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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

Necrotic Priest of Vakmatharas

Serving Death in all its forms, and mastering many of them as well.

Magister Letum of the Necromancer's Guild

Those seeking entry to the Necromancer's Guild should contact the Magister Letum, as this grade signifies the person responsible for the day to day operation of the Guild. The holder of this grade is the apprentice and successor to the Thanatos Dominus. The Magister Letum has mastered all of the basic, and at least two of the advanced arts.

Haruspex of the Necromancer's Guild

The Haruspex not only instructs on the subjects of Haruspicy and Carnology in all aspects, but is concerned with the development and application of these skills at a Master level.

Haruspicy is the ability to glean knowledge from the dead via ‘reading’ of entrails. A more advanced level of this knowledge is Visceromancy, in which the knowledge of the dead may be absorbed by the Necromancer in part or in total via remnant ‘body memories’ residing in the brain and muscle of a corpse.

Carnology is an adjunct study in advanced anatomy as pertaining to Reanimation and other advanced skills.