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Quick Facts

Appearance and Interesting Facts

As an Elf

Eyes Without Eyefire: Completely clouded
Eyes With Eyefire: Verdant Green, close to the shade of grass
Skintone: Light, porcelain.
Hair: Long chocolate brown curls that reach mid-back, forming large, loose ringlets.A long golden feather is braided in to her hair, on the right side of her face.
Body Type: Curvy; Average weight.
Height: 5'2
Facial Features: Freckles, a thin, barely visible scar reaching from the left corner of her mouth to left ear, and a white curse mark on the right side of her neck. It is black when inactive, and glowing white when active. The curse mark was placed on her by Xzarren when he attacked her; it s uncertain whether or not he intended to do so.
Race: Gold Dragon; takes on the form of an elf.
Class: Druid/Pyromancer

As a Dragon

((in progress))
Eyes:Verdant Green, the same as in her elven form.
Scales:Golden; they shine like the stars, with the color of the sun.
Tail:(length pending)has three sharp spikes on it.
Spines:Ivory colored; they run down her back, between her wings, and stop at her rump.
Wings:(width pending)Golden scaled.
Defining Features: Horns, very sharp pearly white teeth, and sharp ivory claws.

-Is afraid of the dark
-Can see through the eyes of animals
-Can speak to animals
-Can see through vibrations in the ground
-Is usually barefoot
-Favorite color is red
-In love/confused/heartbroken/hopeful
-Is blind (in her elven form)
-Is obsessed with gems; especially red ones.
-Is searching for a roost.


Name-Specie-IC or OOC-Name origin
Twilight-Baby Unicorn-OOC-It's a secret.
Arna-Winter Wolf-IC-Elven for 'Storm'
Totrip-Frost Drake Hatchling-IC-Draconian for 'Wisp'
Kothar-Ice Wyvern Hatchling-IC-Draconian for 'Demon'

Rp'd Pets



Blood and Victory: Twin daggers: Given to her by Hadrian for the Gualon Revival Tournament.
Malice: Frost-Enchanted-Razor Whip: Given to her by the Dragoness who taught her to see through nature.
Pheonix's Bane: Flaming Sword: Found after defeating an evil Pheonix with Firewing.
Gurthendur: Whitewood Staff-of-Pyromancy: Given to by mysterious stranger.
Unnamed Braided Bullwhip: Given to her by Hadrian for the Gualon Revival Tournament.
Unnamed Flaming Staff: Bought in a store.



This magical ball of fire floats above Sasha's head. It allows her to see, clearing her eyes from blindness, showing off their lovely green color. It is weak against her emotions, it flickers when she is stressed, afraid, or depressed. It is at its strongest when she is angry, joyful, or excited.
Fire Transport
Sasha is able to teleport herself from place to place using fire; however, there must be fire nearby, otherwise, she can get trapped inside the void that she travels through.
Healing Fire
Sasha can heal wounds using flames that engulf her hands. The flames are blue in color, and have a cooling sensation rather than burning.
Command Beast
Because she was a druid before a Pyromancer, she is still able to call animals to do her bidding, when they refuse if she asks nicely.
Command Plants
Also a result of being a druid; she is able to call plants as weapons to her advantage. They are, obviously, weak to fire.
This is only available to Sasha's cursed form; the heat around her feet causing moisture in the air to turn to an eerie mist; giving her a ghostly appearance.


-Is learning to fight with a sword.
-Is a skilled magician.
-Is a pyromancer.
-Expert speargirl from time as a warrior in her home tribe.
-Is a terrible cook.
-Can swim.
-Is a skilled with a bow and arrow.
-Amateur healer.

Friends and Family

Ranok: Whether he knows it or not; Sasha still holds him dear.
Firewing: Her current love interest. Only time will tell where things go.
Kuiai: A dear friend; who she suspects may feel more for her.
Amadriecllya: She considers her a sister; but rarely sees her anymore.
Satoshi: A new acquaintance, but someone she has always heard tales of... and had respect for.
Micah: She was once in love with him; he disappeared. Sasha believes he may have passed away.
Danu: A green dragon who taught her to see through nature.
Dyzz: A strange blue creature who seemed friendly enough; Sasha suspects they will become good friends.
Madigan: An acquaintance more than a friend; Sasha still feels she owes her life to this Dryad for fighting of Xzarren in the tavern.
Xzarren: Once a very close friend; now a sworn enemy.


