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Part of the Queen of the Goblins Arc


Dyzz was livid. The blockade was in full effect, and there was no trade into Kregus. Not that there was much to begin with, the fledgling piece of civilazation wasn't respected by much of the world, and most trade was limited to nomadic societies with few needed goods. Still, it was a dire thing to a peoples already starved. Dyzz made her way in underwater, fully able to breathe under the waves, with just a little shapeshifting, as the seashells in her hair from Taylebeck attested too. She had no other means in than brute force, for she was known in Kregus by the warlords, who feared the talk of a witchy, beautiful goblin that was exiled along with her clan long ago. Assassins had been sent, and failed, and she would most certainly raise a ruckus anywhere she dared show her face. Dyzz had to come alone, but she came armed, and when she dredged herself up out of the water, in an isolated area, she was ready to do what needed to be done. She had practiced her abilities of illusion, and would find the captain coordinating this blockade, and take care of him. Then, it was just bringing in her tribe, and the desperately needed supplies that would secure them a foothold against the tyrants of Kregus. She shook herself off, put on a musty old cloack that concealed her well, and made her way towards the docks, looking warily for any sign of goblins that felt themselves superior to others. The soldiers were very easy to distinguish from the common rabble, even without hardly any armor and crude weaponry. Not that they could have much more, with the complete seal on trade. The militaries kept expanding, and the people kept starving, more and more, horrific evidence of such everywhere. Dyzz grimaced inwardly, but kept to her mission, determination in her ruby gaze.

As Dyzz made her way about, Az was doing his own little bit of snooping. Though, his consisted of having one of the goblins by the neck, pressed against and hidden behind a stack of crates. The male's sword twirled idly at his side, a sneer laden on lips cracked with a glowing energy. He was questioning the goblin, asking whereabouts and locations. Made for a rather intimidating sight actually. The monster had fallen back into his paces, his mind opening to battle tactics and extortion techniques once more. He quiets himself and peeks around the edge of the boxes as he spots dyzz shrugging into a cloak. He leers for a second, then snaps out of it, returning to the task at hand. "I'mma ask ya one more time, bub. Where's yer boss?" The goblin spit at him, catching one of those wine iris'd eyes and causing Az to jerk. "You little bastard..." With a flick of his thumb he creates a pinpoint concussive shot directed into the goblin's corresponding eye as his grip tightened on that throat. Another squeeze and the windpipe comes free, the goblin gurgling his last breath out as the vulpine steps around the stack and wipes his hands. His eyes would search out the cloaked one, body shifting into trail mode as he followed along behind her.

Dyzz wouldn't notice the following of Azakeal. She was wrapped up in her thoughts, her cloack blocking out her periphery, and even muting smells as it hid her face and form in shadows. She had a hand on Ravage, though, and another on a shrunken head, ready for anything, save being followed. If only her headhunter instincts were available when she needed them... not that Jacoby was good at being stealthy in civilized environments. He preffered the isolated wilderness. She trailed a finger along empty stacks of cargo boxes, and tried to peel her gaze away from the suffering of goblins everywhere, all around her. How many tribes where here, still hoping for a few crates of food? How many had ceded their land to the warlords, their whole tribes, that they may not have to go without? That this might break the back of goblin civilization completely, was a nightmare that played its self again and again in Dyzz's mind. She turned through the alley's, and pulled forth her shrunken, ready to scry out with magic what she couldn't obtain through normal means. Hopefully, she could key in on any shamans about, and start with them.

Nowfaleena had heard mumblings of Dyzz's journey to Kregus. She wasn't normally one to put her nose it where it didn't belong, but the caracal was certain that had it not been for the troblin, her own life would have been ended by Pyoshia. So, in feral form (that is to say a four legged caracal, rather than an anthro) she crept through the streets, searching for her clanmate and ally. Soft pawfalls carried her, and keeping to the shadows she attempted to shield herself from view. The feline had found a land route, of course, not liking to swim. Tufted ears twitched as she detected a familiar voice. Well, that was easy. The feline turned down the alley where Dyzz and the fox were located.

