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Decadence is recruiting new members. Hmail Maylari.

Pride, avarice, hate, luxury and power.

Be damned the time this is our hour.

A league of evil, a dark legion of lust.

To hell the rest, in Decadence we trust.




Moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.

Synonyms: dissipation, degeneracy, debauchery, corruption, depravity, vice, sin, moral decay, immorality.





Current Leaders:



(Obviously being evil, having dedication and respect for Delisha and having respect and dedication to Maylari will be key factors that will help you to be Decadence material! Worshiping Delisha is not a set in stone requirement though by any means. We here at Decadence encourage all members to worship themselves if it pleases them to do so!)

Please enjoy this advertising pitch to help you better understand what this clan will be looking for in a member:

It's easy to join Decadence, plus there are many reasons to do so. Does your character....

  • Love things in excess?
  • Enjoy everything life has to offer?
  • Use it till there's nothing left?
  • Desire pleasure above all else?
  • Follow ones mind and wants?
  • Desire power above all else?
  • Want things in abundance?
  • Abusing everything life has to offer?
  • Worship luxury and wealth?
  • Desire lust above all else?
  • Bathe in gold and riches?
  • Do anything it takes to get what they want?
  • Feel the need for greed?

If you said yes to any of the above then you are Decadence material.

Currently recruiting for the clan is being done both ICly and OOCly in order to gain a larger number of interested individuals. We would love to have members who will participate in RP and whom are evil-ish, but again we will also accept any type of player whom wishes to join. Even if you are here to stat and have fun, we will give you a clan to belong to. Stating is gaining power and gold and that goes along with what we are! There is room for everyone in the clan of Decadence.


The clan itself is classified as an evil aligned organization. It is however, made up of members from various alignments.


Decadence seeks to gain power by accumulating vast wealth. It is lust, passion,carnality and other such things that aide the fires that burn within the heart of this clan, but it's main fuel is fed by it's insatiable greed for wealth and luxury. The want for monetary and material gain is what drives this clan beyond any other motivating factor. It is truly a house built upon a solid foundation of avarice. (Perfect for merchants, thieves and shady business dealers of all types.)

The clan is an evil aligned organization and would like to fill it's roster with evil aligned characters, although it is not a set requirement that you be an evil aligned character to join. Simply agreeing that one or more of the statements listed in the requirements section incorporates itself into the way you play your character is enough to join the basic ranks.

On an OOC note, we wish to grow Hollow and help new players come to the game, learn the ways and stay here. We promote creativity and imagination. We offer a place to simply have fun and belong to anyone wishing to be part of our clan. Yes some of us play 100% evil, twisted, and sick characters.......but that is not a necessity to belong here! (although it is highly encouraged!)

The Founding Members:

The following members were the original members of the clan at time of creation.

Current Members:

Updated list coming soon
























Morti Renascentia The Black Council of Decadence. It acts as an information gathering agency and an advisory board. The group is very secretive and selective.

Circ Deluminati Faction of dark magic wielding individuals. The group is a union for all the magic casters of the clan.

Peritus Interfectores Heavy hitters. Duelists, Killers. The unit is a high grade death squad. The team is assembled when Decadence wishes to have someone dealt with.

Hedonistic Indulgence . The den of blood, sin, and house of carnal pleasures. Those influenced by a wicked lust, indulgence and passion. The group craves wealth, luxury, flesh and are well known worshipers of Delisha.

Aegrotos Animus Reserved for the sick and twisted.

HQ Location

The clan HQ is rumored to be located around or near the Chapel of Pleasure in Larket. Only persons having the clan skeleton key may enter the sanctum. Any member who does not have one, please hmail Maylari.


  • Seance of Seduction Quest 1 coming soon
  • Collecting Corpses Quest 2 coming soon


Clan mini tournaments and games coming soon