Arc:Dragging the Dragon

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Dragging the Dragon

Being as old and large as Scandal is, comes at a hefty cost. It would seem that Scandal is slowly losing the ability to transform on his own, and he has been spending more and more time as a dragon, unable to revert back to his more humanoid form. At the suggestion of Lanara, Scandal is made aware of a ritual that can lengthen the period between his transformations. To do so, they will have to travel all over the realm, gathering the necessary ingredients, before they are able to enchant a talisman with such a powerful spell. Hopeful that this will even work, the unlikely friends are looking for others to join in on their quest for the items, such as healers, trackers, and those that can provide defense should something go awry.

Arc Leader(s): Scandal and Lanara

Scandal's Struggle, Concerned Friends, and an Enchanting Plan