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RP:Harpoons, Direwolves and Information

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Part of the Sharknado Arc

Part of the Of Contracts and Families Arc

Summary: Elioyahazer is in his office, when he's interrupted by Lanara and a duo of direwolves. Each are pleasantly surprised to see the other, and Eli mentions to Lana that the harpoons are ready for the upcoming sharknado. He had even set up a course where they could practice using the unique weapon. The assassin also informs the witch about following a lead the next day, and that she should come ready to defend herself, in case the interrogation into his past goes awry. As they practice with the harpoon, Sigrid, the white direwolf, goes ballistic and attacks Eli. After a scuffle for dominance, the desert born comes out on top, and Lana lands a bulls-eye.

Harpoons, Direwolves and Information

Elioyahazer can be found buried within the weapons and armor cache of the guild; stooped over his desk and eyeballing a few pieces of paper. The desert born had been losing his stranglehold on his identity - giving up on such thoughts as to hide who he really is. As evidence, he is dressed more as a local, wearing things more befitting the area. A blue wool, long sleeved shirt, a gray Keffiyeh tied around his neck, and jeans. His cinnamon kissed features lay uncovered for all to glance over. What’s more perplexing is that the paperwork has nothing to do with guild activities. “So, that’s where you are.” Eli mumbles to himself, and shuffles through that stack once more. For better or worse the weapons expert is here to perform his duties, but his mind is occupied by something else. What could Eli be up too?

The silence of the meeting room is greatly disturbed, as the witch makes her presence more than known. Lanara breezes through the shimmering portal, along with two dire wolves, and as her palm is pressed to the Adventurers’ Guild private quarters, the trio safely emerges on the other side. Bjorn, the larger of the wolves, yips excitedly, and begins to rapidly chase his tail, as his gray fur becomes blurred from the whirlwind of his antics. The thumping of those four paws hitting against the floorboards echoes through the building, piercing the quietness and alerting any that may linger to their arrival. Lana can’t help but laugh at the playful pup, though the stark white wolf at her side, Sigrid, narrows her silver gaze on her brother. Clearly, she was the mature one, of the two, and as her mistress aims to pat her atop the head, she gives a low warning growl, before stalking down the hallway. The witch catches her breath, as she had taken the two hunting that morning, while she had gone for a long job through the forest. Small twigs and leaves are tugged from her chestnut locks, as she follows after Sigrid, who is now sitting and staring into the weapons room. The wolf doesn’t budge as Lana gently knees her to the side, so she ends up having to step over the canine, and as she sees Elioyahazer, her lips curve into a smile. “Morning, Handsome. I was wondering where you ran off to so early… This is Sigrid. The mutt in the meeting room is Bjorn.” She pauses, her gaze trailing to the stack of papers. “What are you working on? Also… Watch your fingers around the white wolf. She takes no prisoners.”

Elioyahazer had been so caught up in his work, that even the racket that is Lanara’s and the wolves entrance had been ignored. Until she actually spoke. His mutated eyes shift from his paperwork to the mature direwolf - Sigrid. Eli makes direct eye contact, staring at this unknown creature unashamed. What in the worlds is that thing? He knew of wolves, but had never seen one of this size. Nor even heard of them. What kind of pet was that? He is suddenly intrigued, coming to a slow stand. “Well,” his eyes still haven’t shifted from Sigrid. “I have a few reports. Paid a man for some recon work on Michael.” That’s the name they uncovered from the assassin they had tortured. “His whereabouts and location. Now I know where to find him.” There’s more to it than just that, but he has something else in mind. It seems that Eli had brought an enchanted ice box here, and moves to collect something from it. A thick slab of meat, which is tossed over to Sigrid. He had no intention of moving to her. Finally, whether she eats it or not, his gaze turns to Lana. “It seems that our assassin captive didn’t lie. Michael is just a merchant. There’s nothing special about him beyond that. He should be relatively easy to meet up with.” They had another lead, and Eli was more than happy to share this information with her. “Sigrid and Bjorn? Where did you find these creatures? Better yet, how can I help you today? Did you come for a little training?”