Peace and Destruction

It was a safe time, before her world had suddenly crumbled into darkness. Her father was the chief of their village of Berrywood. Berrywood was a beautiful place, in her eyes. The houses were up in the trees, far up and away from the dangers of the world below. The naive and kind wood elves (or at least, they had taken the form of wood elves,) who lived there had no idea what dangers the fire that cooked their food could hold. And they never dreamed that it would be the destruction of their people. The only time the kind people of the village chose to fight was when there was a threat to their home; and so each child was trained with bow and arrow, with spear and magic. Merenwei grew up like the others, having no special treatment other than respect, and the traditional neck bands and armlets.

As beautiful and peaceful as life had been for the brood of Golden Dragons, things would not last forever, for such is the way of life; all good things come to an end. One day, she had been sent to go hunting at the stream near the great cliff, do bring back food. As she thrust her spear through a fish, her ears caught the sound of an old woman's voice. "Come, young one, Let me take a look at you." Merenwei smiled, and obeyed, holding her spear up in a non-threatening stance. She had always been taught to respect and trust elders; they had never caused her harm in the past. "Do me a favor, and I will give you whatever it is you most desire. I shall give you great beauty!" Merenwei laughed shyly. "I have no need for beauty, it is the heart that rules the body." The old woman was patient. "Then I shall give you ultimate knowledge!" Once more Merenwei shook her head. "I know that only years of experience gives knowledge worth having." The old crone was beginning to lose her patience now. "I shall give you eternal life!" Merenwei smiled kindly, not allowing the old woman's anger to upset her. "The only thing I could ever ask for would be the happiness of my fellow villagers." The old woman grinned. "But you must do me a favor in return. Swear it to me." Naive Merenwei nodded. "I swear it." The old woman's face changed, wicked and twisted in appearance, her eyes glowing a deep red. "FOOLISH GIRL!" She cackled."The price is your father's soul! Kill him for me, you swore to it!" Merenwei refused, pushing the hag away from her, and over the edge of the cliff. Merenwei realized what she had done, and rushed to the edge, and seeing that the hag was clinging for her life to a root sticking out of the rocks, and reached a hand down to the hag to help her up. But the hag was unforgiving. "You have signed for the death of not just your father, girl!" With her free hand, she cast sparks from her fingertips, the trees in the forest quickly caught fire; the flames raged through the forest. Looking over her shoulder, she saw her village catch fire. The screams echoed in her ears; a sound she would never forget. She looked back to the hag, who looked at her with the most evil of looks. "And you will never forget what you have seen. For it is the last thing you have seen." The hag released the branch, and as she fell, she left Merenwei with a curse; her eyes forever clouding with blindness; her body growing weak, and she fainted.


For weeks the elf wandered. She hardly ate. Hardly slept. She ate whatever she could manage to recognize with untrained hands. More than once she collapsed, having tripped over something unseen. More than once did she run into things. Once she even managed to wander into a sleeping bear's cavern, noisily fumbling around. Upon hearing the irritated growl of the sleepy beast, she fled, lucky to make it out alive. She was filthy. Mud was all over her, from the number of times she had fallen. She was near naked, the way she had stumbled through bramble and branch having shred the sparse amount of clothing that was customary for her people. By now, she had forgotten everything. She had no name. She had no past. Only the sound of the screams stayed in her mind. So many screams. They kept her from sleeping at night, and so the young girl descended slowly into madness. She had begun to scream back at the voices in her head. After all, they never said anything intelligible. Just screams. The screams. Always... always screams.


The girl once known as Merenwei stumbled through one last bush. Her arms were stretched out before her, searching for anything that could harm her. She had figured out this strategy after having been beaten near senseless by various branches. The voices in her head still screamed. She could hear other voices now, though. But... they sounded real. They didn't sound afraid like the screamers in her mind. She followed the new tavern, they led her to some sort of wooden barrier that moved forward when she pushed them. She put more of her weight forward; not knowing that it was a door, and fell through the door, tumbling to the floor of what just so happened to be a tavern. A strange language she had never before was spoken to her. She trembled in fear, until whomever had spoken put his hands on her shoulders. She came to know this person as Ranok later. And for a long time, he took care of her, protecting her. She came to love him; but she confused her feelings for him. She realized after a while of long confusion that he was more of a brother than anything else.


