit.
  • Any who choose to break the law for malicious or personal gain.
  • Uncleanliness in general.
  • Necromancers. He feels it is unclean magic that desecrates the dead.
  • Followers of dark Gods.
  • Lazy people.
  • Loud and obnoxious people.
  • Not fond of green. Loathes the color lime.
2C SKILLS.pngSkills 2D EDUCATION.pngEducation
  • Adept Swordsmanship.
  • intermediate skills with Polearms, Spears and Axes.
  • Intermediate Enchanting.
  • Advanced Gemcrafting.
  • Advanced Jewellery Crafting.
  • Experienced Tactician.
  • Intermediate Leadership Qualities.
  • Basic survival skills - Hunting, fishing, shelter making.
  • Privatized education at the Bardriel School for Academic Excellence.
  • Education in Gem crafting and Jewellery crafting through family lineage. A big trade in Bardriel.
  • Studied four years of Item Enchanting in the Mage's Guild. Focused on enchanting gemstones.
  • Opting out of the public sector, joined the Bardriel Royal Empire and trained under the military's best soldiers. Eventually climbed the ranks to Shar of the First Battalion.
2E STRENGTH.pngStrengths 2F WEAKNESS.pngWeaknesses
  • Racial resistance to many forms of magic.
  • Strong resistance to mind control or illusions.
  • Exceptional Intelligence.
  • High Perception.
  • Strong Diplomacy skill.
  • High threshold for cold temperatures.
  • Strong sense of determination.
  • No inherent ability for proficient magic casting. [Relies on minor enchanting/ enchanted items]
  • Ranged combat is weak.
  • Does not do well in excessive heat. Easier fatigue.
  • Fire based magic.
  • Lightning based magic.
  • Relies on weapons in combat. Unarmed technique needs a lot of work.
  • Use of enchantments, as well as the Aether Blade, are limited due to a low natural mana pool. Aether Blade can not be used without a powerful mana source, such as the large gem embedded in the chestplate of his armor.
  • Naivety. Uriphiel often relies upon his diplomacy and the inner good of others to bring about peaceful resolutions. This has betrayed him on a few occasions.
  • High drive to succeed sometimes leads to Uriphiel losing focus or becoming reckless in an attempt to complete his task.

2H FAVOURITES.pngFavorites 2G FEARS.pngFears
  • Strawberry Wine.
  • Heavy rainfall.
  • Watching the sunrise.
  • Fudge.
  • The flower known as a Lily.
  • Experimenting with new and unique enchanted gem combinations.
  • Lightning. He had a bad experience once.
  • Failure.
  • Pitch black darkness.
  • Cramped spaces / being unable to move.
  • Losing loved ones.



Uriphiel had a fairly unassuming childhood. He was the youngest of three children, growing up in a small sector on the outskirts of Bardriel. His mother and father worked with his uncles in the market district, where they would craft gems and jewellery for export and sale. His brother and sister, both fairly older than Uriphiel, were away from Bardriel to take up their own causes; Jaelos was off training under the Archmages and Shinaria had joined up with the healer's sect of Tritan to care for the injured and sick. Neither had any interest in taking part in the family business. A business mind you, that was rather large and known for exquisite quality and painstaking attention to detail, drawing great acclaim from many of the substantial bartering nations across Lithrydel. Many heirloom pieces today may still bare the once famous Phandarion mark. When he was not attending the very prestigious Bardriel School for Academic Excellence, Uriphiel could often be found at the workshop with his family, learning the skills of the trade so that he may one day take part in carrying on their legacy. Because of their family status as merchants of importance to Bardriel, Uriphiel was exempted from mandatory conscription and allowed to continue his trade education.

At age twelve, Uriphiel's class took part in a celebration event for the Bardriel Royal Empire, the city's primary military faction. The day had been predicted to be full of sunshine and good weather, so it was decided that the school would put on a stunning aerial display to honor the soldiers that protected the city. At some point in the day, dark and stormy clouds formed overhead. It all happened so suddenly. The deafening clap of thunder. The torrential rain. The bolt of searing lightning - Uriphiel never even had a chance to react. He was struck directly between the wings and immediately started to plummet down to the grassy turf below. The boy was dazed, barely able to tell what had happened. All that he knew was that his whole body felt like it was on fire. He could feel that he were in freefall, certain that he was about to meet his end. It was by the grace of the gods that two powerful arms found their way under the earthbound avian, preventing the youth's expected demise. The last thing Uriphiel saw before he passed out, was the heroic face of Bardriel's most famous warrior - Durelan-Khar.

He would think about this day for years to come.


By his late teens, Uriphiel had become quite proficient when it came to crafting gems and jewellery, but he lacked the drive needed to continue this trade as a career path. In fact, he grew rather bored by the prospect entirely. He needed a change. Something exciting. Being promised such excitement and a great educational experience, Uriphiel next enrolled in the Mage's Guild to take up study on enchanting. He never had any real prowess for spell casting, or any other form of magic for that matter, so he thought that he might attempt something that he could use in the family business. He did well enough at first, quickly picking up the lessons with little trouble. However, over time this too grew to be a bit of a bore for the young avian and he dropped out in year four of his eight year study.

In all this time, one thing continued to play over and over in his head: That fateful day when he was saved by Durelan-Khar. Uriphiel never really cared much for the military lifestyle when he was younger. He had never even trained in combat. The thought of being sent to war had always been something that terrified him, so when he was afforded a pass to avoid being conscripted in youth, he was elated. Still, after that pivotal day so long ago, that day in which he suffered the wrath of the Gods, his mind began to change. He could only think back to how, in such a critical moment, Durelan-Khar put his own life in danger to save the young lad. The bravery and courage that the celebrated warrior displayed was something that Uriphiel greatly idolized. It was something he wanted to emulate. When he was finally ready, Uriphiel made up his mind and sat his parents down to talk about his future career path. They pleaded with him to stay with the family business. To not make such rash decisions. They tried to dissuade him with the horror stories of war, and of family that died needlessly. Nevertheless, he left home to sign up with the Bardriel Royal Empire.

Life in the Empire was not an easy endeavor for the first few years. Uriphiel was not as experienced as those who had already been conscripted nearly a decade prior. The fact that he had been given exemption in the first place, and that his family was of wealth, made sure that he was his unit's enemy for quite some time. The other recruits constantly picked on Uriphiel in a manner of ways that were all too cliché: A barrage of insults. Belongings stolen. Assaulted on multiple occasions. He was always last pick in any group activites.

Uriphiel had often contemplated quitting and returning home.

All was not lost, though. While he was not the most skilled in a fist fight, Uriphiel picked up on weapon training much more quickly than anyone had ever anticipated. He was swift. His stance powerful. He could use a range of pole and edged melee weapons with adept skill. Axes. Lances. Polearms. Spears. Nothing was off-limits. Although, it was his sword and shield training that stood out most of all. There was just something about a sword and shield that instilled a sense of passion and pride within Uriphiel. He felt safe. Invincible. As though he could take on the world.

It was this feeling, this sense of exhilaration, that kept him from ultimately giving up.


