Knights of the Hammer

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A mysterious and deadly cult that, following the era of witch persecution in Larket, emerged calling themselves, "Knights of the Hammer", weaving their clandestine threads through every stratum of society.

Once ordinary individuals from all walks of life, they have been indoctrinated into a secretive order of witch hunters, all united under the influence of a mysterious figure known only by the pseudonym, Henry Cramer. This motley assembly comprises nobles and peasants, traders and farmers, as well as the seediest of thugs and beggars. Their common belief: that witches are the architects of all misfortune, from the mundane afflictions of warts to the cataclysmic upheavals of natural disasters and even wars. The veritable scripture of their faith is the "Malleus Maleficarum," translated as "The Hammer of Witches," a tome that fuels their zealous pursuits.

The composition of the order is overwhelmingly male, the majority of its members being men drawn from all corners of society. While women have been grudgingly accepted within their ranks, even the most devout among them are subject to scrutiny and restriction, forever barred from ascending beyond the lowest echelons of the order's hierarchy.

Hierarchy and Titles


Reserved for the author of the Hammer of Witches himself, Henry Cramer.


The apex of the order is adorned with "Nobilis," a designation bestowed upon those who have etched their names as illustrious "witch slayers." Having triumphed over multiple adversaries, they wear the dignified attire of white and gold. Yet, their identities remain enshrouded in secrecy, an imperative for their continued endeavors.


Beneath the Nobilis stand the "Acies," a group filled with competitive fervor. Eager to distinguish themselves, these hunters harbor a relentless pursuit of secrets and intelligence. Their ambitions extend not only to the annihilation of witches, but also to those allied with them, including familiars and sympathetic individuals. Draped in the somber hues of black and silver, they shoulder much of the organization's groundwork, including the recruitment of fresh blood. Women, while permitted within this tier, remain perpetually excluded from the echelons of Nobilis and Magicae.


Seated at the spiritual helm of the Knights are the "Magicae," are a group of revered religious leaders. These figures, often potent wielders of arcane magic, view witchcraft as a grievous affront to the pure pursuit of mystical knowledge. Adhering meticulously to the teachings of Henry Cramer's "Hammer of Witches," they don robes of modest navy and meticulously rid themselves of all body hair as a symbol of devotion. These individuals possess the rare privilege of direct discourse with the elusive Cramer himself. Notably, women endowed with magical prowess are forbidden from assuming this role.


Safeguarded as the most prized and revered assets of the order, the "Sanctissime" are revered as anti-mages. These exceptional individuals harbor an innate talent, endowed from birth, for nullifying the potency of witchcraft. Masters of the art of rendering magic impotent, they extinguish the flames of magical power with an uncanny adeptness. As natural counterweights to the witches they confront, these individuals possess an inherent ability to mute all sources of magical energy.

More Details

This is a cult that was featured prominently in the Through A Looking Glass, Darkly arc.

This is not a guild or clan.

While this cult is still active and can be used freely in RP, the leader is rumored to have been missing for several years and the membership has decreased significantly since.

You can reach out to Valrae for more information.