Black Dragon Whelp

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Black Dragon Whelp

Black Dragon Whelp
Respawn: 30 minutes
Level: 5 Attack: 50
HP: 945 MP: 269 SP: 125

Xalious Mountain Range

Drop: None

Max Drops: 25 gold, 250 silver, 400 copper
Black dragons are among the most wicked creatures of the land. These dragons are cunning and cruel, planning their moves with care to inflict the most pain possible on their prey before consumption. They mostly live alone, away from other dragons and most living things, preferring solitude. When a new brood of black dragons is born, the hatchlings are referred to as whelps. With the genetic memory of it's ancestors guiding their path, black dragon whelps instinctively leave the nest upon hatching to seek out prey to bestow the gift of anguish upon. Despite their young age, they are often successful due to their size being that of the average dwarf, complete with razor-like claws and teeth. Without having had adequate time to grow and learn the languages of the land, hostile black dragon whelps are considered to be on the same level as beastly dragons in terms of reasoning and communication.

Written by Kanna