Azakeal steps slowly from around the rubbish, his hands raised to head level, the hilt of his sword caught between thumb, three fingers, and his pinky so that it dangled harmlessly. His voice was tainted, the chaos inside battling his aether for control of this body and twisting his vocal chords into something of a growl, "Ya can call me Zakeal. I did follow you. Aimin' ta help ya, littl'un, tha's all."

Dyzz did not lower her axe, but with her senses on high alery, actually heard the soft footfalls of the caracel behind her. For all she knew, though, this was a familiar to the man before her. He was obviously strongly permeated with magic, though she had no clue what kind. His gesture brought a scowl to her face still hidden by the cowl. "Why you want to help? How you even know what Dyzz do here?" Her third person speaking habit made her grimace, but there was nothing to be done about it now. The translation of her dialect made it much too comfortable, and she didn't think she'd need to remain incognito as far as speaking went. Really, she'd meant for her axe to do all the speaking. "If you wants to help, take Dyzz to the one who organizes this blockade." The words were curt, and very serious, and Dyzz didn't budge an inch to lower her weapon.

Azakeal grumbles slightly. He didn't like being surrounded. Agitated the warrior in him. It was natural instinct to slip his blade around and angle it at the caracal, his left hand lifting, fingers curled towards Dyzz. Instinct... He looks from the four-legger back to the troblin and frowns, "Scryin' magics... Tha's how Ah knew. Ahv been searching the same. Problem is... Goblins dun take to kindleh to mah... persuasion. Spittin' in mah face and whatnot." He lowers his hand, but his blade remains pointed at Nowfaleena. He still didn't know that one's intentions.

Dyzz shook her head. "Ain't no scryin magic's gon tell's ya what Dyzz does here. Dyzz don trust you. Stop follow Dyzz, or else." She waved the axe suggestically before tucking it back into the folds of her cloack, and setting off out the other end of the alley. She had picked up another resonance, and quashed her own magic's with a muttered incantation, that she couldn't be tracked. She was faster, now, getting into the crowd. Dyzz made her way to a ramshackle residence that nonetheless looked better than the others surrounding it, and that was unfortunately quite well guarded. Certainly where an important shaman would lay his head. Now, she just had to find a way in there... Dyzz grinned, looking at the dilapidated top. She was able to slip out of sight, and out of mind... and climb up the sheer rock wall face with sticky fingers, depositing herself up top through a window. She looked around at her dark settings, trying to make sense of things, then made her way further into the house, hoping to find the room housing her prey.

Nowfaleena looked up at Zakeal with bright greens. She had no intention of fighting him, unless he joined with whatever enemies she was to face her. A low growl came from the caracal's throat, her tufted ears twitched, and she tried to manuever around the vulpine to follow after Dyzz. She couldn't speak verbally in this form, so she couldn't tell the man that she was no threat. A soft huff and shake of her head in his direction would have to do.

Azakeal grunts, then emits several pops. His body begins to shrink, morphing until it disappeared within his scalemail. As the sand fox noses his way out of the armor and pads over to where Dyss had stood, his tail twitches slightly, an apology to Faleena. After a few moments he has a scent and is off on the trail... which abruptly deadends at the wall of a building... Curious. No! Up the wall! Quick eyes track a path only slightly faster than tiny paws have him bounding along exposed struts and beams until he can dart into a window. And land directly in a circle inscribed on the floor. Ruh roh. He darts under a low nightstand so as not to be seen and waits.

