Arc:Keeping A Promise

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OOC: This is a Venturil centered arc which is open to any and all, the more the merrier! Contact Emilia, Jaxson, Irenic via an @ on the hollow discord, tells or hmails. We look forward to hearing from you.

"Your words and promises mean nothing without your full commitment to embrace a chosen pursuit."
F. Allen Davis

The Myth

The Pale One

"All legends are myths, but not all myths are legends."

The Pale One: In turbulent times it is said that some of the smaller clans inhabiting throughout all of Venturil will make offerings to a saint and in doing so, this being will come forth to bring Venturilians back into prosperous times. Descriptions of what this 'Pale One' might look like have long been forgotten due to time, but that never seems to be the focus whenever questioned about The Pale One because it is their good deeds and actions that speak volumes. The last time they were needed, they appeared just at the brink of complete destitute and kept the Venturilians secure until the next leader was ready to step into the role.

  • Things have gone astray over the last year as there have been infighting between a couple of the byrgs and crops have not been yielding like they used to.
  • Tourism has dwindled and there are little to no events being held in the rolling plains of this once great nation, so the Venturilians are getting restless.
  • Talks of gangs and riots are being whispered at the markets and farmers are setting their sights on the horizon for better land.
  • As if things couldn't get worse, small children and loved ones have gone missing from their homes in Diernebyrg.

Due to so much strife at once, little shrines are being found in the smaller villages just outside of the byrgs…
it is time for The Pale One to help the dutiful Venturilians again in their greatest time of need.

Something Stalks in the Darkness

Chapter 1:The Missing

"And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one. Isn't something missing?"

The Mending

Mending Venturil


Arc Info

This Arc follows Emilia as she finds herself drawn back to a promise she made as a human to help the city of Venturil. With more and more missing posters being put out within the city a trio of champions has taken charge to find the missing people all while putting time into restoring the city.