General Adulthood

Service in the Empire would not always be so bad. It took some time, but Uriphiel would eventually win over his unit's respect and approval. Over the years, Uriphiel's progress grew at a fairly steady pace. He moved from Fortieth Battalion to Thirty-Eighth. From Thirty-Eighth to Thirty-Third. From Thirty-Third to Twenty-Sixth. As he continued to climb the ranks, he often gained favour from his battalion leaders, finding himself placed into more specialized squads when needed for a mission. The most significant moment that saw a shift in Uriphiel's status within the Empire was during the Brood War, when he rose above and beyond in the line of duty.

The Brood War

While there had been peace between the avians and the dragons for many centuries, [however strained], there existed a splintered sect of Red Dragon known as the Crimson Brood. The Crimson Brood wanted to reclaim control of the sky domain and so began to assault the floating cities of the avian race. At this time, Uriphiel had been promoted to Shar of the Fifteenth Battalion and was finally put onto the front lines of the Empire's war efforts. Like those before them, the Fifteenth Battalion's duty was to watch over and protect the higher ranked battalions at any cost; To act as reinforcement should things take a turn for the worse during a mission.

The Empire had successfully driven the Brood back into the depths of the Xalious Mountains and were making for one final push toward their lair. With this attempt, they had hoped to put an end to the saurian organization and its leader, an elder red dragon by the name of Kel'Ulthur, the Heartless. Lead by their General, Durelan-Khar, the Avian battalions One through Four entered into the main entrance of the Brood's lair while the other divisions were posted outside to watch for any Brood that may return. Battalions Five through Seven were stationed upon the western side of the mountain to search for any alternative exits that retreating Brood may escape through, while battalions Eight through Eleven were ordered to search on the northern side. The southern exits of the mountain were guarded by battalions Twelve through Fourteen. Fifteen through Seventeen, Uriphiel's regiment, were stationed at the main entrance on the eastern side, where Durelan-Khar had lead the initial charge.

It had been some time since the lead battalions entered the lair and there had been no indication as to how things were going. Uriphiel was growing concerned and a little bit bored with his post, so he soared up into the sky to take a perimeter check just to make sure things on their side of the mountain were still in the clear. He flew in a circle over the range a few times, but it wasn't until his third pass that he finally noticed something strange. He could have sworn that upon the battalion's initial arrival to the cavern entrance, there had been multiple large boulders lodged into the side of the mountain. Something didn't sit right. Uriphiel descended, calling over the other Shar to discuss what he had seen. They confirmed that he was not mistaken, there had in fact been multiple large boulders along the range when they first arrived. It wasn't until Uriphiel looked upon the mouth of the cavern that he realized their folly. There were large saurian tracks in the soft earth leading into the Brood's lair; Tracks that had not been there when the army had landed. Uriphiel could only come to one conclusion - What they had observed to be boulders were in fact members of the Brood in camouflage. The saurians were anticipating the attack.

Uriphiel gave no hesitation to what dangers may lie in wait and charged forth into the pitch black hollow, calling for the other battalions to follow behind.

The caverns were a maze of twisting corridors draped in black; The path ahead barely lit by the torches that were sparsely placed along the crudely excavated walls. Uriphiel wasn't quite sure that he was even taking the right passageways, running simply on assumptions that the Brood were deep down in the heart of the mountain where its molten pits would be located. It was well known that Red Dragons nested near lava, where the intense and familiar heat offered a place of comfort, as well as safety from most surface dwellers. He wondered if Durelan-Khar and the others had as much trouble with navigation - if they had even taken the correct pathways, or whether they may be lost somewhere in the rocky abyss. That question would soon be answered, as a guttural roar shook the mountain's arteries, followed by the loud clanging of metal hitting solid objects. They were close. As they neared their destination, a pungent and overbearing smell permeated the shaft; A smell so foul that it somehow managed to overpower the accompanying aroma of brimstone. It was a putrid, coppery scent that churned the stomach and forced the avian soldiers to cover their mouths. Uriphiel knew all too well - it was the familiar stench of scorched flesh. Had they arrived too late?

The troop's footsteps echoed through the tunnel shaft as they picked up the pace, not long arriving at the entrance of a vast chamber. It was an expansive cavern lit up in an orange glow, a light cast by a miles-long lava pool being fed from multiple falls located throughout the lair. A narrow stone bridge lay ahead of the approaching army, leading to a great plateau where avian and saurian were locked in battle. The first sights were horrifying. There were shreds of flesh and charred bone littering the floor of the lava circled isle; Clear indication that the fourth battalion had been completely decimated by the brood that had ambushed from behind. The other battalions had been drastically thinned, and their respective shars appeared to no longer be among the living. The remaining pockets Shim, with their casualties rising, were trying their hardest to fend off the mixture of drakes and wyverns that now had the upper hand.

In the center of the plateau, Kel'Ulthur the Heartless was locked in a fierce battle with Durelan-Khar. Durelan might have been a brave and fearless combatant, courageous enough to take on the Brood leader single-handedly, but he was obviously no match for the elder red dragon on his own. Kel'Ulthur gave a mighty swipe of its terrible claw in an attempt to cleave Durelan in twain, but the avian general was ready with a raised shield, and the two met with a resounding crash. Even though he saved himself from certain death against that fearsome blow, the dragon's strength was far, far greater than the avian's. Durelan-Khar was thrown backward with great force, causing him to tumble and roll until he came to an abrupt halt. Seizing the opportunity to finish its fallen opponent, Kel'Ulthur opened its mighty jaw and prepared a hellish breath of flame.

Uriphiel knew that he had to act quickly. He called for the other leaders to assist the failing shim, guiding his own battalion to then target Kel'Ulthur as a means of diversion. Uriphiel raced toward Durelan-Khar's position and jumped a few meters in front of the fallen leader, just as Kel'Ulthur's flame was freed from its jagged maw. The ferocious spray of volcanic flame met the large tower shield strapped to Uriphiel's arm, unleashing a sweltering heat like no other. And yet, even though the young Shar found it difficult to breathe, even though he felt as though he may pass out, he persisted in keeping the attack at bay with every fiber of his being. Golden eyes turned upon Durelan-Khar and the blonde man nodded, tossing his general the partizan that he had been carrying. Meanwhile, on Kel'Ulthur's flank, battalion Fifteen began their assault on the fearsome dragon and cut the great beast's breath attack short. Enraged, the elder red dragon gave a powerful sweep of its muscular, spiked tail, severely injuring or killing many of the shim that were caught in its path.

This distraction would cost Kel'Ulthur the war.

