Arc:Queen of the Goblins

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With the complete absence of Lord Roldan of the Vibrance, all Larket forces have completely withdrawn from Kregus. Because of this, it seems the goblin city is currently ran by warlord after warlord, leaving the state of the city in ruins.

Currently, Kregus is in the midst of great civil conflict. In the aftermath of Larket's empirical conquering and control, and the subsequent abandonment of Kregus, the economic devastation to the land of the Goblins is extreme. Poverty and starvation run rampant where civilization holds sway, and warlords have risen to carve Kregus up into territories. The tragic horrors of the warlords are great, and tales of rebellion and near-mythic figures of salvation run wild. One of these tales, that of the Blue Witch, a strange goblin hybrid exile of a defeated tribe, has come to foment a very real rebellion against the strongest of these warlords.

This is Dyzz's war, and her rise to power.