Autographed Kelay Forest Painting

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Autographed Kelay Forest Painting - Hand Armor
Bonus: +0
Sold at: Open Market
Cost: 202,000 sp <br />20,000 cp <br /> gp, 00 gp <br />0 cp <br /> sp, 00 gp <br />0 sp <br /> cp

Created by Meri during Cenril's Charity Bazaar 2022, now sold at the 'Open Market' in Cenril.

The size of this watercolor painting is smaller, making it perfect for decorating a desk or bookshelf. It depicts the Kelay-Sage Forest under the light of mid-day. Sunbeams break through the thick canopy of trees above, illuminating the forest floor and giving the painting a rather relaxing and romantic feel. In the background of the forest, there is family of black wolves has been subtly painted, observing and guarding the surrounding area. While several of these paintings are in existence, no two are exactly the same. Each picture has very subtle differences, suggesting that they were all hand-painting by the artist. In the lower left hand corner, there is scrawled autograph reading 'Meri'.