Dyzz had muffled her own magic so as not to be sensed, and her own magical senses, as well. She had to find the shaman through ordinary means. She looked high and low, around and about, and eventually came to his room. He was being entertained by a comely female goblin, with an appreciable potbelly, and a nose that would make boy gobbies really get excited. He himself was pretty portly, made of fat where most goblins could barely get skin to keep on their bones. This was definitely one in league with a warlord, and a high ranking official. Dyzz entered the doorway, not even bothering with stealth in the opulantly lit room, with dishes of food everywhere. She plucked a grape off a tray and plopped it into her mouth, gazing dispassionately on the pair. The girl goblin wiepd her mouth off while she stood up, and the boy goblin just blinked as Dyzz threw back her cowl. Then his eyes widened, and he started to panic. Not a shaman of any realy power, but he was good at what he did, deceiving other goblins. Dyzz stalked to him as the bimbo quickly ran out, kicking things out of her way. He squealed and tried to run. Dyzz had known from the moment she saw him that he was a gutless tub of lard. "Dyzz knew from the moment she saws you you was a gutless tub of lard." Totally not redundant. She grabbed his shiny bald head, and dragged him to his knees to kneel before her. She had well in mind what to accomplish here, and killing him wasn't the example she wanted. "Dyzz knows you, Grease. You's turned your back on your tribe long ago." Grease all but squealed out his response, "Grease was betrayed first, this he swears!" Dyzz rolled her eyes. "Cut it, pig. Dyzz has no time for your pitiful stories. Who runs these docks?" Grease looked up at her, with fear abundant in his gaze. "The... the marshal Provik. He's well gaurded though. Did Dyzz really come to save the goblins peoples?" He had a look in his eyes that was a mix of dread and seeming hope. Dyzz shook her head. "Dyzz not here to save your fat ass. You's got two choices, that will be much more markedly clear here soon. One, die by Dyzz hand. The other, serve Dyzz as trade negotiator and diplomat." Grease stared wide eyed for a moment, before actually laughing. "There is no trade, none, none! Even if Dyzz could topple Provik, the Lord Grumph would crush her. He has most of Kregus under his rule, already's. You give grease option to die, or die!" Dyzz kicked him again, right in the chest, knocking him on his back, and moving to actually stand a foot on him. "Dyzz will want to hear more about this Grumph later. For now, Dyzz wants to hear only two words out your filthy mouth." Grease blinked. "Eh... You's welcome?" She shoved a bare foot in his mouth. "Yes Sir! And don't let Dyzz hear any other words out your mouth. Bring Dyzz a maps of the docks, and mark where Dyzz can finds this Provik." He nodded his head, speaking a muffled "Hes fur!" Around her foot. She let him up, and he moved about the room, knowing better than to try and leave. He was smart, for a goblin. Even if his magic was infantile.

Nowfaleena was off after the fox and troblin in a moment. Her longer legs made for faster strides than those of the small sand fox. When they reached the building, she took a single leap to the roof. The caracal knew that if she went through the window she would likely be spotted. first, she would need thumbs, but for now, travel along the roof was acceptable, She moved alond the crumbling tiles, her pawsteps probably echoing as soft thuds below. She moved carefully enough, though. And soon came to a small hole in the roof. Beneath, she could see Dyzz threatening the shaman. Ah, this would be where she could come in handy. The caracal slipped through the hole, amazing what openings even a near fifty pound feline can worm through, and landed with a soft thump of paws at Dyzz's side. Bright greens looked up at the Troblin as the her captive scampered off to do her bidding. The caracal had no magic of her own, and no real sense for the stuff. She just knew her clanmate needed her help, and that she owed Dyzz a debt of a life.

Azakeal watches all transpire from 'neath the nightstand, burgundy irises greedy for information. He hadn't a taste for the opulence here, but his hungry belly had him glancing at the food every now and then. As the tub begins to get the map, he squirrels his way out, rising up onto hind legs and shifting immediately. The gems imbedded in his arm glisten as he brushes long sun-bleached locks from his face and stares at Dyzz. A takeover. Now that he could go for. His face wasn't cracked by chaos, for now, and when he speaks its in an odd celtic accent... Even if everything was correctly pronounced. "You'll need a sword-arm. I'm your man." He winks at the little blue beauty before his eyes shift over the gluttonous goblin present. Might I mention his built-for-speed body was, kinda, completely naked? And he seemed to have no whame about it.

