Arc:Of Contracts and Families

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Please note, this is not an all-encompassing Arc or story. It is merely a "Mini-Arc" if you will, involving the story of Elioyahazer.

Chapter 1

Elioyahazer has been hunted for years. Not by the world, but by a ruthless gang of mercenaries and assassins who's purpose has been to utterly annihilate the desert born assassin. Despite his best efforts to subdue different groups, they continue to pursue and harass. Eventually, Lanara gets caught up in one such confrontation, and is instantly labeled as a known associate. The two seal their friendship with a shared kill, but the fun is only beginning. Lanara, heads to Thalra's shop in order to create a few truth serums at Eli's request. However, she nearly bites off more than she can chew when she discovers a snake in the shop. Finally, the two ride a carriage out to Gualon to seek out this group thats hunting them. Lucky for them, they capture a man. Both willingly torture him, and obtain more information. A family name.... And more about Jacob. The problem continues, when an old friend by the name of Quincy arrives....

  1. A Surprising First Meeting
  2. The Trail and The Plan
  3. Ingredients, Potions and a Snake
  4. A Fake Contract
  5. A Killers Realm

Chapter 2

The hunt for Michael has begun. Elioyahazer has located the mans whereabouts and plans to visit him soon. When they arrive, everything is turned upside down. Eli learns that Michael is his real father. That Jez is a liar. That his memories have been altered. If it weren't for Lanara, he would have killed his own father. It seems, that for now, Eli is coming to grips with the reality of his situation. However, after a few meetings, and letters, Eli and his father finally come to some sort of Terms.... Eli is now a resident of Cenril, and Lana is delighted to keep her new best friend TP around. Michael's apology also includes a closure to the contract with the assassination group known as Serpents of Dissidence. Eli will no longer be hunted by them. Good news indeed. Lanara, visits Eli randomly, due to the antics of her pet bear cub Aspen, where they discuss the next plot. Hunting down Jez and having Lanara move into his new home in Cenril.

  1. Harpoons, Direwolves and information
  2. Lies That Shatter Our World
  3. A Troubled Desert Born
  4. Family Problems
  5. An Unexpected Guest
  6. Officially Living Together
  7. The End of a Shaman

Chapter 3

With the Shaman Jez now finally dead and all things of Elioyahazer's past having been sorted out, the two, Lana and Eli, set to continue their course. Lanara had previously been asked to move in, but would this go according to plan? Lanara discovers snakes in the manor, and a fight ensues. Eli ends up getting rid of his beloved pets. Just one more thing that is his past, right? Eventually Lanara and Eli go shopping for dresses together in Enchantment. After Jez's promised curse shows itself, Elioyahazer pops the question. Lanara accepts, and the two are happily engaged. Meanwhile, the desert born decides that he must seek out Dyraxdiin to study magic and perhaps monsters.

  1. Moving In or Out?
  2. Troubled Times Calls For New Cooks?
  3. RP:Sandy And Shaye
  4. A New Beginning

Chapter 4

OOC Note: The Focus here, switches a little and gears towards his training to become something new, to deal with the curse he's received from Jez the Shaman. There will still be plenty of updates on the couple, but there will be more training focus here.

Chapter Summary:

Elioyahazer and Dyraxdiin meet within the mages guild, where Eli is tested and allowed entrance into the guild. For the first time ever, a spellblade has been admitted into their ranks. A task is then handed to him, turn this enchanted bit of glass into a weapon. After studying a few books, Elioyahazer learns that he needs a specific crystal to help his practice. He hires Scandal to aid him in the hunt for this item, and they agree to set off on another adventure. Eli hires another man by the name of Gilemdar to aid him in a search for an old runesmith wizard who had gone missing - to perhaps find a book he was known to carry. They succeed and further Eli's training and knowledge, while also recruiting Gil into the adventurers' guild.

Mages Guild Training

  1. A Spell Blade and a Mage
  2. A Crystal Hunt
  3. Placeholder for RP with Scandal
  4. A Trolls End

Alchemy Training

1. Breakfast And Dinner With The Outrider

Chapter 5

Something went horribly wrong! Toothpick betrayed Eli! Its only now that the Sandman wakes, in a place unknown to him. How will he return? What deals will he make?

  1. A Proposal You Cannot Refuse