Lanara freezes as Eli moves over to an ice enchanted box, her dark hues glued to the object as it’s opened and a hunk of raw meat is removed. What the heck?! The wolf at her side glances briefly at the steak as it lands a few inches before her paws, though she doesn’t move to sniff at the meat, or give it a taste. Sigrid was wise, she didn’t know this foreigner, and even on her best days, she was still wary, even in Lanara’s presence. She also, had just tackled and devoured a doe, along with Bjorn, and there’s a drop of crimson smeared beneath her chin. This steak was a petty offering, compared to the thrill of the hunt, though her silver gaze doesn’t look as intimidating as it had moments earlier. The witch steps into the room and closes the distance between her and Eli, motioning to the makeshift fridge, a brow quirked. “I thought you rarely ate meat… So, why have you enchanted a box with frost? And, dare I ask, do you always carry meat around in case you meet some dire wolves, by chance? I thought –I- was the only woodland person in the lands to carry around extra food.” She’s grinning, finding the vegetarian’s hidden meat, to be rather amusing. As she waits for an answer, she gives a nod in response to the follow up on Michael Krawft. He had some explaining to do, that was for sure. “Let me know when you want to head out and meet this man. You know I’m coming along.” Hopefully, this interrogation wouldn’t be as gristly as the previous one, which ended in a hitman’s death. Silence follows, as Bjorn likely fell over from dizziness, though a moment later, he bounds down the hallway, skids to a halt, and prances into the room. Shoulder swiping his sister, he happily snatches the uneaten steak, eyeing the sandman with each bite. In a matter of minutes, it’s vanished from sight, and he licks the floor clean for good measure. The curious wolf’s nose twitches, as he follows the scent to Eli, though he knows he’s not edible. Lana is talking to this man, therefore he’s not dinner. However, there could be more meat in that box! Bjorn’s eyes narrow on the object, and he paws the side, yelping as the chill shocks his pad, and he backs off, though barking ensues. Lana shakes her head and walks over to console Bjorn, by running her fingertips through his silken fur, “This one is Bjorn… They are dire wolf siblings, so they are –much- larger than your usual wolf. So, um, I know we’ve briefly spoken of this… But I was engaged once before, to a man named Eirik... They belonged to him, and he was often too busy to look after them, so he thought it best to leave them in my care. We split up after a few months, and I’m not sure what became of Eirik. I returned the ring, left him a letter, and moved out of our place in Venturil. It’s been over a year now… His wolves followed me, and they are often in my company. Sigrid doesn’t take well to anyone… So please, don’t take it personal. Feel free to make friends with this cutie, though.” Hearing the praise, Bjorn whines, and nudges Eli’s hand, desiring some affection. He was the exact opposite of the aloof wolf that remains guarding the entryway. “Training would be great. We are heading out soon. Have you had any luck finding some harpoons?”

Elioyahazer doesn’t even skip a beat when she asks about the frost enchanted box. “Ah, that.” His eyes shift to watch Bjorn eat the food and find disappointment with the enchantments contained on that frustrating device - at least that’s probably what the wolf thought. “Well, I’ve been working with a Hawk recently.” He probably didn’t need to say anymore. “Been thinking about picking one up for myself. The meats for that bird. I just bought to much and needed a place to store it.” The sandman offers up a smile, revealing his full set of pearly whites. Bjorn, receives nothing more than a simple pat on the head, and of course, another slab of meat. This time much bigger. Eli, is more interested in Sigrid, the aloof wolf. She had an attitude, and more of a loners nature. After a full year, she hadn’t bonded with anyone other than Lanara? Interesting. “Good boy, Bjorn.” THe desert born looks to Lanara once more. “Well, I intend to go investigate tomorrow, if you’re up for the adventure?” As for the harpoon, Eli raises a finger, “Yes, Canary. I’ve found a hefty sum of them. A rather fat boatman spoke about a place where I could buy them en masse.” The weapons expert moves across to the room, within ten feet or so of Sigrid, and pries the top of a crate off, pulling one of the mentioned weapons free. “I have about fifteen of these,” he offers one to Lana. “If you’d like to train with one a bit, I’ve set up a makeshift course.” He waits for her response with a quirked eyebrow. Did she really want to learn to shoot these things? He had another surprise for her too, but that would wait.