Dyzz was perhaps a tiny bit less surprised to find the caracel land, and the fox emerge and transform, than the gluttonous goblin gobbling giblets and gravy. But that wasn't much. She had her weapons in hand and twirled about, Rancor and Ravage ready to tear them to shreds, when he transformed, and she blinked. She rather liked seeing the foxman naked. "Nice penis." Well, there you go. That's how much she liked it. She lowered her guard a bit, shoving Grease and telling him to get back to work. "You's two's sure is persistent. Didja come togethers?" She still didn't recognize Nowfaleena, though those green eyes did spark something familiar to her. Still, she wasn't the brightest knife in the clothes basket. She glanced back at the foxy man, and nodded. "More muscle is always useful, but if you's with me, you's taking orders. Dyzz knows her people." Grease came up with the map, and a chicken leg sticking out of his mouth, that Dyzz promptly pulled from his fat lips and swallowed whole, much to his dismay. "This it? Two blocks south, right next to the dock." Grease nodded at her words. "He very serious. Is kin to Grumph, takes his job real serious. Seriously serious goblin." Grease obviously had a fear of him. It did give Dyzz hope, though, that diplomats like Grease had been left alive. The slimey pustule was very useful, in that he could deal with outsiders and come out cheating them instead of the reverse, few goblins had any sort of such social cunning. Should trade reopen, Grease would be an invaluable asset to whoever controlled his loyalty. His status as a shaman also helped, and his lack of magic made him easier to keep under control. Almost made Dyzz wonder just how cunning he was, his cover was too perfect. He might be more of a shaman than she thought. In reality, Grease was a powerful mage, though lazy. He had found many tomes in his trading, and learned much, one of very few literate goblins in Kregus. But this he hid well, and it kept him alive better than the magic could. Dyzz motioned to the fox man to come near, and once he did, would probably start trying to handle his manhood idly where it close enough while she spoke. She was obviously rather inclined towards taking what she wanted, especially when serious. That was a message in goblin society, too. Sexual domination was a females way to high status, in many societies. "Dyzz wants you to scout this area. The marshal is well guarded, but as a foxxy you should be fine's sneaking around the place, and maybe even in and out. Give them no reason to suspect they's being scope. We don't want to have the whole army coming down on us. If we can take Provik out, the soldiers here will be ours, with Grease behind us." She looked at the Caracel, wondering. "Does Dyzz know you? You's feel familiar."

Nowfaleena lofted a brow at Dyzz's boldness in trying to grope the vulpine. Tufted ears were flicking too and fro upon her head, listening for sounds of any that might try to interupt their little interogation. She would leave the planning to Dyzz, knowing the troblin was much more familiar with this primitive society that the caracal could ever hope to be. Looking up at Dyzz, for in this form the feline was just short of twenty inches tall. As she was adressed, Leena blinked. Being the only caracal she knew of in this realm called Hollow, she thought it would be easy enough to recognize. It was her turn to shift though, and she grew, straightening onto two legs, bones creaking as they lengthened. Soon enough the feline stood naked on the other side of Dyzz, "Nowfaleena...I do believe we are in the same clan." Bright greens shifted to the map, taking in the lay of the land, "I can be eyes and ears for you."

Azakeal coughs, loudly. His eyes quickly avert from Nowfaleena's now naked form and directly onto the map, all the while swatting at dyzz's hand. "Later, if you're good." He quips, a smirk drawing those lips into a rather handsome flash of white. His eyes study the map, photographic memory taking over and shifting all into permanent memory. "Gimme... Ten minutes? You want him dead, hurt? Accident? A message sent? Or am I pulling... "He shudders, "Recon?"

Dyzz shook her head, ignoring his junk as he swat at her and made that comment. "Recon. Provik is doubtless a dangerous foe. Dyzz will want a coordinated ambush that allows for room for error. Once he is dead, we's gots to gets away. Then, Grease has to make his decrees as the shipments of supplies comes in, for a smooth transition. There will still be opposition, but by then, we will have majority support." What a brilliantly tactical mind she had, and this in place already. She turned to see a naked Nowfaleena where the caracal had been, and grinned. "Dyzz thought she recognized you!" She gave Leena a big hug, making sure to give her booty a nice squeeze. "Leena wants to help, helps coordinate recon with fox boy." She started taking out various witch artifacts, and setting them out across the floor. Dyzz had her own plan for this one. "Dyzz will provides assistance, you's just gotta get close. Dyzz will tell's you when, if a chance comes, and when Dyzz says, you's gots to get close to the marshal, and any goblins who's can see. None can see and not be close, or the teleportation won't do much good, as they'll come lookin. If is done right, though, ain't gon be none the wiser." She nodded, drawing circles and pentagrams and other symbols of odd origin.