Durelan-Khar had finally risen to his feet and began to sprint toward the Brood leader with a determined look in his eye. As he neared Uriphiel, the general leapt, allowing the golden-winged Shar to angle the tower shield under Durelan's feet and push upward, assisting in propelling the veteran warrior into the air with a trajectory destined for Kel'Ulthur. Durelan-Khar let loose a mighty battle cry, white wings extended fully as he soared toward his adversary. Just as Kel'Ulthur turned back to face his mortal enemy, Durelan-Khar was upon him, sandal-clad feet planting onto the saurian's scaly snout. It with an unrivaled strength that the Khar used both hands to drive the spear-like partizan into the top of the menacing elder dragon's skull; It broke through both scale and bone, injuring the Brood leader most fatally. Kel'Ulthur's eyes went blank. Its maw fell slack. The terrifying monstrosity soon came crashing down to the sound of victorious cheers. Durelan-Khar turned toward the battalions that were finally conquering the remaining Brood and thumped his fist against his chest, earning a resounding, echoing thud as they all mimicked their general. With the last of the Brood felled, Durelan-Khar ordered the Shim to gather up the hoarded gold and any items of value that the Brood may have squandered. He looked upon Uriphiel with an expression of gratitude, offering a nod in the younger male's direction. In return, the Shar nodded and thumped his fist against his chest, quickly jogging off to rejoin his battalion so that he could help scout the cavern for valuables.

For their bravery and courage, Uriphiel and the Shar from the Sixteenth and Seventeenth battalions were all promoted to leadership over the First, Second, and Third battalions. All of the Shim that had taken part in the front line assault that day were also promoted to higher-tiered battalions, a reward for their dedication to the Empire's cause. Despite Durelan-Khar being the one to issue the final blow to Kel'ulthur, Uriphiel's act of bravery earned him praise and admiration from not only the Empire, but the populace of Bardriel as well.

He was finally a hero, just like his idol.


Nearly a century later, a lottery had been held between the great nations Lithrydel. The reward? Knighthood in a new organization meant to establish a unified system of law that would extend to the many kingdoms across the land. The various cities and strongholds all nominated a willing champion, and in total, six were chosen.

To represent the Avian race, a winner had been chosen out of the capital city, Ashtaeum. However, given that old blood sentiments still ran strong through the Avian Empire, the winner decided to turn down the position once it was made known that they would govern and protect not only their own people, but those belonging to the other races as well. To be required to protect such lowly creatures as the humans was seen as an insult.

In their stead, a new champion for the Avians would be chosen, this time from the city of Bardriel.

At this point in time, Uriphiel was fairly respected among his people. He was held in high regard with the ambassadors of the other nations, and he was an esteemed member of the Phandarion namesake. He was also training under one of Bardriel's greatest and most revered warriors, Durelan-Khar. In all, Uriphiel was a sensible and well-picked candidate for the job. He would work hard to serve his people and the inhabitants of Lithrydel.

Like the other Knights, Uriphiel was not told of the true reason for their formation. It was understood that as the great nations came together in peace, there was a need for a unified regiment of law keepers. Each Knight would be afforded their own division of soldiers and place of operations, as well as unfettered access to most of the Kingdoms' armaments and manpower. The Knights would also be gifted a specialized weapon and crafted a set of unique, specialized armor tailored to their race. In exchange they would see to it that order is established among the developed states, with duties generally directed toward: Apprehending criminals, answering bounties, settling disputes, and keeping the peace between the Kingdoms with delicate acts of diplomacy.

As would be expected, there was some resistance to the idea at first. Many of the more nefarious types would write the Aether Knights off as nothing more than an irritating pest. Those of an elder mindset had no want for soldiers of other races having power in their kingdoms. It was entirely an uphill battle. Yet as the years passed and Knights persisted, they would come to earn their place as a force for good across Lithrydel. They would be respected. Honored. Feared by those that dwell in the criminal underworld. Uriphiel took great pride in this work, and it is because of this pride that he and the Knights would fall to their greatest foe.

Some time into Uriphiel's knighthood, the Dark Immortal known as Arrecation rose from unholy depths to raze the land of Lithrydel. The Knights would be called upon to meet this threat head-on, well before it waged war on the nearby kingdoms. The first few battles against Arrecation's forces were easily victorious, leading the Knights to fall into a false sense of security. In their arrogance, they assumed that it would not be long before Arrecation threw himself at their mercy.

This would not be the case.

Unfortunately, Arrecation's main legions were far more capable, and the Knights' armies fell one by one, with each Knight eventually seeing capture and torture. In the end, the guardians of the Aether Blades were banished from the mortal plane through conjured portals, each Knight gifted their own hellish realm in which to spend the remainder of their days. Uriphiel's portal was especially cruel. It lead to a place he would call the Timeless Void - And for good reason. In it, he drifted freely. No earth beneath his feet. No sky above. It was only the blackest of black. To further his torment, he found himself unable to move in any capacity. Not a finger. Not a toe. Not even so much as an eyelid. The only thing he could feel was the passage of time; And it was a very, very long time before he would find himself back upon terra firma.

Nearly two thousand years to be precise.

SM Recent.jpg

Most Recent to Earliest

🟊 Tracking down a bounty, the Shar of Schezerade stumbles upon a most peculiar avian from lands far, far away.
🟊 Uriphiel takes a morning to test a new enchantment, later attending a fundraising event. He gets to know Brennia a little better.
🟊 Uriphiel finally meets with Iintahquohae and discusses business with the seamstress after examining her wares.
🟊 Having campaigned since the previous holiday, Uriphiel leads the people of Schezerade to rebel against the current and remaining Raan, convincing them to host a new election.
🟊 Attended Brennia's bout in the Titans of Winter tournament, using the fight as a teaching tool for his battalion. Meets a fellow jeweller [and seamstress] named Iintahquohae, whom he intends to do business with.
🟊 While continuing his training, the Shar begins his investigation into the cult that once infiltrated Schezerade.
🟊 While fetching his Squire, Uriphiel finds Brennia in the College of Bardic arts, where the Shar learns of a nefarious sect called the Flewminatti.
🟊 Collects his finished armor; Although it is not entirely functional due to the Fluorite Core not being fully empowered.
🟊 Having finished crafting the Fluorite Core for his armor, Uriphiel visits with Provost Kerrigan to discuss ancient runes.
🟊 Is visited by Brennia in his quarters, and the pair have a discussion about their histories. There is a connection.
🟊 Met with the blacksmith, Nikola, and placed an order for a set of weapons and a custom set of armor to be designed.
🟊 Currently travelling between Xalious, Larket, and Kelay on patrol. Stopped by Kelay to inquire about a capable blacksmith.
🟊 Uriphiel heads to the Chamber of Raan as instructed by Brennia. He faces the senate and pleads his case. He is granted the title Shar for their weakest battalion.
🟊 Awakened from his coma, he sets out to Schezerade. An avian named Brennia offers assistance and gives him a room to stay in at the College of Bardic Arts.
🟊 Collapses at the Red Ogre Inn. Brought to the Kelay Healer where he spends the winter months in a coma.
🟊 Uriphiel is freed from the Timeless Void and crash lands into Northern Sage Forest. He is found by a woman named Raphaline and taken to Larket. He learns that things in Lithrydel have changed drastically.

Likely Locations Affiliations
  • Schezerade: Training, instructing his battalion, or having a drink at the tavern.
  • Xalious/Kelay/Larket: Typically on patrol, keeping the main pathways free from dangerous animals or thugs.
  • Xalious Mines: Mining for Gems to be used in enchanting.
  • Schezerade: Shar of the Twenty First Battalion.
  • The Aether Knights: Last surviving member. Currently planning to recruit.
  • Affiliation: How the character is affiliated.