Lanara doesn’t comment on the thought of Eli adopting a flying companion, though the man can tell from the sudden twitch of her lips that she’s well on board with this notion. She was –all- about the bond between a beast and their master, and she had a clean dozen of her own loyal companions. Had he grown close to one in the wild? Was it a carrier hawk from the sanctuary? One of the wrongfully captured birds of prey that they sold at the pet shop in Rynvale? Obviously, she’s curious about this hawk that had captivated her beloved, but those questions would be sated later in the day. For now, Bjorn is greedily gnawing on another steak, though he chews this meat slab almost tenderly. Each canine slowly shreds into the meat, the blood and sinew are savored upon his tongue, and after each swallow, he pauses, eyeing where to sink his teeth for the next bite. Sigrid meets Eli’s gaze, a hint of intrigue evident in those silvery hues, a slow growl emanating deep in her throat. She wasn’t fond of staring contests, and the sandman would find that she wouldn’t be the first to break eye contact. She was a fierce predator, and since losing Eirik, she had become entirely dominant. The ivory furred wolf was the alpha in her pack of two, and though Bjorn would be viewed as a sell-out, and warm the laps of many with his velvety head, she wouldn’t lower herself to such a thing. Feralness ran deep in her veins, and ever so slowly, she stalks into the room, every rippling muscle in her form on display, her eerie gaze not once flickering from the assassin’s form. Just let him try something on her witch. Or her moronic brother. She –dared- him. Licking her lips, she looks to Bjorn, who finally finishes with the steak, and gives her a wolfish grin. It’s obvious they are conversing through telepathy, as the gray wolf glances at Eli, and then back at the disproving Sigrid. The witch can already tell where this is going, so she gives the both a scolding look, and the tension somewhat eases in the room. “Sandman, these harpoons are magnificent! They will surely help us on this journey… I’d prefer –not- to kill any of the sharks. Though… I am a realist and understand that I can’t rescue every animal in the world. If it’s us or them, I know where I stand… At least on this adventure.” One of the harpoons is accepted, and she twirls it like a baton, not having the slightest idea on how to use one. “A lesson would be great. Where have you set up the course?” After a second, she nods, “Tomorrow would be wonderful. Shall I bring anything, or dress a certain way?” She’s referring to weapons, medicinal items, and if she’d need to hide her identity, of course.