Nowfaleena blinked at the embrace, a soft mrew escaping at the sqeaze to her rump. Momentarily she let her gaze flick to the naked vulpine, making certain to keep her gaze above the waist. The caracal had no problem using her femine wiles and her bondy to get her way, but she didn't need to get her way from the fox yet. A nod was given to Dyzz's orders, "Right. Observe without being seen, until you say to be seen and then get close." Her gaze locked onto the fox's eyes, "You ready?" She smirked, "You seem nervous."

Azakeal grumbles something about voodoo and turns for the window once more. Two steps, then a running leap has him shifting midair and skitting along rooftops towards his goal. He would near the building soon enough, then observe the scene as he waited for the larger shifter to catch up. 'Might have me in a sprint, but noone beats the fox on a catrun.' he thinks to himself. Strangely enough, he finds the caracal's nude form swarming his mind. Ruh roh.

Dyzz sure hopes the two animals can keep their pants on for this mission. So to speak. She wanted to tie them both up and have her way with them, herself, but this wasn't the time nor the place. She worked diligently, setting to her ritual task, which would take some time to prepare. Even from this short a distance, a distance teleportation took serious effort, and nature didn't provide all the juju for this... it was some dark magic. Grease watched curiously, and even helped align something that Dyzz had purposefully left out of order. He smiled up at her as she arched a brow at him quizzically. He was showing some trust in her, already. That was a welcome sign. Then again, he could just be leading her on. She sensed a deep cunning in this one. She hoped she wouldn't wind up with him as a foe.

Nowfaleena let herself shrink down into feral form before leaping out the window in a single, graceful bound. She hurried after the fox, taking a slower pace so as not to exhaust herself before any battle that erupted. She padded softly to the vulpine's side, stopping, crouching in the shadows to keep from being detected. Her tufted ears perk forward, attempting to hear whatever the enemy may be talking about. Her tail flicked behind her. She was oblivious to what was running through the smaller creature's mind.

Azakeal would've grinned if this form allowed it. He scoots back, tenses, waves his rear in pre-empt, then erupts from the ledge to the roof of the next building. He was building more energy with every fall of foot, so he wasn't worried about expending. He turns to Faleena, his nose angling down as if to say, "Stay over there and keep watch through the windows." With that the male was down the side of the building, making precise and silent landings upon the jutting supports of the hovel until he found what he was looking for: A hole just big enough to squeeze through. And that he does, popping through and into the shadows of the house beyond.

Provik and his most trusted lieutentants, actually armed and armored as well as fed, were vigilent and busy. The ramshackle hovel was spruced up a bit as the glutton's had been, albeit in a decidedly more military fashion. Provik spoke in hushed tones to his advisor, about concerns of rebellion among the native populace. Though they were starved, and unarmed, the civilians outnumbered his soldiers more than 13 to 1. They thought it was more along the lines of 7 to 1, but not all goblins where born to be engineers. That said, the soldiers were pretty well spread out, inside and outside of the place, and were on high alert. It seemed an almost impossible situation to assassinate the goblin and get away with it. more than a dozen guards around him, just in the same room... and they brandished shields, blades, axes and clubs, and a few even had short handled bardiches. A flicker of magic in the air told that the spell Dyzz was charging was coming to fruition, and it was a shame that no shaman was there to act bewildered and scared. As it was, the marshal didn't even notice it.

Nowfaleena watched the goblin commander through the window, from a roof a few feet away that was hidden in shadow. She was intensely focused, ready to spring into action on signal from Dyzz. Of course, she couldn't sense the magic, so Dyzz would have to actually give the signal somehow. Tufted ears remained perked forward, tan furred tail twitched eagerly behind her. She was absorbed in the thrill of the hunt.

Dyzz finally began completing the incantation, right on the center of the building. An impressive feat for a lone troblin, though it left her weakened. The floor, in a 12 foot wide circle, started glowing. All of them needed to be within that circle, and no evidence left behind. This was where the two would be truly tested. The goblins knew something was up now, and frantically set their weapons, back to back, and in close units. Naturally, they got the hell out of the circle, as it started raising in intensity, whipping a draft around the room, and casting an eerie, glowing purple pallor about the place. There were mere seconds, to get the goblins all into the circle, trained warriors each, and manage to survive doing it... then the fighting would begin.

