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Despite being positioned at the heart of continental Lithrydel, Kelay Town is a quaint village that prefers its quiet forest living. It began as a dwarf town, with Mesthak establishing Kelay Tavern very early on. Over the years, humans and elves established their own homes but they are not the only races who have taken up residences within the boundaries of the town. Kelay has become a resting spot for those traveling from Xalious, Cenril, Enchantment, Larket, and even Gualon due to its centralized location. All walks of life are welcomed.

Shops in Kelay Town

  • Kelay Tavern -- The local tavern is owned by Mesthak.
  • Kelay Trading Post -- Ran by Arivos, sells an assortment of armor and weaponry.
  • Kelay Shop -- Ran by Crialla. Also in her employee is Larry, her shop assistant. They sell a small selection of clothing items.
  • The Mallard Family Bakery and Tearoom -- After a fire in Cenril destroyed their original shop, the Mallard family relocated to Kelay to reestablish their business.
  • Restaurant -- Also owned and operated by the Mallard Family.
  • Kelay Town Square -- Not the most reputable shop within Kelay.

Training Areas in Kelay Town

  • Central Training Facility - 1s 3w 2n 1d
    • General training facility location. See Skills List for further information.

Other Locations of Note

  • Kelay Town Hall
  • Kelay Village Gardens