Knights Banner.jpg


Long ago, in a time before Arrecation's forces had made a firm foothold upon the shores of Lithrydel, a group of seers foretold of his imminent arrival. They had traveled far and wide, reaching out to all of the great leaders across the land. No matter how much they pleaded for these leaders to listen, how important they claimed this vision, the seers found themselves mocked and shunned by those of misplaced pride; In most cases, they were threatened with imprisonment and even death. After the defeat of Elazul and Khasad, the region leaders felt that they had nothing to worry over. The evil of old had been driven off by the Knights of Eurydel; And that even in Elazul's return, he had been bested by the Three Fabled Warriors. No one would dare attempt a conquest in this day and age.

It was only when a cabal of powerful archmages gave refuge to the seers, that their words would finally be heeded.

Knowing how arrogant many of the nation's leaders were at the time, the archmages instead came up with an alternative measure for dealing with this dire vision. If this threat was far more imposing than those that came before it, then weapons of great power would be required. To wield such weapons, skilled warriors would need to be recruited. However, natural skill alone was not enough. Weapons of such a magnitude would need a means of empowerment. Given that most skilled warriors were not adept in the ways of sorcery, the archmages deemed it necessary to come up with an armor design that could harness the powerful and inherent energies of the world's manastream.

These warriors, as it had been decided, would be ordained Knights in the name of the law. A force for good that upheld order and peace across all of the united nations. They were, as the ruse was cast, to bring the many kingdoms together and quell the eternal conflicts. The rulers were apprehensive at first. They had no need for an external regiment of law-keepers watching over their kingdoms. Not while their armies stood firm. Yet, given time and with much persuasion, these rulers began to warm up to the idea. In order to choose the warriors that would fill these esteemed positions, a grand lottery was held, taking entries from each of the prominent races that were of righteous or lawful stances at the time: The Saurians, the Avians, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Humans, and the Draconians. Hundreds cast their names into the fray with only six selected in all.

Sindara The Protector, the Golden Dragon.
Uriphiel Phandarion of the Avian race.
Elsemyr Yasbalar of the Elven race.
Glorindroth Frostbane of the Dwarven race.
Belethor Greenbrier of the Human race
Moronoth Chozzarath of the Draconian race

To prepare for the hardships that lay ahead, the Knights were sent into an isolated location to train for a period of no less than ten years. Here, they would learn how to use their weapons and enchanted armor in tandem. It was a taxing process - a far more demanding experience than what any of the six had ever faced. And yet, despite the long, arduous days and sleepless nights, the Aether Knights overcame this grueling test as one. Upon their return, a public ceremony was held to introduce the Knights and explain their obligation to the land of Lithrydel. Each Knight was made to recite and swear upon a Sacred Oath; An oath binding the six to uphold their duty as guardians of the law and their loyalty to the kingdoms that they served. They were then gifted a stronghold location, as well as a brigade of soldiers that they could hire and fire at will, soon sent out into the world to establish order until the day came in which they would be needed to defend Lithrydel from an unfathomable horror.


When Arrecation first entered into Lithrydel from the furthest reaches of the south, the Knights were assembled and informed of their newest task - To stop this new evil by any means necessary. They gathered up supplies and readied their battalions, riding for six days toward the encroaching storm; They did not know what they may find when they were within the eye. The first of Arrecation's legions had met them upon a large, open plain and it was a very uninspiring battle. A small division of orcs and goblins were no match for the fierce battalions of the Six. This confused the Aether Knights. Surely that was not all that this 'evil' could muster? Uriphiel would be the one to suggest that perhaps this was a simple scouting party, and that if they rode further on, they would find the one they were ordered to vanquish.

It would be another day's journey before the Knights came upon their true test. A test that they would not pass. Crossing the border into the tainted lands, the Knights met a much larger horde of forces marching northward, lead by Arrecation's personal legion of demons. It was unlike anything they had ever witnessed. Horrors and abominations from an undead necropolis stretched out as far as the eye could see. Regardless of the odds stacked against them, the six showed no fear. Not now. No matter how large this army of damnation appeared, they held fast to the idea that what once was dead, can be made dead once again. The will of the Gods would surely prevail over evil. Sadly, there was no truth to this claim. The Knights' forces were effortlessly overwhelmed by a horde that just seemed to keep coming, no matter how hard they fought. Every soldier felled, was immediately raised to fight against their brothers-in-arms. The battle was a complete and utter bloodbath in the Arrecation's favour; And in the end, the six fell. In their defeat, the Knights were taken prisoner and led to a conquered stronghold deep into the tainted lands, where they would be questioned and tortured for several days.

On their final night as a whole, the Knights were removed from their cells and brought to the main chambers of the forsaken fortress to witness a most depraved and sadistic act of cruelty. They were made to kneel in a circle around a stone table, where Sindara, the most powerful and designated leader of the six, had been trapped in human form, stripped down, and chained to the surface. Standing next to her was one of Arrecation's seven demons, brandishing a handsaw with a blade so rusty that it looked as though it had been discarded many years prior. Its purpose would be revealed quite promptly. Five wraiths were called upon, commanded to use their power of paralyzing fear on the kneeling captives, so that they could not look away from the brutal and barbaric scene that began to unfold. Little by little, Sindara's flesh was rendered from her body in a slow and meticulous manner. Patches of skin, muscle, and sinew. Fingers, toes, and limbs. The demon took everything that it could until the last of her agonizing shrieks had finally subsided. At that moment, the remaining Knights thought that they understood their fate, and a wave of acceptance washed away the fear that had been there moments ago. However, they would soon discover that there are fates worse than death. The demon lifted its rotted, bony hand and whispered a series of ancient incantations, pointing to each Knight as it did so. Behind the captive warriors, rifts between dimensions tore open, with each one leading to a different realm of unimaginable torment. The Knights, along with their weapons that had been rendered inert, were tossed inside the conjured portals and lost from the land of Lithrydel for all of eternity.

In the following days, Sindara's butchered body was delivered by courier to the leaders of the largest nations - A warning of what was to come. No one would ever know what the fate of the other Knights had been; Whether they had escaped and run off like cowards, or if they had been murdered in the same way.

Their legacy would be forgotten over the ages by all but the eldest of the ageless races to have survived those dark days.


The term Aether 'Blade' is a bit of a misnomer, seeing as the weapons themselves vary anywhere from bow to axe to warhammer. The weapons, upon first glance, look like incomplete or damaged items that are missing the components to make them useful in combat.

The sword without a blade.
The spear without a tip.
The headless axe.
The bow without a string.
The gauntlets without a claw.
The warhammer without an anvil.

The base for each weapon can be made from various metals, depending on the race and preferences of the user. Some prefer heavier metals so that the weapon feels more natural in its swing, while others may prefer lighter metals so the weapons could be used with speed. One thing that all weapons have in common, is the series of runic lettering etched along one side of the item; An old and well-guarded secret in the art of runology - something that may still be buried in one of Lithrydel's many libraries.
The weapons also house an unknown amber-colored gemstone embedded in some portion of the hilt. The gem, unusual in its cut, takes on a gentle glow when the weapon is in use. It is rumored that the gem is carved from the mineral best used in the creation of a soulstone; A fact that could lend credence to other theories regarding the construction of the various holy armaments.

