Editing User Page

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Once you have logged in to the wiki using your character name and password from Hollow, you will see your name appear at the bottom of the left-hand column, under Personal Tools.

By clicking on that, you will be redirected to your "user page", which you may have to create if this is your first time.

From there, type in whatever information you want (use this as your bio page, if you would like).

If you use it as a bio page, we ask you that you please add this template to it:


As well as the appropriate Category Tags for your race and class:

For example, a Human Death Knight would put-

[[Category:Human/Inhabitants]] [[Category:Death Knight]]

Once you've Previewed your page to ensure everything looks correct, hit Save Page to complete the Edits. After that, you will see your page take on the wiki formatting. At this point, there will be a small box in the top right of the page that reads "This page has been marked as a Character Profile". The "List of RPs" will be a red link, which you then click to edit your Category:UserPage, and input this simple tag:


Save the page, and you're done! You've just created your Category:UserPage, which allows all the RPs you're tagged in to appear in alphabetical order for easy referencing.


Images should be used on the wiki sparingly and if they are going to be used then please be mindful of the size of the file. For more information about what is acceptable to upload in regards to images, go here.

If you have any other questions, seek out an administrator in game.

If you require any help with the wiki, you can contact any of the numerous Wiki Assistants, including: Meri, Kanna, Khitti, Alvina, & Quintessa.