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Combat Style: Very close range.
Combat Rating: Very Strong.
Magic Style: Spiritual, Curative.
Magic Rating: Inept.
Preferred Races: Human, Giant, Minotaur.
Preferred Alignment: Neutral_Good
Preferred Weapon(s): Hand-to-Hand, Exotic.
Skills: Berserk, Stunning Blow, Tiger Strike, Deathblow
Skill Weapon: Melee.
Skill Centers: Warrior's Training Grounds


Often a passive people, monks devote their entire lives to serving a deity or particular lifestyle, forsaking worldly and material pleasures to serve their chosen deity. They are different from priests because they often do not command the mystical energies gifted by their particular god. Many have known to be reclusive, spending several years of their lives at monasteries away from those who are not of the same beliefs as they.

Fighting Style

While usually a passive sort, monks are extremely dangerous when they or those they seek to protect are threatened. Almost always refusing to wear armor, monks instead rely on speed and uncanny technique in battle. Most of them have spent decades perfecting martial arts techniques, able to use almost any part of their body as a lethal weapon. Contrary to popular belief, most monks do not use martial arts alone. Many also perfect exotic and dangerous weapons, such as the seemingly harmless yet lethal chakram, bow staff, and the occasional hook sword. Above all, monks are second to none in technique with their chosen weapon: their hands and feet or their exotic devices of death.

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