A green dragon once came into the tavern, where Nancy and Mesthak had started to take care of the blind girl, who they lovingly called 'Sasha'. Seeing the blind girl's fumbling, she took pity on her. The dragoness took Sasha under her tutelage. Danu taught Sasha to expand her horizons as a druid. True, she had learned much about plants and animals while she had still lived in Berrywood. But she had lost all of those memories after the curse had been placed on her. Danu seemed to sense this; and decided to tap into Sasha's memories. Danu taught Sasha how to meditate to silence the voices that screamed in her mind. It had taken a while, but eventually she mastered the skill. Danu now had her focus; to discover where the voices had originated. The memories flooded back into her mind, and she screamed out with pain and fear, curling up into a ball, sobbing. After a few minutes of allowing Sasha to cry, she sat her back up; and had her commune with the forest. For the first time, the agonizing screams left her mind, and the comforting voice of the forest entered her mind. Her training continued. After a while, she managed to even see with her feet; feeling the vibrations in the ground. She was able to hear the breathing of just about everything; telling her where people were. She would hum softly, to hear where things were, similar to a bat. She learned to even see through the eyes of animals. Things were beginning to look up for her.

Shi....Really Drunk.

Time had passed, and over time, Ranok and Sasha had grown apart. One night, she was so enraged with him, that she decided to drink. A lot. She, of course, being unused to alcohol besides the gentle blueberry wine found in Berrywood, did not hold her drink very well. She lost her senses, and went on a journey that led her all over the place. Along her way she met a man who would not give her his name. Either that or she was too drunk to remember whatever his name was. In any case, she ended up boarding a ship, where she found out that she loved the sea. She loved the smell of the salty air, she loved the feel of the wind against her face. That was, until, of course, she lost her lunch overboard, and passed out, just to wake up in the middle of Rynvale. Afraid for her life, she cried out for help, and the stranger from the night before led her back home to Kelay.


It was a meeting and a friendship that would change Sasha's life for the better. She had gotten very used to the tavern, the things in it, and the voices of the common rabble. She knew many people who visited there on nightly occasion, but one night, as she had tried to walk outside, she had not anticipated running headfirst into a monk. The monk, surprisingly enough was blind as well. They both stood up shyly, stammering apologies. "It's my fault, I would be looking where I'm going, but as you can see, I'm blind," he said. She blushed bright pink, but he would never know. "It's my fault... I should have been able to feel your presence... wait... did you say you were blind as I am?" She blinked her clouded eyes in surprise. "Indeed. How odd. Two blind folk, running into each other in the same tavern. Perhaps destiny caused us to meet," he teased, not knowing how right he was. "I am Micah." "And I'm Sasha." She smiled, and helped guide him to a table, as she had learned the layout of the tavern for the most part. Days passed. Weeks, and the two grew closer and closer. But never once did the two see each other. One day, Micah came and rested his hand on Sasha's shoulder as she sat under a weeping willow tree. "I found out a way for us to see. We'll need to go see a friend of mine." Sasha looked up at him, her eyes widening with hope. He hadn't lied. He introduced her to his friend, who placed her hands on both of their heads, flowing magic through her to each other. Sasha's cheeks flushed, she found the monk handsome. And Micah found her beautiful as well. As if by the magic that rushed through their new friend, they now saw each other in a completely new light. As the magic ended, their hands still clasped together across the table. They fell asleep like that, at that table that night, never wanting the moment to end. Time passed, and Micah, out of love for Sasha, learned how to cure his blindness completely. He took her to have the procedure done on her as well... but they soon discovered that the procedure was useless against the curse. More time passed, and to Sasha's dismay, Micah disappeared. She never saw him again.


As time passed, Sasha realized how much she faulted herself for Micah's disappearance. She thought that maybe, just maybe, had she fought harder to see, he might still be around, that he might be waiting around some corner for her to just see him. And so, she began to research. She asked questions to just about every mage she could get in touch with. And she brought home various books, which she would beg Nancy to read out loud to her, so she could figure out what she could do. After a while, she became very interested in fire. She realized that it really was a beautiful thing, but it still frightened her, especially after the violent way that her friends and family had died. She would push the idea of fire out of her mind. For now. For you see, every night she would dream of a ball of flame, leading her through a heated path scorched with fire. At the end of the path, she would always see a dark figure. But before she could reach out to turn the figure around; she'd always wake up. Sasha decided that it was time for some serious meditation. She spent two weeks in a meditating state, stopping only to eat the fruit she had brought for this occasion; and to drink from the river nearby her spot of meditation. Finally, she succeeded. She turned the dark figure around; and saw that it was her. Fire killed them. Fire killed Merenwei. Fire created Sasha. Control the fire before it controls you. The words of her dream-self stayed in her mind, even after she had woken up. It was time.