Elioyahazer takes only a moment to respond to Sigrid, verbally. “You don’t scare me in the slightest, child. The worms of the deserts stood more of a chance against me than you do. You’d be pinned to the floor, pissing over your own tail in no time. Don’t make me show you who’s boss. I’m quite sure you can sense my scent all over her.” He has no clue what she was snarling at him for, but clearly her manners needed adjustment, for no one is coming between himself and -his- witch. Not a diner full of innocents, and certainly not this large wolf. “The course is actually just outback. Just have to walk around the building really.” Eli grabs himself a harpoon, and a plethora of barbed ammunition. “Tomorrow, just bring something to defend yourself, I don’t know if it will go south or not.” There isn’t any guarantee with a meeting. Nor could he account for any attack. She had best go with her wits. To further exacerbate his position with Sigrid, Eli, literally gives Lana’s backside a tap with his hand. “Let’s go practice.” The sandman, is ever aware of the wolves, despite his leading walk. That female direwolf is in for a serious surprise if she comes after him. Meanwhile, his steps are assured, solid and well practiced. Eventually he leads the group out back, where a plethora of targets have been set up at different ranges. He points to the first target and begins to explain. “That is only twenty feet from our current position.” Eli points to the line drawn on the ground as the shooting position. “You’ll notice the device in your hands is different than anything you’ve ever seen. You’ll also notice that, you don’t have a rope dangling from the spear. It’s just for practice, so you’ll just reload manually.” He shows her the harpoon device within his hands. “Firstly, this thing doesn’t have a safety feature and is considered live the moment its loaded.” He points to the handle. “This here is the trigger, which will fire the barbed spear tip.” He points to a another part on the device. “Grab this part after you fire, and pull it back to reset the spring. Once it clicks, he can push another barbed spear into the tube.” He picks up the device and aims - looking down the tube. “Truthfully they aren't the most accurate of devices, and have their own little quirks. But as you look down the shaft, you’ll notice two iron sights. Line them up on your target, and then pull the trigger slowly to have better accuracy. The heavy spring inside the device will throw the spear with great velocity. Basically, it’s a crossbow that shoots a spear.” Finally he stops, and gives her a look, which basically asks if she has any questions?

Sigrid hunches low on the floor, mimicking a coiled snake that was preparing to strike, as drool drips from her muzzle. She disliked this cinnamon skinned desert born, who dressed funny, had an arsenal of weapons and raw meat resting in his room, and reeked of Lana’s scent. The white wolf thought her witch had learned her lesson, after Eirik had taken off from the lands, and Largakh perished at the hands of some thug in a dark alley. Did her mistress enjoy lying in bed with this riffraff? Allowing them to soak up her perfumed flesh, to pat her buttocks as though she were some insolent pup, and to treat her companions in an unjust manner? The threat is issued, and obviously ignored, as Sigrid had heard many a weak man claim such bravado. He was the same as –every- human, and he didn’t deserve to associate with the weak witch. It was Sigrid and Bjorn’s duty to protect their mistress, and they had, since the very first day they were given into her care. Lana fed them, gave them shelter, tended to any of their medical needs, and she was always up for snuggling, though Sigrid despised affection, most of the time. This sand fellow needed to stand back, and realize who was the ‘true’ alpha in this situation. So, without further ado, spit flies from the wolf’s mouth as she snarls at Eli, the fur on her neck rises in a hardened ridge, and her paws are firmly planted on the floor. The pair ignores this, as the elf follows her assassin out towards the back, of the building, where the course has been neatly laid out. Pride shines in her chocolate hues, “You have been taking this job seriously, and I commend you for all your efforts, Sandman. You are such an asset to this guild, and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance.” The harpoon is studied, and she gives a nod, understanding that it’s a live weapon, though loading the weapon proves to be much harder than it looks. Lana is tiny, her hands are small, arms are slender, and she runs her fingers up and down the slender pole, worried that she will fail at this, at least the first dozen times. “Um… Okay. So maybe after I release the spear, then I can use my wind magic? To be sure I hit my target? I know you said they aren’t super accurate weapons, right?” Wounding an animal would not be a swift kill, and if she absolutely –had- to put a shark to death, she didn’t want for it to suffer. “Can you maybe show me how to load it again? My hands are tiny, can you help show me the correct form, so it’s easier for me to pull the trigger?” Lanara is strictly business right now, as she wants to get this down pat, and she’s relieved when Eli doesn’t mock her in any way, and merely comes to rest his palms upon her form. This is apparently the –last- straw for Sigrid, as the two dire wolves had accompanied the pair outside. A growl so violent, it sounds as though it emanated from the depths of hell interrupts their training session, and it dawns on them all that something horrid was about to happen. “Siggy! No!” Lana tries to intervene, to calm the feral beast, but her attempts are futile, as a flash of white flies through the air and aims to collide against Eli’s chest. If the attack is successful, the momentum would send them both flying to the floor, and Sigrid would snap viciously at the male’s neck, chest, and face, aiming for a particular artery in his tender throat.

