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⌘ℳαчlαrí ℛαíclєαch⌘ "Love me or hate me."


Race Purebred Puma: 

The breed of feline known as the puma is made up of only a handful of familes who have a pure bloodline and have not intermingled with the other various breeds and types of feline in the land of Hollow. The oldest and wealthiest of them being the Raicleach family, whom helped settle the South Western area of Cenril now commonly known as West Cenril. The area holds the highest population of the general feline race, when it comes to Cenril cats.

Now a member of the Undead. (Undead Puma)


Class Criminal Mastermind:

The starting point base class for this custom class is Thief. A Criminal mastermind would be a highly skilled criminal type whom is charismatic and intelligent enough to head a division of an organized crime unit. They are adept in thieving arts and are often master con artists or go into business/politics. They have the ability to be in control of situations and play for every variable and detail when plotting nefarious schemes and heists. A criminal Mastermind would never simply rob a bank, they would first buy a bank or invest heavily into one. Then they would attain a massive amount of insurance on the investment or owned said bank. Then finally, they would both rob the bank and collect on the insane insurance placed upon it. A true Criminal Mastermind would also own the insurance company and the land which the bank is positioned. The class is essentially a crime boss and runs the streets and day to day life of organized crime within a town, city or portion of a city.

Criminal Seductress: See above but add seductive persuasion and carnal desire as skills used to manipulate the society as a whole or individuals targeted.


Seductively Evil (half Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil)



The many faces:

  • Heiress
  • Business woman
  • Merchant Mogul
  • Real estate investing/development
  • Fashionista/designer
  • Politician
  • Criminal
  • Liar
  • Seductress
  • Temptress
  • Thief
  • Undead minion
  • Cult leader
  • Cheater
  • Mastermind

The Affiliations:

Tainted Angels (Female gang, underwear models)

Hedonistic Indulgence (Delishian church group)

Morti Renascentia (Sadistic evil council)

Decadence (A new kind of evil)

West Cenril

"The area West of the High Fence". West Cenril is just that, the Western most side of Cenril.

West Cenril was once a larger empire but went through changes as the area fell apart with the fall of the Raicleach crime family.

The Downward Spiral, "The Fall of Maylari"

Rough draft, this is a condensed version.

Maylari grew up a pick pocket thief and slept her way to fame in the streets, although she did not need to endure that kind of lifestyle. She was born the spoiled daughter heiress of real estate tycoon. She lived the pampered life by day and a life of crime and perversion by night. She earned her spot as a local business owner and quickly expanded the area known as West Cenril, that her feline ancestors had helped settle. The puma was a shady business owner and gained fortune and power atop what she was already born with. She formed unity amongst local gangs, thus creating an organized family of crime. Lived the life of decadence and depravity. Cheated, stole, broke the rules, killed, etc etc. No sin was off limits and nothing could not be attained.

Delishia would have been proud.

Then.....scandel errupts and the downward spiral of destruction insues. Maylari's ring of crime is taken down and she is sent to prison by the authorities. Stripped of her power and assets, Maylari learns a lesson in humility and does her time. The feline even studies law while incarcerated. Upon getting out of the lock up and returning to her home in West Cenril, it is said that she met her end by an assassins knife, no doubt sent by the new powers that be. Others say she simply seemed to vanish despite stories of her dead bleeding body seen by several whom claim to have confirmed the body was slumped over her desk in the Raicleach Trading Co. office.

Still there are talks of war and invasion sent by the "Church of Cenril" and that they are behind the sudden vanishing of Maylari. The Raicleach crime family was broken and chaos took over where organization had failed.

Nobody knows for certain as the body was never found, but the Morti Renascentia have been claiming that they discovered and removed Maylari's body from her office. Time had passed since they discovered her there, yet they claim to have mostly preserved her in a comatose state. The necromantic works of preservation done by Vyraznos and Zauberei.

The Return of the Undead

Maylari came back to West Cenril one night like......"What'chu lookin at and where the hell is muh money? Someone get me a friggin drink."

Much love & shoutouts

Special thanks to Larwyn, for being my finance department and a source of reliable help ;)

Kyndor, who introduced me to Hollow and got me connected.

Vyraznos, who invested a fortune in me.

Zauberei, cuz he is muh boy-toy.

Trent, for supporting Hollow and my premium services by purchasing consistent credits.

Builder, for being amazing at what he does.

Sven, for the awesomesauce game.

The Admin for keeping it all going on a day to day basis.

All the players of Hollow who log in, support and make Hollow what it is.

Sven told you, "You're very welcome & thank you again for supporting Hollow!"

OOC late night banter

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On the fine product at Jack's Distilery

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Below is my favorite Hollow rule from the list:

Character names should reflect the genre of the game - original, fantasy-oriented names are desired.

The following types of names are unacceptable:

Vile, profane, rude, or racist names including common swear words, anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words. Combinations of words that produce an offensive result (e.g. SluttyMcHoBag, Domenow).

I myself was going to be SluttyMcDoMe but then read the rules and created Maylari.