Sasha searched far and wide for a teacher in the way of Pyromancy, now believing it to be her destiny. During this time, she worked even harder on her druidic powers; knowing that by focusing her magic on fire, she risked the weakening of her other magics; something she refused to allow to happen,especially as she was so weak already. It seemed that the frail girl was beginning to crave strength. Or was it power? During this time, she began to search for more ways to see, since magic wasn't an option yet. And one day, as she was using animals to see, she found one particular bird who refused to let her see through his eyes. Instead, he hopped from branch to branch, twittering at her playfully. At first, Sasha grew angry with the red bird. It was a cardinal, and it had a black line on its tail feathers, a very pretty little bird, indeed. After a while, she gave up, and with tired exasperation, she plopped herself on the ground and started to cry. She had been strong for long enough, she decided, and just needed to let it out. A few seconds later, the small bird hopped into her lap, holding a twig in its mouth. It dropped the twig, as if it was a peace offering, and then flew up to her shoulder, chirping to her in words that she could clearly understand; letting her know that it would let her see through it. She smiled, and wiped her tears. "I name you Twig, for the gift you gave me." She said. Now Twig can be seen with her wherever she goes. Now that she had Twig, she took him to Kelay Tavern, to try and read the board. She reached into the bird's mind, and saw through his eyes. On the board there was a listing for an academy, devoted to magic. This was exactly what she had been looking for. She contacted the headmaster with all haste, and waited only a few days before she had her answer. She was to meet him by Sage Bell in order to find out if she was worthy of his Academy. She did as she was told; and showed as much as she could. It wasn't much; she had only just a few days before managed to form flames in her hand. But the passion that burned in her, the passion to succeed caused her fire to be more fierce, and to come more easily to her. She had impressed him well enough; and he took her under his wing. She now looked up to Luthentius as a friend and teacher. And under him and his hired teachers, she learned very much.


It didn't take her long to realize that what made her magic so strong was her emotions; and her emotions were exactly what made them weak as well. By harnessing the power of her anger and joy; her fire grew to the most powerful heights! When the Academy shut down, she was recognized as a true Pyromancer, and was proud of her name. During her time at the Academy she had been able to find so much more information. In fact, she began to develop her own spells over time. The most useful of her spells she came to call the Eyefire. It was a glowing orb of orange light that floated over her head. Whenever it was present, the clouds that covered her eyes would clear; showing off their beautiful green hue. Because she believed that fire was a living thing; she was able to see through it. It was as if the curse never existed when she had her Eyefire with her. But she also learned that the Eyefire would douse if she was frightened, if it rained, or if she was sad. She had to find a way to strengthen herself where the Eyefire would never douse; but the solution would not be found. In search for inner strength, she came upon a notice on a board, looking for members of what would be a council of mages, holding representatives of every school of magic. Even Pyromancy. Now that she could be considered a master of fire; she jumped at the chance; thinking only of how strong this sort of experience could make her. How naive she was, yet again; for it came to be that she was not the only Pyromancer in the world, as she had led herself to believe. It was not a crushing blow to her. The idea of a competitor excited her. So she sent word to the other one. She wanted to challenge his right to be on a council.


As she stormed into the Abandoned Palace, she did not expect what she considered to be such a handsome man sitting at the other end of one of the longest tables she had ever seen in her life. Not only that; but he was completely gracious to her. She came to learn his name, Firewing. And though she had come to put her foot on the ground, and claim her rightful place, he seemed to soothe the anger in her soul, pointing out gently why she shouldn't take on such a huge responsibility on her own. He told her that they could both represent fire magic, together, and that he would even take her on as an apprentice. Always one to want to learn how to better herself, she took little time in agreeing with him. As it turned out, the council never came to be; and now, it was just the two of them, Master and Apprentice; though she never really saw it that way. One day, he asked her if she was ready for the adventure of a lifetime. During her time with him, she had sometimes mentioned Pheonixes, how she admired them for their intelligence and beauty. So when he told her that the adventure was to go retrieve a powerful artifact from a Pheonix, she was more than ready to agree. And so, they went to the Pheonix. Unfortunately for them, it turned out that the Pheonix was posessed by dark spirits, controlling the Pheonix into evil deeds. Firewing was forced to slay the beast. Sasha stared at Firewing for a long time, not sure if she could forgive him for destroying such a beautiful creature, but she could feel the evil that came from the dead bird of flames, and realized, he had put a tortured creature out of its misery. He had done an act of kindness. She plucked one of the golden feathers, and braided it into her hair; it is still there to this day. Sasha's feelings for Firewing grew more as time passed; but he disappeared for a long while; and so, her search for a teacher began again.