Elioyahazer had been silently aware of his surroundings - keeping her ill tempered family member within his thoughts. Despite all of this, he’s still showing Lanara, the correct form, taking his own foot and nudging her stance wider with a tap on her ankles. He twists her sideways, and presses the butt of the weapon against he shoulder. “Like this,” he whispers into her ear. Its at this moment that Sigrids attack comes, and that poor thing didn’t know what would hit it. Ever light on his feet, Eli shifts, circling around her aerial lunge, much like with Riordan. His Keffiyeh is pulled free of his neck, and Lanara would actually see how large this item actually was. Interestingly enough, it’s wrapped around his left arm to form a giant ball of cloth. The snarling Sigrid lunges once more, and Eli literally shoves his covered left arm directly into the slobbering maw - where she promptly clamps down - most likely thinking she had won. However, she’s completely wrong. The sandman had deal with many feral beasts, and those teeth of hers, barely mar his flesh beneath the cloth. His left arm raises as she begins to shake and a single solid strike smashes square into Sigrids soft flesh of her belly; immediately releasing her hold and gasping for breath. Her canine solar plexus are most likely spasming against her will, and chokes to get air back into her body. Meanwhile, Eli manhandles the creature with all of his strength by the scruff of her neck. He has no idea about this man named Eirik, but he does know that his over six foot frame carried a serious authority when he put his weight into something. In no time, the direwolf, is pinned to the ground beneath the assassin. His left arm pressed heavily against her neck. Go ahead and bite that. His right arm is raised back, hand balled into a fist. This man would literally beat sigrid to death beneath his frame. She stood no chance. That killers look in his eyes would even tell her as much. This desert born isn’t one to mess with. If she so much as barked or snarled once more, he’d knock her ass unconscious. Unfortunately for Sigrid, she would also wake to an Assassin, who has still not let her up. At this very moment, Sigrid would find herself locked in his grip. Pinned beneath his shielded arm, and nearly having the life choked out of her from the squeeze his powerful legs had upon her abdomen.

Lanara undoes the attack stance that Eli had carefully guided her into forming, the harpoon falls to the ground with a metallic clang, and she screams at the top of her lungs. One of them was going to die, she was almost certain. Sigrid bore the alpha mentality, and clearly disliked this assassin marking the witch as his territory. And Eli… Well, he was an assassin, that she had firsthand witnessed killing a slew of people, on various occasions. He wouldn’t see this as the murder of one of Lana’s familiars, he would see the white dire wolf as nothing more than a mangy mutt that needed to be euthanized! “Sandman! No!” The damned keffiyeh is undone, swirled through the air, and she’s so busy eyeing the fabric, that for a moment she stands there in mild confusion. Tears spill onto her cheeks, on their own accord, and Lana is unaware that she’s pacing, screaming, and crying, on the sidelines. The man versus beast show continues, as Sigrid’s needle sharp teeth delve into the scarf-covered appendage, and Eli delivers a few swift punches to various areas on the wolf’s body. It sickens the witch, and Lana shoves her fist into her mouth, ever the damsel in distress. Bjorn dislikes seeing his sister manhandled, even if it was by the male that had hand fed him steak, so he trots over, bares his teeth in a menacing growl, and rests his ears flat against his head. He was twice the size of Sigrid. If this man dared to kill his sibling, he’d face the wrath of the usually docile dire wolf. Lana is eyeing the back of Eli’s legs, about to kick him and free Sigrid. She’s then eyeing the breathless white wolf, about to use her empathic powers to call off the fight. Instead, she does nothing. Let them each establish their dominance. Right? The fight leaves Sigrid’s form, rather quickly, as she realizes she’s been bested. The growls turn into faint whimpers, the hardened ridge on her back softens into its usual glossy fur, and those silver eyes move from side to side, as though she wished to retreat. Eli would no longer have to fear Sigrid that was for sure. Bjorn, sensing that the fight had come to a close, throws his head back in a mournful howl, as if he was the referee and was chiming the bell to end the boxing match. Had they found a new alpha? Would this Sandman replace Eirik? Was Lanara serious about this guy? Both wolves look at each other, the one free to attack or run, and the other, still in the painful clutches of the assassin. Lanara clears her throat, still crying, and she rests her hand on Eli’s shoulder. “Sandman… Please… Please… Let my Siggy free. She’ll be a good girl, now. Won’t you Siggy?” Only the witch can hear it, as the white wolf replies with a soft ‘yes’ and she tightens her grasp on the man’s arm. “Sandman let her go, please. You won. It’s over.” Would he really kill her wolf? The assassin had killed at her behest in the past, but she’d never called him –off- of someone, let alone an animal. Fear grips her heart, and she holds her breath, tears trickling, as she silently prays for Sigrid’s life.

