Arc:Hungry Like The Wolf

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This is an Adventurer's Guild Mini Arc, but anyone is welcome to join. Contact Meri.

Ever since becoming a werewolf, Meri has found that her temper is shorter than norm. As a wolf, she is lacking total control of her behavior and has turned to violent against those that she cares for on more than one occasion. This is prompting the blonde to go on a personal quest to find a lost artifact rumored to be of aid to werewolves. The details behind this artifact are sparse, but who ever said adventuring and artifact hunting was easy?

  1. Auditioning for the Fellowship
  2. Muffins, Coffee and Bad Jobs
  3. The First Yew Wand and the Wolf Amulet

I: The Pieces

  1. Mysterious Medallion
  2. Meri's Amulet and Meadow's Transformation
  3. Journey To The Past
  4. No Bats Here
  5. Island In The Sun
  6. Aerial Support
  7. Back To The Den
  8. I've Got A Bad Feeling About This