Before she had left Kelay Tavern to train at the Academy, she had become good friends with a man named Xzarren. As long as she could remember, he was a kind man, and had never done her any harm. But when she returned from her time in the desert, she realized that he had changed completely. He attacked her over and over again for weeks, and each time she would successfully fight him off. One night, however, she wasn't so lucky. He caught her in the tavern, when she least expected him. He lifted her from her seat with a hand around her pretty little throat. Her choked gasps for air brought the attention of a minotaur and a dryad nearby, who she later came to know as Kuiai and Madigan. Sasha managed to burn Xzarren; but as she did so, a curse mark was left on her neck, how it got there she still is unsure of. Kuiai and Madigan managed to fight Xzarren off for that night, but the next night, she was even more unlucky than before. He caught her outside of the tavern, and she ran. But she wasn't fast enough. He beat the tar out of her, breaking her right arm, and slashing a gash from her ear to her mouth on the left side of her face. He then sent horrible voices into her head, demanding her to do his bidding. She was weak against his magic, and moved slowly, silently to the tavern. He showed her off, flaunting her like a toy. Kuiai and Madigan once more saw the conditions she was in, but as they attempted to help, Sasha only sent blasts of fire at them. Her broken arm animated forward with hideous cracking sounds as she aimed to claw at them, but Madigan succesfully restrained her. Sasha passed out; and Kuiai took her to a healer nearby. She fell asleep in his arms that night, too weak to leave the safety of the healer's hut. After a few short days, with a mix of the healer's magic and her own magic, she was mostly healed, save for a thin scare where the gash once was.


The curse mark on her neck did strange things to her. She would lose conciousness for hours at a time, and so, she donned the robes of a priestess, and began to worship daily, praying to Lauria, her patron goddess, and to Xalious and Hind; also very important dieties to her, Xalious for magic, and Hind for being the god of nature. It seemed that this did not help; for she now only seemed to lose herself while in the priest's robes of all white. She would always awaken with no memory of what had happened. But it seemed that no one was getting hurt, so she measured it up to sleepwalking. It came to her that the reason she was so easy to defeat was because no one saw how powerful she could be. So she waited for the right chance to prove herself, to the world, and to someone who would take her on as a teacher. It didn't take long for her to find out about the Gualon Revival Tournament, she entered right away, but under the ruse of a man. She fought honorably, in the first rounds, but did not win. She hadn't expected to win; but to make a point instead. When the winner's blow came, the punch to her face thrown by Hadrian knocked off the mask that hid her from being a woman. She turned to the audience even with the shattered nose, and demanded to know who would deny that she could take pain, and that she could give pain. Who would deny that she had fought honorably? That she had fought well for one who had never touched a dagger or whip in her life? One voice in the crowd stood out: It was Lady Satoshi; a woman she had heard much about in tales of the frozen lands, but had never had the honor of meeting. Lady Satoshi herself invited Sasha to come live in Frostmaw, where she would recieve training in magic, swordsmanship, and even the axe and bow if she so desired. And so, with a half heavy, and half overjoyed heart, she packed up her small amount of items, and moved her way to Frostmaw. What a shock it was to find Firewing there, alive and well.


(in the process of being rped.)

OOC Shoutouts!

Satoshi-You're my favorite person to Wrap up Winter with, and you believed in me even when I signed up for the Tournament with no chance of winning.
Daisy- You've gotta be just about the nicest person I've met on Hollow so far.
Dyzz- You always manage to make me smile, no matter what.
Kuiai-You're super fun to RP with, and to talk to too!
Micah-I miss you, buddy. :(
Firewing-For ridiculous amounts of epic RP!
Hadrian-For giving me a chance in the tourney, even without experience.
Jacklin-For putting up with my constant questions.
Dergious-I don't see him online anymore, but when he still was around, I adored this guy.
Hanan-For always having something to say, usually that makes me laugh my buns off.
Ranok-Even if we don't get along all the time, you helped me form my character into who she is today. Thank you.
Xzarren-So much epic RP came from hanging out with you.