Elioyahazer is in the throngs of the fight. His adrenaline pumping. When Bjorn threatens to enter the fight, he receives the exact same glare he had been giving Sigrid. Eli wasn’t looking to become Alpha. Not at all. Just proving a point to the wolf within his clutches. She could do nothing to stop him and must learn to accept his presence. If she dared to fight him, this is what would happen. She’s lucky that this was his only intent, as the Sandman understood what animals mean to Lanara. Without softening his grip, his balled up fist opens and taps Sigrid's head, showing that he had calmed down. Finally his grip is released, and he moves from the direwolves frame. She was free to move and lick her wounds. His gaze stays upon her for moments, and then switches to her brother momentarily, wondering if he wanted to enter a fight of his own. However, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want too. He unwraps his shielded arm, to reveal the wounds he had received, though they were minimal. His keffiyeh however, is shredded. “Dammit.” He’s more concerned with the piece of cloth than the wounds his arm bore - which would, in no doubt, scar his frame forever more. “Sorry about that Lana. I didn’t mean to scare you, but she obviously needed to learn her place.” Despite the painful look etched over his features, he proffers a wide grin to her. “Shall we continue with the training?” He asks as if she hadn’t been freaking out only moments ago. As if the whole ordeal is suddenly behind him.

Lanara is beside herself with worry, until Eli’s fist opens, and he pats Sigrid on the head, as though complimenting her on the surrender. The white wolf looks relieved to be released from the hold, and she rejoins her brother, as they both slink back into the building. She would lick her wounds, think back on all that had transpired, and the next time they were to encounter each other again, it would go a hell of a lot different. It wasn’t often that one was able to put Sigrid in her place, but she had learned a valuable lesson. Lana’s anguish has both wolves sulking, though Eli seems to be more upset over the torn scarf than the fact that his tearful beloved is trembling in fear. Would he really have killed Sigrid, had she not been present? He liked her, so Eli had never laid an angry hand upon her head… But what if she truly upset him? It’s odd, that she had witnessed the death of dozens of others, all by his capable hands… And she had never thought twice. Yet, this moment seems to have struck a chord in the witch, and she swallows, watching the desert man eyeing the teeth marks that lined his arm. “Are you okay? My sister can sew you a new scarf… She’s great with needles and fabric.” Taly was the seamstress of the family, whereas Lana was the chef. If she had to knit the assassin any article of clothing, he’d be ashamed to wear it, for fear of giving half of Lithrydel a peep show. “Uh. Yeah. Let’s continue with the training.” What else could she say? Turning away from Eli, she retrieves the harpoon and resumes the stance which he had showed her earlier. “Like this?” She’s eager to avoid his gaze, and to stop worrying about the whimpering of her wolf, which she’d magically tend to later. “Okay, and here is the trigger… So… Like this?” Inhaling, she lines up the tip of the spear with the target, closes her right eye, and presses the trigger. The spear glides through the air, and hit’s the corner of the target. Not bad for a beginner and for one that didn’t use her powers to make sure the target and weapon make contact. “I did it!” Lana tilts her head and lowers the harpoon, locking eyes with the assassin, as though she hoped to meet his approval.

