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This is a placeholder page for the moment until I figure out all the details and correct coding for this sort of thing... By definition this plot that I am developing counts as an Arc and I think it would be really cool to leave it open to the public and see where it goes.

What you need to know for now:

Layla is a child of Hollow. She had been around many years ago, stalking mostly any forest-like locations, secret rooms behind waterfalls, and Vailkrin. Because absolutely a ten year old would go places she is not supposed to. The majority of PCs that Layla would have known back in the day are gone, and the few that are left will have either had few interactions with her and forgotten exactly who she is, or will notice right away that she hasn't aged in all the years that she's been missing.

There was a day where Layla, having caught sight of Kasyr, attempted to follow him into the forest behind the castle of Vailkrin. The Forest of Abyssal Darkness. She very quickly found herself lost and living there for the duration of her 'missing' years. Any time she successfully found her way out of the forest again, Layla was greeted by a variety of terrifying events: Civil war, bite crazy vampires, tears in reality, gods falling from the sky, and who knows what else. Each time she scampered back into the woods where it was easier to hide from those things.

There's a great story that will come from this about Layla making friends with a spider, but in due time...

One day in the forest, Layla encountered none other than Kasyr. The child, unaware that a vast amount of time had passed, was overjoyed until she mistook him for some sort of impostor. She did not recognize the being that her old acquaintance had become and took a few minutes to accept that it was the one and same. Only to find out that he did not recognize her very much.

After so many occasions of meeting people over her time in towns who would inevitably leave or forget her, Layla has now, I suppose, developed a complex about being forgotten. And thus, her plan to become Unforgettable is unraveling, and it starts with a bulletin post in the Hanging Corpse Tavern.

It would appear that someone has taken five pages and ripped them from a book. Each page has a letter on it, and they are stabbed into the bulletin board with what appears to be sharpened sticks that look an awful lot like wood from the Forest of Abyssal Darkness. It would appear to be a name. L-A-Y-L-A -- Layla (August 12, 2022 1:17 AM)

What does this mean for other players?

Layla is plotting a series of events ranging from notes on walls, maybe graffiti around Vailkrin, to spreading sugar everywhere to attract ants (which could certainly lead to bigger problems), to potentially spending a lot of time fishing so she can leave dead fish everywhere to make it smell gross outside. Maybe she'll even figure out a way to get the blood out of the fountain and replace it with jello. Who knows!? The options are endless. This is where others might come in handy. Maybe Layla needs a sugar supplier, someone to help her fish, or maybe someone will be inspired to do their own spin of something she has done. This could, for those so inclined, spread so far as to be politically influencing. But Layla is a child so she won't be that deep into the plot.... Probably.

There is story behind this and there will be plenty more, but I have to actually flesh out the thoughts and put them to a keyboard. And then edit all the pages for it here on the wiki. The goal is to use this page to link the various RPs in their chronological order, and include RPs from players who choose to engage / further / interact with this Arc. And whatever is supposed to be included on Arc pages... I'm flying by the seat of my pants!