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This page is for those players who will be assisting with maintaining the Wiki. The instructions Cyllarus gave us are posted below, and any other coding should be posted here as well, and discussions about it should be added to the Talk page (that is, under the discussion tab). In order to make it readable, I put a space or two where it shouldn't be, but I think we all know the way it should be when we use it.

  • New User pages should ideally have the {{Charaprofile}} template at the top, and categories for race and class at the end. Only put in categories for races and classes that have pages in the wiki. We aren't planning on doing all the custom races and classes that people can do in the game. It would be far too confusing.
  • New RP/Battle/Fight pages should have a {{PC|<name>}} for each person involved, and [[Category:RP Logs]] (or Fight/Battle). Ideally they would also have an appropriate Region template as well. Duels should generally list the date, figters, judges, venue, stakes, and outcome at the top and include the [[Category:Duel Log]] tag, they are named according to the instructions on the Duel Logs category page. It's also good to include the character descriptions, and venue description. Battles and Fights should include at least a list of those involved and the venue where it takes place, plus any specific stakes or outcome of the battle or fight.
  • Pages which contain copyrighted information or pictures, inappropriate content, nonsense, incorrectly formatted titles, or have been cleared of content by the authors should be tagged for deletion in the following way. First cleared any remaining content, mark page with a [[Category:Mark for deletion]] tag along with the reason for proposed deletion. Pages which are titled incorrectly should be moved to a new, correctly titled, page first, then marked for deletion on the redirect page.


  • 7/21/2010 - Please go through the wiki and find all pages that relate the lore and world of Hollow and flag them with [[Category:Hollow Lore Manual]] . This way the Exec Board has everything at their fingertips for reading and checking for consistency. This includes race pages and class pages and their categories, as well as history pages and physics/astrophysics pages.
  • 7/22/2010 - Just for fun, start thinking about ways we can improve the style of the wiki and make it prettier, more consistent, and easier to use (not necessarily in that order). If you see something in another wiki you like how it looks or works, add a link to it to the discussion tab and what about it you like. When we are ready, we can work out a global style and start applying it.
  • 7/26/2010 - Not sure where you'd look, but see if you can find out if any of the mobs we have in Hollow are copyrighted/branded by WoTC. I don't think we're likely to have any that are owned by anybody else. Most of the mobs are from myth and legend and should be safe, but there are possibly some (mind flayer, intellect devourer, etc) that might not be. If you find any, flag the Mob page with [[Category:Copyright Infringement]] so that we can come up with an alternate mob name for them.