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Name: Griffin, aka Finn.

Race: Human.

Class: Rogue (smuggler and thief)

Age: 28.

Status: Grounded.In Her moment.

The Present....

Finn’s arrival at the Broken Barrel did not go unnoticed, it rarely did, and the ripple of reaction that flowed through those gathered caused lips to twitch in a tanned and rugged face as cynical amusement danced in gold flecked, hazel gaze. For one who had mastered the art of working in the shadows, he had become remarkably adept at living life under the microscope for any number of reasons. Hair of deep auburn hue was swept away from his face and bound at his nape with a single black ribbon-his one concession to vanity- he had learned well to ape the mannerisms and appearance of nobility, as they had smoothed the road for many a barter made under the cover of darkness. Apart from this affectation, there would be little else about his appearance that would bespeak ‘civility,’ He was every inch a rogue. This was not to say that he was unpolished. Though with the coming of the night he had shed the ‘cover’ of his daytime garb, the modest disguise that rendered him merely another merchant of the city; even now, in the garments he’d donned for the night’s wicked deeds- dark brown overcoat fluttering on unseen currents to come to rest somewhere around the knees that were covered by riding trousers, and the scuffed riding boots that had seen too many nights of dirty work,the smuggler could easily pass for a moderately prosperous gentleman just in from a ride. What he truly was however, was carried in the very air around him; the ruthless efficiency with which word and deed were enacted. He was without virtue, a gambler,thief and smuggler; the best at what he did and the world of brigands he’d invaded on Rynvale’s southern shores was about to find that out.


Finn's Biography:

Thirty Years Later.....

The quill ceased its scratching across the parchment, a moment’s pause occurring before the scribe’s voice broke the silence in curious inquiry once more. “Did you stay then, or were you forced to move on? Did he find you there?”

“Not for a while, he didn’t..” the husky drawl had lost none of its appeal with the passage of time, even if it had lost some of its power. “Shores were good to me. Once I got it sorted with the Cap’n I was home free, just a matter of buildin’ the right crew. Took time, an’ a little luck, but I reckon they were some of the best.”

The quill began its etching again.

“Jumper was the first. Bloody do gooder elf joined up lookin’ to make somethin’ extra on the side I reckon. Kept his mouth shut an’ trouble off my back there at the start. Disappeared after a bit. Never did hear what became of him.” A still broad hand reached out of the shadows to close around a shot glass. “Others came later; Su, he did some dealin’ for me at the parlor, Jack- the lad never met a woman he didn’t gave a heartache, and the Joker. Can’t tell you how many times I figured on offin’ that crazy bastard.”

The instrument continued its faithful recording of memory.

“Reckon the Lady was on my side the night that storm blew Kae into port. Closest thing I had to a brother with Gabe not around. An’ the dammed elf was born for the water- never seen anythin’ like it. Cept perhaps for the devil eyed Cap’n, and that Hellcat Hanan. Got him the Chaser to Captain an’ the rest was history.”

The quill stilled. “Surely..there were women, a man of your..repute..”

T he runner chuckled softly. “Aye..too many, least I thought so sometimes,” the man replied, lost in thought. “My partner, Ace.. that woman could drive a man to madness, they’d sell their souls for one look. No secret was safe.” He fell silent for long moments. “Damn near wrung her throat a thousand times over.” There was another brief pause. “And the Fox, a spitfire if I ever met one. Reckon to this day she’s the only woman besides my mother to scuff my hair.. The things she could make..” the man snorted lightly. “Shale and Miya worked the parlor an’ I figure you’d not find a lighter set of fingers on the Shores.” The speaker’s voice drifted into quiet."Miya was Vayne's mother..the minx who let you in." A father's pride rumbled in the scoundrel's undertone before quiet descended again. “Then there were the Rider..and Pet but they're a whole other tale..”

“You loved them?..”

“As much as I could at the time. Didn’t reckon I'd ever love again after Erin..” the voice drifted into a silence ripe with unspoken sorrow. “But I did..”

The quill began its recording again, the scratching in the silence broken eventually by a quietly uttered phrase.

Her name was Terra.”


I’m gonna wear you down

I’m gonna make you see

I’m gonna get to you

You’re gonna give in to me..

Finn’s lips almost curved, eyes resting on the pale, frail beauty. His heart shifted in his chest. He’d give anything to take the shadows out of her eyes, the bruises of restlessness off her skin. She was so damned fragile..strong..stubborn, weak. A pool of contradictions and he didn’t think he could bear a day that didn’t have her in it. He loved her. He let the thought surface..let it seep through him like the warmth of coat against the chill, his eyes still on her as she sat with gaze fixed to the dark streets beyond. Against every instinct, against his very will to survive, she had crept. A fluttering bird, a fallen imperfect to a fallen imperfect heart. He loved her. Loved everything about her. Even her god damned ultimatums. His stillness after he’d declared his intent to move might attract her attention,and he realized just then that now..was not the best time to share his revelation. Not when all he wanted to do was hold her..drown in her taste and scent and lay his heart at her feet in a thousand whispers- and she could not bear his touch. The irony was astounding. He could almost hear the Lady laughing on his shoulder. He smiled then. He could wait. He’d waited this long..survived denial this long, what was one more moment? He pushed to his feet and took the steps across the room to where she sat bundled up. Whether or not she would recoil from the contact, he bent over and brushed a kiss across her temple. “I’ll be upstairs..” his murmur was husky, a calm, unrevealing neutrality. Because I love you. One more time. Between the lines.

I’m gonna start a fire

You’re gonna feel the heat

I’m gonna burn for you

You’re gonna melt for me..

One step..two, and then rough palm was cupping her jaw. “Hello sparrow..” he murmured. Thumb slid along its lines. Whisky gaze met forest green and lingered there. “Aye..” He answered a question asked what felt like hours ago. “I missed you sweetheart..” Fingers trailed along her throat, coming to rest on the smoothness of the curve of exposed shoulder. “This much..” Head lowered with almost agonizing deliberation, a breath of warm air brushing over lips damp with anticipation. Fingers moved, restless, up again, over shoulders and neck and into the tumble of blonde to cradle her skull. He kissed her, and his life was in his kiss; his heart..his soul..his love. It was in the testing stroke of his tongue on hers, in the nibbles that coaxed her the mingling of breaths. “I love you Terra..”

My heart is set on you

I don’t want no one else

And if you don’t want me

I guess I’ll be all by myself..

He was making things complicated and why? Why would he do that when he knew she had no clue how to respond? This is new territory. Her hand rose again and she wanted to strike back. To show him phyiscally how much those words had stunned her, pained her, but she found that her fingers fit better across his neck and that her lips were better put to use when tracing the outline of the muscle and bone that designed his jaw. "I know. I just, I know." Words were effectively silenced when she found his mouth again and attempted to keep any more secrets from spilling forth. That other hand, so controlled by the other half of her brain and likely the more logical side, was still curled into a fist that occasionally hit his shoulder in light punches and quick shoves. What the hell had he done?

I’ll use my eyes to draw you in

Until I’m under your skin

I’ll use my lips, I’ll use my arms

Come on, come on, come on

Give in to me..