User-Owned Shop List

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User-owned shops are owned by players through purchase of a premium service. They are stocked with nearly any non-custom items of the player's choosing with prices decided by the owner. The current rules governing User-Owned shops may be found here: User-Owned Shops

Shop list / Locations

The following is a list of the various player owned shops within Hollow.

Shop owners please feel free to edit the shop listing as you see fit.

The Blackwell East Vhysian Company

Owner: Quintessa
Location: Elimdor - Recall Vhys, 4E, 4N, 1E
Common types of merchandise: Antiques, Curios, Rare Objects, and Other Eclectic Bric-a-brac
Inventory Update frequency: Weekly

Semi-Hidden Trading Shop

Owner Lefty
Location Vailkrin Forrest - Recall Vailkrin, 5E, 5N, 4W
Common types of merchandise Spare parts, dolls, regenerative liquids
Inventory Change frequency ?
Inventory Update frequency ?

Aunt Grizzy's Sweet Shop

Owner: Grizelda
Location: Larket - 1 south & 1 west from Lucy's Crossing
Common types of merchandise: Freshly baked goodies & unique sweets
Inventory Update frequency: Daily

Expired User Shops

The Following shops were not renewed when there time was up. They no longer exist as of this moment. Should one of the shops owners wish to reopen the shop by use of credits please do so and remove your shop from this list and replace it above, thanks.

Overpriced Cupcake Stand

Owner: Maylari
Location: Xalious Mountain area Just 1 East of the dingo at Rough Range
Common types of merchandise: Overpriced Cupcakes
Inventory Update frequency: Daily

The Soph Shop

Owner: Sophie
Location: 1 West, 1 North, 1 Up from the Main Xalious Mine
Common types of merchandise: Armor, rare foods, rare items herbs etc.
Inventory Change frequency: Two or three times a day.
Inventory Update frequency: Two or three times a day.

Something Wicked

Owner: Maylari
Location: Vailkrin: 1n, 1e, 1n (From Hanging Corpse Tavern)
Common types of merchandise: Dark ritual items, etc
Inventory update frequency; Daily

Kwen's Keep

Owner: Kwen
Location 1s, 8w, 1s, 1w, 4n, 1w, 1n, 1u (From Kelay Tavern)
Common types of merchandise: Unknown
Inventory change frequency: Unknown
Inventory update frequency: Unknown

Gale's shop

Owner: Gale
Location: Kelay - 1 Down from Grassy Knoll 1S, 3E, 2S of Kelay Tavern
Common types of merchandise: ?
Inventory Change frequency: ?
Inventory Update frequency: ?

Club Smoke N' Cafe

Owner: Prathoryn
Location: Larket: 4w, 3n of Larket Town Square
Common types of merchandise: Clubs and blunt style weaponry, pipes, smoking blends, coffee/tea drinks
Inventory Change frequency: Set item list
Inventory Update frequency: As needed

Cyllarus' Shop

Owner: Cyllarus
Location:: Venturil - 2W, 2S, 1W, 2S, 5W of the Doorway to the West
Common types of merchandise:: High-value Armor and weapons
Inventory Change frequency:: Rarely
Inventory Update frequency:: As new items are obtained

Grassy Knoll Market

Owner: Aranhil
Shop Name: "Aranhil's Amazing Aromatic Aerbals"
Location: Kelay Tavern: 1s, 3e, and 2s to Grassy Knoll
Common types of merchandise: Herbs and Potions of Hollow, Preklek Items.
Inventory Change frequency: Item List Set
Inventory Update frequency: Daily

Hans' Shop

Owner: Hans
Location: Southern Milous - 1S, 3E, 1S, 3E, 6S, 3W of Kelay Way
Common types of merchandise: ?
Inventory Change frequency: ?
Inventory Update frequency: ?

Queoldian Outpost

Owner: Aldred
Location: Frostmaw - 2N, 1W, 1N, 1W, 3N, 1E, 1N from Frozen Pathway
Common types of merchandise: ?
Inventory Change frequency: ?
Inventory Update frequency: ?

Gatherer's Shop

Owner: NPC called "Gatherer"
Location: Outside Sage Forest - 1s, 3e, 1s, 3e, 1s, 1e
Common types of merchandise: Preklek Armors and Rare Merchandise
Inventory Change frequency: ---
Inventory Update frequency: Bi-weekly