Nameless Desert

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The Nameless Desert is east of the Shattered City and Gualon. It is an expanse of nothing but sand and yet at its southernmost border you may find there a Palace untouched by time or the blowing sands.

The Nameless Desert is exactly the same as other deserts; golden brown sand that stretches on for what seems to be an eternity. Unforgiving dunes pepper the landscape, giving the land enough shadows to lure the unskilled traveler to his arid death. Somewhere in the depths of the desert east of the great sand dunes, should you be lucky enough to find it, is a pair of oases that are shielded from the brutal winds to the west by the great dunes that border them: they have clear blue waters with trees for shade and plentiful fruit. If you dare to travel further south, there rests a pristine palace, seemingly untouched by the heat or winds.


Unforgiving heat and scorching winds mold the sands of the Nameless Desert; the heat is constant, even the night brings little relief as the winds pick up and kick the sand around. The air is dry and painful to breathe in, and the sand strikes your flesh with a maddening consistency.

Places of Interest

  • Guyon's Lodgings
  • Temple of Prophecy
  • Shattered City
  • Shrine to Vakmatharas the Supreme God of Death
  • Abandoned Palace
  • The Center for Disease Control
  • Buckley Broadbeard's Hut


The Nameless Desert was created by a great Catastrophe that hit the land during an ancient war. The Elves had taught the humans how to use magic and together they build the Great floating city of Krizar. The city was then attacked by the Avian Empire and the magics that held the city in the air withered and it came crashing down onto the land scorching it, creating the Nameless Desert. Remnants of the magic still exist even today in the desert as the winds that blow through out the sands are most unnatural.

Recent Events

The enigmatic ''X' had been given the palace by Gualon's leader Tristram; the past inhabitants appear to be long gone.

A mysterious young woman seems to have taken up residence in the old Abandoned Palace. The red dragon Firewing seems to have disappeared mysteriously, taking Slit and his people with him.

Rumor has it that during the Red Dragon's recent absence, a Gold has taken his place in haunting the desert, keeping a watchful eye on those who pass through.
The Elder Elf Slit has brought his clan to the Nameless Desert in an attempt to rebuild an ancient Bazaar that once dominated the eastern desert trade routes. And after a battle with the Nomadic Raiders he was forced to abandon his project and leave the Desert.
There have been sightings of a Red Dragon flying back and forth between the desert and other areas of the world. Witnesses believe this person to be Firewing, a Dragon, who's common interest has been heard of to be gold, and offering impossible deals.


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