Nowfaleena took this as the signal, and leapt into the room through the window, fur bristling, hissing and growlng as she stalked after the goblin hoarde, trying to herd them toward the circle with snaps of jaws, and swipes of claws.

Azakeal had already planned this part out, but their was a new player in the mix. He growls at Leena lightly as he shifts, his left hand immediately raising open. He snaps it shut and snuffs out the light in one of his kinetic reservoirs as a torrent of kinetic energy swirls a vacuum into the center of the room. His right arm reaches out, catching Faleena by the fur as he opens and clenches that hand again, compounding the magnitude of the vaccuum, then once more, forcing an outer wall of pure kinetic force to close in one the group, pushing like a solid object until it cylinders on the circle. Those were his seconds... And as that wall halts, he releases the caracal, whips his sword into existence with a tug of earlobe, and leaps into the fray, blade immediately coming down on two heads.

The goblins were warriors, and a single unit. That blade caught one in the shoulder, but once they had been thrown around a bit, and moved into the circle, they quickly recovered, illustrating the hardyness of goblin warriors. His brother in arms batted the sword out of him, and leant into a savage counter swing, the goblins quickly trying to fan out, to both get out of the circle and surround the.... but then, the magic completed, and the entire group was hurled viciously through the cold darkness of the shadow realm, only moments in that warmthless place, and into the wilds of the caverns. Fortunately it was a clearing, but there was cover closeby in the form off outreaching tunnels, and once the groggy soldiers regained their senses, they would form a close phalanx and move towards it. Dyzz was on her way, using her headhunter speed... a group of elite guards like this might well be too much for them to handle. The throwing around and even the good chop to one's shoulder didn't seem to slow any of them down, or rattle them much. Hard soldiers. Provik stood in good armor in the center, barking retreat orders, and telling them how to set their shields. In a moment, Dyzz would arrive...

Nowfaleena was suddenly hurled into the circle, along with the goblins, and caught by the scruff of her neck. She let out a growl. How undignified she was, hanged there helpless in the grip of the fox's hand! But as the kinetic energies closed in, she understood why he had grabbed her. There was a flash of a blade, the scent of goblin blood, and then the group was whizzing through space, deposited in a clearing near some caverns. The caracal squirmed in the fox's grip, eager to get out of his grasp and sink her claws into goblin eyes. She would be fairly useless in her anthro form, though perhaps her nudity would provide a distraction! She began to shift, whether or not her ally had released her.

Azakeal had released Faleena before leaping into the fray, but was now limping from a large gash to the leg, "Bastard cut me!" Another tug of earlobe pulls armor into place upon his form, the enhanced bangles quickly knitting the gash back together. It hurt, but he'd fought through pain before. He notes the direction the Goblins are running and sneers, lifting his hand once more and using his second to last reserve to erect a kinetic barrier, trapping them in, but allowing other to enter. it would last as long as there was a beating heart within it to fuel its kinetic life, or Az killed it. His longsword is spun once, twirled expertly in deft hands, then reared back and sent flying towards the group. A small flick channeled its own kinetic burst towards the pommel of the blade, giving it the forward thrust it needed to reach sonic speeds. It had one target... The best armor in the group.

Dyzz appeared on a nearbye precipice, elevated above them, just in time to see the barrier erected, and the sword thrown. The caracal was ignored, these were few and far between disciplined goblin troops, but the sword was met with a vigorous defense.... shields came in to intercept, and Provik leapt to safety in time to avert the attack, though, three goblins where slain by the powerful attack. And, they were trapped. They beat on the barrier, but hadn't the collective strength to break it, not without a concerted effort, and there were enemies to their flank. Dyzz yelled down at the marshal, "Provik! This, is your end!" He responded by looking up and snarling. "Blue witch!" Dyzz growled low. "Dyzz would offer you a fight in single combat, but doesn't think you's honorable. You die, now." Dyzz drew back Gae Bolg, and Rancor flickered on her hip, before she cast it. One stark white spear flew, and split into 30 on it's path, and landed all within that barrier, each one exploding through it's target on impact... It was noisy, but they were far enough away. The devastating attack left them no hope for survival, and that, as they say, was that. Dyzz stood, head held high, and glared grimly at the bloodshed.