When fed from a well of pure aether and mana, the weapons come to life by creating the spectral component of their respective weapon's designated form. That is to say, the sword will produce a blade, the bow a string, the warhammer its anvil - all created from pure aether energy. The spectral component is quite cool to physical touch and can pass through solid and living objects without inflicting any sort of damage.

This conjured component is also fairly bright, able to illuminate dark areas in a distinct blanket of color. The color of the aether energy can vary greatly between weapons, with no real way to determine the outcome upon the weapon's creation. Therefore, just because one enjoys the color red, does not mean their weapon will produce a blade of red energy. It is said that the weapons themselves choose their own color.

When in use, the weapons are generally silent to the naked ear, although in the quietest of environments they have been known to emit a low resonating hum. There seems to be a faint metallic-copper smell that is also produced when the weapon is in its active state.

One curious aspect of the weapons is that the Knights could sometimes be seen talking to their blades, almost as if the items held sentience. It is speculated that when the weapons were created, they were designed to pull forth energies from the pure flow of the world's mana, and in doing this, captured some sort of spirit or entity that now inhabits the item until it is destroyed. Of course, the truth in this speculation has yet to be seen.

The Weapons Power

The Aether blades were created with one goal in mind; To harness the powers of mana and aether to combat the forces of darkness. With such a goal in mind, the blades were imbued with magic of a holy nature in an effort to bolster their ability to fight evil effectively. There are three stages to the weapons' power when in use: Astral, tethered and physical.

Because of the holy mana coursing within the weapon's energetic blade, the weapons are capable of holy burning damage against all creatures born from a dark or unholy magic, as well as those of an aethereal makeup. Creatures such as the undead, ghouls, phantoms, vampires, wisps and even wraiths are susceptible to the blade's holy damage.

Astral Form
When combating spiritual entities or things made of an aethereal source, the spectral blade remains in astral form. This can be demonstrated by the spectral component remaining in a state of translucent color; A color that depends on the weapon itself. In this state, the weapon can make physical contact with immaterial spirits as if the entities were corporeal. This means that spiritual entities can suffer wounding damage or even a form of death [banishment], just like their mortally bound counterparts - all through the holy magic contained within the weapon. When wielded in this form, the weapons require the least amount of mana to be used.

To enter an Astral state, the Knight would call out "Astrum".

Tethered Form
If the weapon is used against dark life forms of physical creation - E.g Vampires, Risen Undead - they will sense the holy magic the weapon emits, possibly causing the creature to feel a need for aversion. If the weapon makes contact in its astral state, there may be a sensation of pain, a stinging that would be equal to someone open-palm slapping a horrid sunburn; Although it is nothing that would be deemed as ruinous enough to cause permanent injury or death. In order for the weapon to do harmful or mortal damage, it needs to move into a tethered state. This is characterized by the translucent blade glowing a bit brighter in color, with the center of the spectral component showcasing a streak of white light. In a tethered state, the weapon can cause burning, slashing, or piercing damage against physical creatures of darkness. It can not pass through solid objects that are in contact with an undead creature's body, however. This means that if a vampire or ghoulish creature is wearing armor, the spectral weapon will be stopped as though it were a weapon of an earthly nature.

To enter a tethered state, the Knight would call out "Nexum".

Physical Form
The blades can be used against the living, as well as tangible objects when necessary, but to do so it must enter the physical state. The spectral component will burn much brighter, turning almost a solid white with the astral color barely seen along the weapon's outer edges. In this state, the Aether Blade will act like any other weapon on the physical plane, with limitations set by the weapon type itself. It is also much stronger against enemies of a dark creation, being able to cause more fierce wounds, and even set creatures ablaze. This form allows the knight to use the Aether Blade as a backup weapon should their primary weapon be somehow disabled or out of reach. The largest drawback to this form is that it will burn up the user's mana reserves quite fast, and should only be used when absolutely necessary, or to assist in the final blow of an unholy entity.

To enter a physical state, the Knight would call out "Corporis".

Another aspect that is quite beneficial to the weapons' power is that in any of its three states, it has the ability to combat elemental matter created through mana. For example, if one were to cast a firebolt, should the knight be quick enough, they could potentially bat away or cleave the bolt in twain. However, much like combating physical items, this requires a large amount of mana to pull off and should be used sparingly.

Additional information:

The Weapons require a dedicated source of mana to be active. This is generally tied to the fluorite core that is embedded into the Knights' armor.
Because the weapons require so much mana to be activated, they can only be used for short periods of time.
If there is a powerful source of mana nearby [E.g. the Xalious tree], the weapons can be activated without the need to use the fluorite core.
The 'Blades' can leech mana from natural casters which can give the weapons a bit more life. This may leave the caster feeling drained after a bit.
Their main damage elements are holy and fire.

The Known Weapons

At time of creation, six weapons were crafted. Only one remains in known existence, while the others have been scattered throughout time.

Davinitas, the golden Warhammer.
Judicant, the azure Sword.
Armicustos, the amber War Axe.
Venatrix, the violet Bow.
Cerycem, the emerald Spear.
Ferocitas, the vermillion Dragon Claw.

SM ARM.jpg

The armor acts as the primary conduit for the Aether Blade's power, using a combination of runes and enchantment in tandem to keep the weapons in an active state. Each set is tailored to the individual Knight's race and needs, built from a variety of material. A set of armor can be a mixture of chainmail, scalemail and some form of metal, or anything in between. Concealed on the underside of each crafted piece of armor is a symbol of runic origin - one of the keys to the armor's magical properties. Depending on the user's arcane attunement, there are a number of flexible, clawed settings that enchanted gems can be slotted into; The largest and most important setting placed directly in the center of the armor's chest piece.

Each set of armor is thematically inspired by some sort of animal relating to the Knight and their race.

An Eagle - Uriphiel, the Avian
A Bear - Glorindroth, the Dwarf
A Deer - Elsemyr, the Elf
A Wolf - Belethor, the Human
A Dragon - Moronoth, the Draconian

Sindara the Protector was the only Knight that refused to use a custom set of armor. She was a very powerful paladin that wielded great magical prowess and did not require a source of aether support. She also found that her own armor, crafted long ago, held great sentimental value.

The Armor's Power

A specially enchanted, trillion-cut, Flourite Core is set in the chest piece of the armor. Because of the gem's natural affinity for storing and bolstering magic, it is used first and foremost as a source of power for the Aether Blade. Its secondary use is to give the knights access to a range of magical abilities in order to aid them in a variety of situations. For example, an amethyst gem slotted into the helm could gift the Knight an added layer of protection against mind-altering spells, while an aquamarine in a gauntlet might give the knight the temporary ability to use a projectile water spell.

As a result of the Fluorite being enhanced to power the weapons, whenever a slotted gem is used for magic, the fluorite sends an enormous pulse of energy throughout the armor that completely destroys the gem. This means that most spells are of a one-time use until a replacement gem is inserted into the empty slot. If the fluorite's reserves have been drained to near depletion, then neither the weapon nor the enchanted gems can be used until there is enough mana built back up. When the fluorite at full charge, a bright swirling azure light can be seen in the center of the core. With each spell cast or heavy use of the Aether Blade, the light will eventually fade until it disappears entirely - this signals the need for a recharge, either by waiting it out or visiting a source of pure mana.

