Fluttering Kerchief

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This page describes an non-custom item available within Hollow. To see more items, go to Category:Items.

Fluttering Kerchief - Hand Armor
Bonus: +1
Sold at: Open Market
Cost: 30030,000 sp <br />300,000 cp <br /> gp, 00 gp <br />0 cp <br /> sp, 00 gp <br />0 sp <br /> cp

Created by Blaire during Cenril's Charity Bazaar 2022, now sold at the 'Open Market' in Cenril.

A slightly orange tinted kerchief of a material somewhere in-between linen and silk. Oddly, for a kerchief, it will not absorb anything. At all. But it will pick up virtually anything it's wiped across. More curiously it seems to responded to intent and motion more extremely than any normal object. If thrown it will flutter and fly just as imagined or intended (though it may take a few liberties of it's own) and it has a penchant for moving or fluttering about on it's own if unattended.