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Arc runner: Reginae

This Arc runs alongside The God of Undeath

Following the defeat of the false Queen Jaize, Reginae is left to clean up the mess in Alithrya both literally and figuratively but something isn't quite right...what happened when Jaize died?

Chapter 1

  1. Can't Judge A Book By It's Binding
  2. A Cup of Tea and Paroxysm
  3. This Mess I Have Made
  4. Fascination, Fancy, Fate
  5. Interloper Interlude
  6. Worms In The Petri dish
  7. The Leviathan Cometh

Chapter 2

  1. Fire of a Champion
  2. Irenic's Name Used Again
  3. A Warm Welcome
  4. After the Party Is Over
  5. Little Mouse
  6. [Post part rp Irenic / Nadia]
  7. These Dreams
  8. Open Your Eyes
  9. Retracing Her Steps
  10. Leads or Lies

"Mearcstapa translates as ‘boundary-walker’ ...It is a peculiarity of the human race to be mearcstapan..."
Making a Monster. Tim Flight, 2018, Accessed 25 March. 2020.