Guardian of Virtue

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Guardian of Virtue - (Weapon +0 Melee)
Creator: Unknown
Last Known Owner: Kelovath

It appears to be a simple sword. The hilt of the blade is tightly wrapped in a black cloth, which seems to give better grip to it's wielder, no matter what seems to be covering their hands. The pommel of the sword has a large, ruby-shaped, but golden color to it. The actual blade isn't much to look at, as it is simply a normal blade without any runes or engravings showing. The gem in the pommel is the only thing to truly stand out.


After killing an unknown lich within the Forgotten Temple of Arkhen, with the help of Ilska and Sidney, Kelovath was able to obtain the sword. A short time passed before the sword became a true paladin weapon and would often give Kelovath advice in certain situations, making the weapon semi-sentient.

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