Elioyahazer watches his witch take her shot - knowing that she was worrying about something. What she might not notice is how he has approached her from behind to whisper in her ear. “Lana,” his voice is naught more than a whisper. “I don’t know much about wolves, it’s true. But I could tell that Sigrid thought she was the boss and that if she attacked me, I needed to show her that I would win, without a doubt. I needed her to understand that her life was in my hands. I was never going to kill her. I know that animals mean a lot to you. I would never kill one without being asked to, even if I’m attacked.” He stops for a moment, to adjust her stance a little more. “A wild animal is a different story.” Sigrid and Bjorn might be wild, but they were hers. “So that particular harpoon shoots high and to the right. Aim for the bottom left corner of the target and try again, your shot should land much closer to the center.” He hands her another barbed spear to load into the weapon. With his direction she might just land a good shot. “Once you’ve practiced enough, you should keep that particular harpoon, so you don’t have to adjust to another's aim.” Eli moves to watch her shot from the distance. “I’m sorry about Sigrid Lana.” He voice is still a whisper. Its apparent that he had felt bad, but it was apparently inevitable.

Lanara shivers, sensing his presence before he whispers into her tapered ear, the hairs rising on the back of her neck. She wasn’t bothered by his sudden closeness; he often had this effect on her, though his words are a welcome reprieve from her thoughts. He –had- felt remorse for causing her animal harm, for making her worry, and for what almost transpired. One of them had to have a conscience about these things, and whereas her compassion lay with animals, she hadn’t expected him to care about the well being of a feral wolf. She did expect him to care for her though, and the fact that he offers an explanation is music to her ears. “Th-Thank you, Sandman. That means a lot to me… I know that Siggy can be a bit of a bitch. She’s difficult. Aloof. I’m not sure what happened in her youth, or if she’s just always been this way. It’s not often that she attacks, but I think she’s threatened by our relationship.” A softness is in Lana’s expression, as her hues bore into Eli’s mottled gaze, only to trail down to his mouth. “I’m not angry with you. I understand that you had to do that, to establish who is boss. She will not attack you again.” This is said with certainty, and feeling stronger than she had moments prior, she dries her tears and readies the next barbed spear and loads it as he had demonstrated. Lana hadn’t considered keeping this particular weapon, but his words make sense. If she’s comfortable with this size, and this is the harpoon that she’s used for training, it’s wise to bring this exact one with her on the day of their planned adventure. “Okay, so aim a little lower and to the left of the target. I got this…” Focusing for longer than before, she maintains the perfect stance, and imagines the cushioned area behind the gill plate of a shark, before loosing the trigger. The spear effortlessly glides to the intended location, stabbing the target with force, where it beams back at them, a perfect bulls-eye. “NAILED IT!” Of course, it could be beginner’s look, and were it to veer way off course; she could coax the wind into the direction she desired. And there would be a week of nonstop practice at this course, and possibly other remote areas. She wouldn’t go into this blindly, and risk the life of her team. “Thank you, Sandman! We did it!” Beaming with pride at having made the shot, the witch twirls and wraps her arms around the assassin in a big bear hug. “You’re an awesome teacher!”

Elioyahazer would accept that giant bear-hug after such a shot - returning his own to her. “No Lana, you did it. I’m proud of you.” His words offer her a congratulations. She had taken his advice well, and put it to use. Now she only needs to remember that her weapon shoots high and to the right. Another week of training or so, and she would grow comfortable with its aim. “Well done.” Elioyahazer would continue to practice with Lanara for the remainder of the afternoon, and eventually, showing her the pulley system he had rigged for a moving target. All he hand to do was start pulling a loop of rope, and the target would begin to whisk across the field. At this point, he would teach her how to shoot this as well. By aiming where the target was going, ahead of its current position to account for the time it takes to travel the distance between them.