The Signet Ring

Each knight was gifted a signet ring to be worn at all times with their civilian garb. This way they could be identified should any need their services when out among the public, or when meeting with important political parties across the land. The ring is a gold band with the emblem of a sword and shield upon its face, and the words "Honor To Thy Kingdom" and "The Aether Knights" written in rune along the shield's perimeter. On either side of the emblem are a set of sapphires that circle around the ring; Six in total.

SM UK.jpg

Uriphiel's Armor

Uriphiel's suit of armor consists of three components - True steel armor, blue iron chain-mail and blue dragon scale mail. This is designed to cut down on the amount of weight he carries so that he can still soar through the skies with his large golden wings. The blue dragon-scale is worn to protect Uriphiel from devastating electrical magics that would otherwise kill him. He is not immune to the magic entirely, but if the armor works as it should, then he can be certain that it won't stop his heart from beating.

[When Uriphiel fell from a rift in the sky, the landing was so forceful that it shattered his armor and left it strewn around the Northern Sage Forest on the outskirts of Larket. When he finally returned to gather up what was left, it seemed that Scavengers had already stripped the area clean. Using his memory to formulate a blueprint of sorts, he has gone to a Saurian Blacksmith named Nikola in an attempt to recreate the armor piece by piece.]

Shield: Uriphiel carries an alabaster, gold-trimmed, three-foot tall heater shield. Emblazoned on its surface is the Aether Knight insignia in the same design as the signet ring, and a large gem slot that resides directly in the center of the shield.

Head: The Helm is an alabaster, domed, full-face helmet with a narrow T-shaped occularium that reaches down to a pointed chin. Between the brow and under the chin are hooked, gold-colored beak embossings, while above the brow are a pair of gold colored gem settings for the eyes - This gives the impression of a screeching eagle. On either side of the helm are a set of gold colored wings that reach out for the sky.

Neck: Uriphiel wears a blue dragonscale gorget that reaches down to his chest. This gives him a bit more mobility with his neck, while reducing weight on his upper body.

Shoulders: The Pauldrons are a round, alabaster, banded-armor with a gold trim. The outer lip at the top of the pauldrons curves upward, acting as a neck guard to prevent decapitation from horizontal swings. Rather large gem slots are located upon the shoulder guard's center, accompanied by a pair of gold wings embossed on either side.

Body: The curiass is not your traditional bulky chest piece. To maximize mobility and weight, the gold-trimmed, alabaster armor is shaped to mainly cover the most vital organs down to the hips, leaving the blue iron chain-mail exposed at his sides. There is a slim, yet protective codpiece connected to clasps at the bottom of the chest piece; And from this piece of armor, two decorative gold-trimmed navy blue apron ribbons hang down to just below the knee. Embedded into the center of the chest plate is a trillion-cut, enchanted, fluorite gemstone that acts as a source of mana. Above the gem, below the collar bone, are two round fixtures to attach a cloak or cape. The back-plate is especially designed to accommodate his rather large wings.

Arms: Uriphiel wears vambraces that cover the top and sides of his forearm, reaching as far as the elbow. They are held in place by blue leather straps that fasten around the chain-mail. They are alabaster with a gold trim around the border. Uriphiel does not use rerebraces for his upper arms. Instead, he makes use of blue dragon scale mail.

Wrists: Uriphiel is currently wearing a thunder rune bracelet on his left wrist to mitigate electrical shock damage.

Hands: The main body of the gauntlet is made from treated blue dragon skin, with true steel armor molded over the top. Just above the knuckles upon each gauntlet, rest four slots for enchanted gems to be inserted.

Legs and Feet: Blue dragon-scale mail replaces the traditional metal armored faulds that protect his hips. He wears alabaster, gold-trimmed, true steel cuisses and greaves, connected by poleyn of the same material and colors. The poleyn are pointed at the knee, with the shape somewhat resembling the classical knight's close-helm. Slightly heeled sabatons are joined to the greaves by way of a golden-winged hinge at the ankle. On either side of the hinge rest slots for gems, meaning four slots in total.

Uriphiel will sometimes wear a cloak or even a tabard depicting the Aether Knights crest, depending on the setting and mood he is currently in. The cloak is a deep royal blue, with light gold trim, and reaches down to his heels.

Uriphiel's Weapons

Accipiter: The first of Uriphiel's weapons is a knightly arming sword that is paired with his shield. This is his comfort zone, the style of combat in which his training was most proficient when serving with the Royal Bardriel Empire. It is a dual-edged, one-handed weapon crafted from ghroundium, true steel, and a coat of mithril. The Crossguard is shaped like a pair of wings, while the pommel is fashioned to resemble the head of a hawk; both colored gold. There is a slot for an enchanted gemstone sat between the wings, and a blue leather wrap acting as a grip.

This piece was crafted by the Saurian, Nikola.

Elanus: The second weapon of choice is the partizan. This winged spear is quite situational and generally used against larger combatants like a dragon, or for keeping close range opponents out of sword's reach. Uriphiel will typically have this item stored on his steed, or kept with his squire, so that he can have access to it when necessary. The weapon is made from True steel, but was later modified to make it look more ceremonial. The entire weapon has been gilded, with ornate engravings marking the spear's head and neck. A demantoid gem sits in a slot just below the head, and it is generally enchanted with some sort of poison or weakening spell. A blue horsetail tassel hangs near the neck of the partizan; A feature used to distract opponents during battle. To better his grip, as well as to protect from potential electrical shock, blue leather is wrapped tightly around midshaft. Fixed to the butt of the weapon is an ornament in the shape of a bird's talon, tightly clutching a sapphire sphere; A decoration inspired by the design of the avian's earrings.

This weapon was also crafted by Nikola.

Judicant: This is Uriphiel's Aether Blade and the main reason for his intricate armor. The hilt is made from true steel and another unknown metal that gives the weapon a dark, almost black appearance. The trim around the W-shaped crossguard, and the connecting joints along the grip, are both gilded to contrast against the darker shade of its makeup. A single amber gem, in an odd, elongated pentagonal-shape, is embedded in the center of the crossguard. The pommel is shaped like a thin wheel, housing an oval gemstone of a similar amber color, although this is merely for decorative purposes.

In an inactive state, the crossguard is folded upward by hidden metal hinges to sit parallel with the hilt. When it moves to an active state, the crossguard folds down into place, locking itself snugly into the rest of the hilt by some sort of magnetic force that is yet to be understood.

When active, the barely noticeable runic lettering etched into the side of the grip takes on an azure glow, with a spectral blade forming in an identical hue. The blade is a bit longer than his arming sword, coming in at just over three feet in length. Given that the weight of the weapon comes only from the hilt, Uriphiel can wield this sword with one hand, rather than two.

Uriphiel can sometimes be caught speaking to the weapon, although it never responds aloud. It is always in his possession, holstered in a specially made half-scabbard at his hip, even in a civilian setting.

