Arc:Repairing the Irreparable

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After years of fruitless searching, only to find his people laid to waste, Kang endeavors to do whatever is necessary to prevent the extinction of his people. Domestication of wildlife, technological revolution, and the natural fallout of failure and miscalculation all ensue.

Coordinator: Kang


Despite being a vile invader, some people choose to side with Kang. When his own race falls to adversity, others not of his blood choose to be his allies.

  1. Picking up a Stray
  2. Seeking the Girl, No Longer a Stray


Having found people interested in improvement, Kang recalls the origins of his own race. Perhaps he can raise these tinkers to the same level of tech as he had been used to in previous incarnations.

  1. Forging Relations
  2. A Check-Up
  3. Unexpected Development, Growth, and Propagation
  4. A Steam-Powered Chicken
  5. Outbreak
  6. Home at Last


A variety of wildlife assaults Kang, and he fights against, captures, and attempts to train them to his own ends. Some creatures are discovered that were hitherto unknown. Some that shouldn't exist, escape confinement. Mistakes are made.

  1. A Dangerous Grin
  2. That Which a Preklek Should Have Known was a Bad Idea
  3. A Patchwork Girl Awakens
  4. Stopping a Clockwork Titan
  5. Messes