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RP:A Crystal Hunt

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Part of the Of Contracts and Families Arc

Location: Adventurers' Guild HQ

Synopsis: Elioyahazer has sent a missive to Scandal asking for his aid in obtaining a specific Crystal he needs to aid his own mission with the Mages guild and to also continue his own training. Scandal agrees to join him and the two plan to meet up later to complete this adventure.

A Cyrstal Hunt Part 1

Elioyahazer can be found within the old Weapons Experts quarters - even though he had been promoted to Deputy Leader recently, he would still perform the duties of his previous title until a suitable replacement could be trained. Once more his duties have finished, the armor, and weapons, which range from the normal to exotic, to never-ever-heard-of-that-before, line the walls of this peculiar room; polished and sharpened only hours ago by himself. But now, the ex-assassin is huddled over a desk, reading text from some odd scrolls and books he had found within the mages guild. He had been given a task by Dyraxdiin upon his entrance and sought a way to create this weapon. He did, have an idea, but going about this business is another issue entirely. One of the books before him is titled ‘Complete Guide to Dopplegangers: Their Anatomy, Origins, History and Lore.’ Another is titled ‘Magical Enchantments and You’. There are a few more, but their spines printing is rather small and hard to read. Though one more, which has his immediate attention is called ‘Complete Guide to Rune Magick.’ Elioyahazer takes a deep breath, flips a page and begins to read the following text; which just reveals itself. Here he would wait for Scandal, whom he has sent a missive to asking for his help.

Scandal 's entrance to the guild would have been less surprising had it not been for the 64 glamour potions he had taken that morning. He appeared as he had been at the ball, but wore a button up tshirt, and a pair of long soft jogging pants, and pair of boots. Eight times he was stopped by securtiy, but he held up his qualifications despite their stunned looks at him as he journeyed down to the the weapon experts quarters. Scandal's own quarters had been replaced with an odd gateway like structure, which supposedly connected with scrathulclaw hall the mages were still working on it as thus he had used it. He entered, and knocked on the door. "Got Missive, whats up."

Elioyahazer continues to read through those dusty old books, seeking out more information upon the subject at hand; weapon creation through magical means. His attention is rather absorbed on this book before him, and even though Scandal has entered, it isn’t until his presence is announced that Eli looks up from the book with a broad smile. “Scandal,” he nods to the head researcher. “Come on in, my friend.” The door is already wide open, there was no need for any formalities. “I’m glad that you’ve come here. I'm in a bit of a pinch you see.” He points to the books that he’s been reading. “I've got an assignment from the mages guild, but in order for a Spellblade, such as myself, to even really complete it, I need some assistance.” He closes the book before him and comes to a stand, revealing the new armor he had chosen to wear this day. A black leather jerkin, two very special leather wrapped sleeves, gilded with runes to ward against fire and water respectively. A single pauldron over his right shoulder, that is a mixture of leather and metal. He pulls free two leather gloves and puts them on over his digits, and ruffles with his assassin styled cloak. In all he looked the part of some hybrid between ranger and shadowy stalker; save for the bastard sword that was leaning against his desk until he picks it up and slings it over his shoulder. “If you’re interested, I’m heading down into the underdark, where I will most likely run into some trouble. I’d pay you good money to join me on this, if you’re interested.” His gaze moves to the walls of the room. “You could even borrow some gear from here, if you’d like.” As for his reasons for going into the underdark, he has yet to explain. “Basically I need a specific type of Crystal, which can only be harvested down there, to start working on the quest I’ve been given. Figured you might like to stretch your legs, and earn some coin.”

Elioyahazer of course, hasn’t mentioned anything about Scandals new look. Which isn’t to say that he hasn’t noticed it, but rather, expected it after seeing him at the Yule Ball in Frostmaw. He’s surprised however, that the other guild members didn’t harass him more. Frankly, whether Scandal looked like a dragon or a human, Eli knew what he really was. He finds himself chuckling over Scandals words, and the human expressions which finally riddle the dragons features; things that probably never showed before. “Eli is a lot easier to say, I’ll give you that one.” He jests in return. “Must say though, you really do look just like one of us. It’s odd not seeing those scales of yours.” As for weapons and armor, the guild had more than just the basics. He could find chainmail, half-plate, full plate, leather armor, brigidine. They were pretty much represented here in the room. As for weapons, it’s much the same, sticking to the basics were best because they had a very large supply of those on hand. However, Eli has begun to collect shields, and at the moment, there are only two: A wooden round shield with a central grip and a medieval styled kit shield bearing some random coat of arms. “Honestly Scandal, it would take me far too long to explain everything I have here, but if you see something, go ahead.” He nods once more, so that he understands that they are well equipped. So long as it’s not something super exotic, they most likely have it here in the room. “I’ll give you half the pay now, the other half upon completion and return.” The Deputy Leader knew that Scandal would be a man of his words and had no reason to question him. At least, none he could think of. In a moment Eli offers Scandal a heft bag of gold, surely this couldn’t be half the promised amount, could it?

Scandal nodded, a smirk forming over his face, "I have to admit, it does feel good to look the part, i won't be missing those scales yet. He moved about the storeroom, until he found some very dark colored armour, that was silk like yet, almost like a dark minthril, "I think this will do." He said as he moved toward the weapons, finding a large heavy mace, and a long katanna like sword. "Very nice."

Elioyahazer takes a moment to take note of the items Scandal has chosen to borrow, and then heads to the books to mark each item as currently checked out: The Cudgel of Confusion, The Ice-Enchanted Katana, and the Dark Mithril half-plate. “Very nice choices Scandal. The mace has an enchantment that can literally confuse things it hits. The katana, is ice enchanted, the armor however, is just basic, Dark stained mithril.” Once he finishes up he eyeballs Scandal once more. “So, now that I’ve hired you, lets meet here later tonight, and set off to complete this mission. How’s that sound? I have a few more things to collect before we go.” He waits for Scandals response, and then gives him a nod. “I’ll see you tonight.” Without any other word, Eli would take his leave of the office, after gathering those books and scrolls.

Scandal nods with a gleam of mischeif in his eye. "Oh i think i can learn to enjoy this." He sad, "See you tonight, Eli."