Uriphiel's Duty

Uriphiel, much like the other Knights, held duty in keeping law and order across the kingdoms. They were the front line against unseedy criminal behaviour, and maintained diplomacy between the major states. His patrols mostly kept him working in the regions currently known as Xalious, Kelay and Cenril - As well as the Avian strongholds in the sky.

Uriphiel's alternative role with the Knights, however, was crafting and enchanting gems for the other Knights to use. Given that it was his specialization in youth, he figured that the Knights could save a lot of time and money if the gems were crafted and enchanted in-house, rather than hiring outside help to do it for them. He often contemplated going back to the Mage's Guild to further his enchanting studies, but his role as a Knight meant that finding the time to do so was not written in the stars. As work began to pile on, Uriphiel reached out to his family members to assist in sending shipments of gemstones when they could, and eventually hired lapidaries to complete the crafting portion while he enchanted.

Over time, Uriphiel moved into experimentation, combining spells of different enchanted gems together as one. He found that there were limitless possibilities in doing this, creating all sorts of new and unique ways to empower spells. For example, if he combined a single fire spell gem and a single air spell gem, he could create a stream of flame from his hand. Two fire spell gems and he could cast more potent firebolts.

While this experimentation worked well, the problematic drawback was that gems would be quickly expended and the Flourite Core would drain at a much faster rate. This may come in handy in situations where larger, more potent spells can change the tide of battle, but in general use, it could be more detrimental to the Knights in the long run.


These are rumours that can be overheard out of the mouths of NPCs. Feel free to add one if you think it may be humorous ot relevant to Uriphiel as a character.
  • "He might be lying about his past." - Overheard in Schezerade
  • "He's using the people to gain power!" - Overheard in Schezerade
  • "He's having a fling with the Dean of the College!" - Overheard in Schezerade

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These are rumors created by you, the player! If your character is spreading rumours around, or has heard something, feel free to share here. They are color coded for rarity. As these are player rumours, do link to the appropriate character!
  • "Common Rumor" - Rumor Source
  • "Uncommon Rumor" - Rumor Source
  • "Rare Rumor" - Rumor Source

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.


  • ☀ Loved One
  • ❤ In Love
  • ✿ Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • ♫ Friend

  • ✔ Good Standing
  • ✘ Poor Standing
  • ● Neutral
  • ✫ Uncertain
  • ✞ Deceased
Inner Circle Family
  • Brennia Cadenza

    Over the year and a half that Uriphiel has been in Lithrydel, Brennia has become a most valuable asset and his only friend. He has at many times expressed his desire to fortify the Royal Empire and bring the Avian race to prosperity, only recently setting these ideals into motion. They appear to share a connection through their histories, a home of familiar origin, something that Uriphiel is keen to better understand.

  • Quinnelan Silverstar [NPC]

    Uriphiel's squire. A young man barely into adulthood, serving out his mandatory conscription without much complaint. Uriphiel took him under his wing, finding that the youth reminded him deeply of his own past.

  • Friend Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Family Member Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Family Member Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Family Member Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

Acquaintances Enemies
  • Nikola

    The blacksmith to craft his newly formed armor. He admires the dragon's work and has spoke of future plans for business that would benefit both parties.

  • Raphaline

    The woman that first helped Uriphiel find his way. Sadly has not had a chance to thank her for her guidance.

  • Iintahquohae

    Seamstress and fellow lapidary. Uriphiel forsees another avenue for business that would help with Schezerade's rebuilding.

  • Enemy Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Enemy Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Enemy Name

    Description of relationship (optional).


7A WEAPONS.pngWeapons 7B ARMOR 2.pngArmor
  • 1x Accipiter [Arming Sword]
  • 1x Elanus [Partizan]
  • -
  • 1x full suit of Immaculate Aether Knight Armor
  • 1x Aether Knight Heraldic Heather Shield
  • 1x Royal Blue Regal Cape
  • 1x Thunder-Rune Bracelet
7C CLOTHING.pngClothing 7D ARTIFACTS.pngArtifacts
  • 1x dress shirt
  • 1x dress trousers
  • 1x waistcoat with matching tie
  • 1x fitted dress coat
  • 1x black leather boots
  • 1x leather dress shoes
  • 1x Judicant [Aether Blade]
  • 1x Aether Knight Signet Ring
  • 2x Phandarion Golden Drop-earring
  • 1x Phandarion Angel-Eye Necklace
  • 1x Phandarion Inscribed Platinum Band
  • 1x Intricately Carved Fluorite Core
7E MISCELLANY.pngMiscellany 7F GIFTS.pngGifts
  • 1x Pick axe
  • 1x lapidary kit
  • 1x fishing pole
  • 1x bag of small enchanted gemstones
  • 1x bag of medium enchanted gemstones
  • 1x bag of sweets
  • 1x crude bird embroidery
  • 1x musical note key [Bardic College Guest Wing]
  • here.
7G PETS.pngPets 7H NPC COMPANIONS.pngNPC Companions
  • 1x Regal Armored Pegasus
  • Go
  • here.
  • 1x Diligent Avian Squire
  • 1x Coordinated Avian Cavalry
  • here.



[Placed in Chronological Order]
Fallen Free of the Timeless Void, Uriphiel finds himself in a world quite different than the one he remembers.
Ancient Customs Making his way to Schezerade, Uriphiel meets a woman named Brennia.
Shar of Schezerade Uriphiel, with the help of Brennia, pleads his case to the senate and is granted Shar of their weakest battalion.
A Job in the Clouds Uriphiel meets with saurion blacksmith named Nikola to have his armor made.
A Talk of History Brennia visits Uriphiel to discuss the past.
Collection at the Dragon's Forge Uriphiel takes payment to Nikola and retrieves his newly crafted armor.
For the Future of Schezerade Over the holidays, Brennia and Uriphiel discuss the ongoing issues with Schezerade.
Change and Hope After a couple of months of planning, Uriphiel takes his grievances to the Raan, pushing for a new election to be held.
A Fashionable Offer Uriphiel invites a woman named Iintahquohae to Schezerade to discuss matters of business.
Corvo Makes a Preposterous Suggestion Uriphiel is invited to a fundraiser. A failed experiment leaves him humiliated.
Finding Familiarity at a Fundraiser During a fundraiser, Brennia and Uriphiel get to know one another a little better.
The One That Flew The Coop Uriphiel learns of new, unheard-of Avian cultures.
Title goes here Description goes here.
Title goes here Description goes here.


Acceptable RP Unacceptable RP
  • Minor Auto hits. No one can predict or always dodge a slap, punch, grab, or thrown item.
  • Kidnapping/Capture. It makes for fun or interesting RP.
  • Pretty much anything not on the Unacceptable list.
  • Devastating auto hits. Anything that would severely injure, incapacitate, or outright kill my character. Player agency and all.
  • Any sort of forced Rated R encounters. No means no.
  • Metagaming.


