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Gris-Gris Talisman

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Gris-Gris Talisman - Armor - Neck

Bonus: +6 Protective Aura

Creator: Circle of the Hidden Grove - A coven from a faraway land.

Last Known Owner(s): Lanlan and Valrae, the winner's of the best costume contest, at the Halloween Ball of 2019. Lanlan then gave his talisman as a gift to Gevurah

Description: A hex pouch containing the finger of a zombie, grave dirt, and two nails of a man buried alive. This particular talisman gives the wearer the ability to go undetected if they are to encounter the undead. All amongst the living can see the wearer plain as day, however, they are completely invisible against all forms of the undead.

History: Many moons ago there were undead that wreaked havoc over the land of Osardia, a peaceful realm that consisted of druids and those that only believed in good and practicing white magic. After a decade of destruction only eight powerful witches remained untouched from the undead... It's said that the coven banded together and used their powers to discover the culprit behind the madness that had ruined their realm. A man was found to have been using forbidden blood magic, and so he was buried alive, after being stripped of his finger and toe nails. Three days later, beneath the blessing of the full moon, the witches performed their magic. A finger or toe nail from opposing sides of the freshly deceased man's body, as well as the finger of a zombie, and some grave dirt, were placed into a bag that could be worn about the neck. A sacred ritual had taken place, and the sacrifice of the one that cursed the realm grants the wearer invisibility against the undead. The eight witches remain alive to this day, eons later, and somehow, the two remaining gris-gris bags have made their way into Lithrydel.