Arc:Weave Your Own Fate

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This is a Mage's Guild RP.

A personal arc for Iintahquohae's magical studies, improvement, and a bit of self-discovery.

Arc Leader: Iintahquohae

Chapter I: A Tattoo, an Illness, and a Flame.

Summary: After the events several years ago in Vailkrin (Unforeseen Consequences) , Iintahquohae's belief she would return to her quieter life of working as a seamstress turns out to be incorrect. After being sired by Kasyr, she frequently finds herself at an unusual crossroads. An illness settles in, prompting terrible bouts of hunger for blood followed by days of sleep at a time. Mother, being a mage herself, hints at some magical prowess that her daughter surely must have sitting dormant and unused. Father encourages her reckless adventure. Her memories fall back to the evening she stitched Vailkrin's Sky together, and the ease with which she manipulated that stone Kasyr tossed her, unbeknownst to her to be a temporal fragment, into the strange, mercurial thread she always keeps in her pocket. Reading the strange journals she has owned and written in since childhood seem to be of more interest to her than ever before. She begins to dabble in magic with frustratingly little success. She understands the workings of enchantments and objects created by Mother with a single touch, but cannot replicate them. Weak imbuing attempts of fabrics at the shop to keep a garment warm. Attempting to light a candle without setting her arm ablaze. Attempting to create a conduit for her magic with wands yields better, albeit terribly weak results. She is certain something is there, but her lack of understanding leads her to find answers within the Mage's Guild.

  1. An Unusual Reunion
  2. A Spark
  3. A Professional Should Do This
  4. The Push
  5. Runeweaver and Stoneweaver
  6. The First Homework Assignment
  7. Why is it Always Snakes
  8. A Fiery Awakening
  9. A Fizzled Attempt at Sigil Work

Chapter II: Etymology, a Dual Apprenticeship, and Study Abroad.

Summary: Due to feeling out of the loop on most world events, Iintahquohae is left with questions. Finding few that will present answers to her, she withdraws, deciding it may be for the best to attempt to learn alone instead of potentially becoming the cause of further trouble. Tension within the Mage's Guild prompts her to withdraw even further, deciding that it would be in her best interest to focus on her business and study at her quiet cabin in Frostmaw. The thought of leaving the guild until the dust has settled is briefly floated. She invites her teacher Odhranos to join her both to study and to hopefully gain some perspective on the hornet's nest she has stepped on, and forms a tentative arrangement to become Daath's pupil again.

  1. Conflict of Interest
  2. Cabin Fever
  3. Crime Time
  4. Quicksilver in Darkest Dreams
  5. A Better Reunion, Probably

Chapter III: TBD

Summary: TBD '

Chapter IV: TBD

Summary: TBD '

Chapter V: TBD


  • Mother: An elf born from Sage. Blonde, emerald-eyed. A mage with a distinct lean for hydromancy that enjoys propriety, luxury, literature, making jewelry, and dinner parties. Excellent baker. Frets over appearances.
  • Father: Known in Cenril's underbelly as "The Kraken". A Cenril-born human. A tall mass of muscle with a thick black beard. Tailor, merchant, smuggler. Has a fleet of eight ships, named One thru Eight, respectively. Highly superstitious with a desire for adventure.
  • The Crew: Father's Boys. They come and go, but his second in command is -
  • Hasina Aertjii: Rynvale High Elf. Blonde, stocky, likely a distant cousin of Mother's. Dotes on Iintahquohae as if she were his kid.

and one of Iintahquohae's favorite members of Father's Crew is -

  • Toddy: A large man with big red mutton chops that hails from Xalious. An absolute softy. Helps Iintahquohae with the family's weekly deliveries of donations to Cenril's orphanages. Very handy. Knows a lot about home repairs.
  • Sal: Mother and Father's...mistake. A mannequin enchanted to spook shoplifters like the others, but accidentally given personality. Insists she is alive, tries to escape frequently and had her face disfigured in an effort to look more realistic.
  • Iintahquohae's Biological Parents: TBD.