About Me:

  • The Man Behind The Character

    ➤I'm a 30-something year old father of a fabulous two year old little girl.
    ➤I live in a pretty sweet country called Canada.
    ➤I love music. My tastes are vast. Love weirder stuff.
    ➤I enjoy video games. FPS, Adventure, RPG and Horror.
    ➤I'm a nerd. Wednesdays I can be found hitting up the comic shop. I own 100's of them.
    ➤I also collect a lot of geek culture merch. Huge collection of Zelda and Harley Quinn stuff.
    ➤I love art. I draw, but it's very novice. Mostly digital. Some Photoshop.
    ➤I am a bit [understatement] of an introvert. It takes a lot for me to participate in group activities.
    ➤I love roleplay!

  • Hollow Related Banter

    ➤I started playing Hollow back when the game came out of Beta.
    ➤I will not reveal past characters. If you know me, please keep this information to yourself.
    ➤I use a D20 and a D10 to decide some of Uriphiel's actions. E.G. Damage taken, injuries, responses in conversation, or general actions that might liven things up.
    ➤I have off and on days. Sometimes my brain shuts down and my posts get shorter or more sloppy. Do not take that as I am getting bored. I'm not, I promise!
    ➤Did I mention the kiddo? Sometimes my posts take a little longer than normal.
    ➤I also live a sporadic life. My hmail responses can be slow. Deepest apologies.
    ➤Always up for writing! Especially if I'm statting.
    ➤My timezone is in the EST. See included Schedule for availability.
    ➤Uriphiel can be a snobby jerk. I am not. If he slights your character, don't take it personally on an ooc level.
    ➤I am open to criticism. I know my skill has withered over the years, so I'm always looking to get better.
    ➤I can sell credits. I charge 1500 gold per credit. Canada's currency is weak against the US dollar. Sorry eh!

[General Availability]

All times in EST

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10am-5pm / 7pm-1am 10am-5pm / 7pm-1am 7pm-11pm 10am-5pm / 7pm-11pm 10am-5pm / 7pm-11pm 10am-5pm / 7pm-11pm 10am-5pm / 7pm-11pm

My Policies

  • Ooc Interaction

    I am okay with OOC interaction as long as it remains drama free. I don't care who did what to whom. Who's involved with whom. I am too old to be dealing with silly high school drama. Nothing good ever comes from fighting or splintering the community into cliques; It only serves to kill off the player base, and eventually, the game. Hollow is one giant connected story and it should be treated that way. Excluding others over stupid slights, or fighting over things like RP are a waste of time. Love one another for the sake of writing. [Or don't. I'm not your dad!]

    Following that train of thought, if you have a problem with me or if I have done something offensive, please let me know so I can correct that mistake or offer an apology. I have no interest in hurting anyone or being a jerk; And I'd rather not be blacklisted over some misunderstanding. Let's just tell wonderful stories together.

    Deepest apologies if any of that came off as preachy or arrogant. I've just dealt with enough stuff over the years that I'd like to avoid the drama if possible.

  • Duels and Judging

    I will not death duel unless it is to kill off your own character. I remember the era of Hollow where death duels were abundant; It was not a fun time. Plenty of good players were goaded into dueling 'expert writers' with throwaway characters, and wound up losing their own characters permanently. There is no real good reason for a death duel unless you are furthering a plot, ready to change identities, or quitting the game.

    I will duel for fun or for dangerous stakes. I have no issues losing control of my character's fate to slavery, imprisonment, or having them injured if need be. It's part of story telling. Actions have consequences. I would prefer a good old fashioned RP rumble, but if you're looking for something more structured, I might be able to oblige your request.

    I am available to judge duels if necessary. I am not the best writer when it comes to participation, but I have a fairly good understanding of duels and have seen dozens over the years. I follow the basic judging template and tend to judge in an unbiased manner.

  • Romance

    I am not opposed to having my character fall for someone. However, I am opposed to having every RP after that fall into a rut of doing nothing but romantic roleplay. In the past it seemed to be a major pattern for many characters [not just my own] that really hurt roleplay in general as these players would often blow off other obligations to focus on the courting experience. Often times these IC relationships would bleed into OOC and the drama would begin.

    If my character ever enters a relationship, I do not expect to be roleplaying only with you exclusively, nor do I expect you do roleplay with me in the same manner. Occasional romance scenes are fine, but I would rather be on an adventure and telling more compelling stories.

  • Live RP vs Hmail

    If I ever have a choice, I much prefer to be engaged in live RP. I find it more enjoyable, because when I am in the mood to write, I have ideas flowing that I need to get out. I find that in Hmail or forum posts, it is easy to lose interest in an RP, or some forget to respond and the RP dies. Most times, if I am logged in, I am here to write. I can often be found on Hollow during the weekdays up until about 9PM-11PM EST. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I can usually manage later times.

    That said, I am not completely opposed to Hmail if necessary. I know that some players live in other time zones that make it nearly impossible to plan live RP. I can accommodate this any time, as I would rather have some form of roleplay than no roleplay at all.

OOC Character Info Links
  • About Creation:
    This character is an admin approved character that is starting at a level of experience higher than a normal new player might start at. I am not a power player by any means, nor do I intend to metagame or godmode. I am certain that he could be bested by most already established characters - And rightfully so.

    It's just that I have played a lot of characters that have started at scratch. I have played characters that have worked their way up through years of roleplay. With Uriphiel, I wanted a character that had a rich history within the world of Hollow. I would love to help flesh out the timeline with backstory, building off of the work of Kaizer and Solaris had envisioned for many of the races originally. I will try to keep things within limits, without stepping on the toes of established power characters.
  • About the Information Presented:
    Everything written in this wiki bio is for OOC purposes only. A lot of it is to help me keep myself grounded in what my character can and can't do, as well as keep track of his accomplishments. The listed weaknesses and fears, as well as some of the more personal info should not be exploited for IC gain. It's not like Uriphiel is going to go around spouting off about this stuff, so it should not be IC knowledge unless he speaks of it directly.

    If your character has some form of mind reading ability, clairvoyance, or something of a similar nature, do let me know and I can work with you.
  • Regarding History or Family:
    Given that Uriphiel is written to be from a time long before modern Lithrydel, it would not be out of the question that he would have long lost relatives or perhaps even friends that survived the Rise of Arrecation around 2000 years ago in Hollow's History.

    If you wish to work on connecting backstories, or working on fleshing out History from those times, feel free to contact me at any point.
  • On the Aether Knights:
    Looking for future knights to join Uriphiel in keeping law and order in Lithrydel. Preferably from one of the good/neutral races. I have plans for introducing the other Aether made weapons into Hollow at some point if there is any interest. Feel free to hit me up on Discord or Hmail.

Wiki Info Credits
This wiki page is updated as the character's story changes.

I have tried to catch many of the typos and grammar mistakes, but I am sure there are plenty still out there. Users may feel free to make edits to correct these if necessary, as long as the changes are not detrimental in nature. Otherwise, please hmail me with things I should correct.

I've tried to keep things in line with Hollow's wiki information and lore, while adding some new things to the world. If there are corrections to be made, or if you would like to work together on something related to building Hollow's world, feel free to contact me and we can go from there!

I am aware that there are broken links in this bio. They are placeholders and will be filled in with time.

Uriphiel was created in September of 2019.

Last Updated: March 27th, 2021

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