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RP:Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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Summary: Scandal finds Lanara holed up in the privacy of the Adventurer's Guild Meeting Room, where she's pouring over many articles and facts for their next big quest. The dragon has come to apologize to the witch, since he nearly destroyed the masquerade ball she was hosting, where he unleashed nerve gas, and caused structural damage to the Elimdorei Hotel and Restaurant. Lana is annoyed by the appearance of her closest male friend, especially as he always seems to be messing up, and she can't quite get over that time he swallowed her in Frostmaw. However, their bond proves to be stronger than any grudge she may hold, and Scandal gifts her a beautiful snow globe, showcasing a replica cabin of her home in Kelvar. In turn for such a monumental gift, Lanara informs Scandal that she discussed it with her sister, and they want to legally adopt Scandal as their brother. The pair share a heartwarming moment, and Scandal confesses his addiction to transformation potions, promising to speak with a healer at his earliest convenience.

Scandal landed just outside the museum. He was definitely on his large side today as procuring a temporary talisman is difficult when the mage freezes himself into an ice sculpture. Drinking back god awful amounts of potent shapeshifters aid, Scandal with some difficulty managed to procure a shape and size within tolerable levels. He was very male draconian in appearance today, having even forgone the wings. But his colors were pale at best, he was very light gray, and where the red would be it was very faded, his eyes were red rimmed, rather than just red as a natural color. He wore a simple purple tunic/robe fastened and held together by a felt belt. As he moved toward the double doors, the security stood ready to frisk but he waved them off by showing his guild ranking item, and they opened the doors without much in the way of frisking. Entering the lobby he glanced first at the sofa's and the snack stand, a mild bit of amusement as well as the tour guides who seemed to be bored out of their wits as few if any exhibits existed, he passed by the velociraptor skeleton and then by the razurath skeleton which stood out by its blue stained bones, and its upright appearance. "Every color of razurath as similar colored bones." He said to the tour guide, "Just in case we get any more, you can tell them the difference." Then moving away from the tour guides, security, and cleaning crews, he moved to the a book shelf near the office section and pushed a purple book titled Preposterous Puzzles of the Pilgrimage of Plasuis. The sound of first a click and then whir sound and finally the book shelf slid the left and Scandal entered. Once inside the more suitable environment of the guild headquarters he waited until whatever magic alerted his sister to his presence to the fact he had entered. He realized she was probably going to sock him for the animal sanctuary dance shenanigans, but it was her right, and while he hadn't meant to he nonetheless had.

Lanara wears khaki capri-style pants, a neon green tank top, and sneakers, with her socks neatly folded over her ankles. Her long, chestnut locks have been pulled into a lazy braid, which hangs over her right shoulder, and smeared black ink is visible on her left cheekbone. Standing before a large board affixed to the wall, the elf is poring over maps, pictures of aquatic life, and a weather diagram. A quill pen dangles from her left hand, while her right hand is pinning a hand-written letter to the center of the board. There are so many lines, pins, question marks, and forms, attached to the board that it’s a wonder she can make sense of it all. Lana had been here for several hours, and it looked as though she had little sleep the night before, her expression pensive and her chocolate hues glued to all the information upon the board. Scandal enters the secret headquarters, by use of his enchanted compass, and for a few minutes Lanara doesn’t bother to turn around and see which of her mates had arrived. She knew it was one which she entrusted with a key, and seeing that there wasn’t any source of immediate danger, she finishes arranging her intimidating board. It had to be complete before the meeting, which was scheduled to take place in a few hours. A menacing mastiff lies on his side, dozing peacefully, and he doesn’t bother to lift his head to survey the newcomer as he also seems to be exhausted. Finally, the last piece of parchment is pinned and Lana turns around to address Scandal, her gaze narrowing on the male, as he was the –last- one she expected to see. After his little escapade at the masquerade with the nerve gas and near demolition of the hotel, she hadn’t thought he’d have the gall to face her, let alone four hours before the meeting! And this was his second strike! A few months prior he had swallowed her in Frostmaw! The elf sighs and motions for her brother to take a seat at the large wooden table, as she drops into a chair across from him, clasping her hands together and fixing him with a glare. “What do you want, Scandal? I don’t have time for any drama today. I received an urgent letter from a woman named Renata, and I am doing all that I can to prepare for our guild meeting. I’ll explain it all later… Is there something you need?” Clearly, she was holding a grudge, and still fuming at his previous shenanigans. Lana had assumed he’d be busy with his girlfriend, or perhaps studying construction. As far as she knew, he had damaged the Red Trophy Ring in Craughmoyle, the Elimdorei Hotel in Vhys, and The Lithrydel Dragon Trust in Cenril. Those would be some hefty repairs.

Scandal isn't unfazed by her atagonistic stance against him. He deserved it, that being said though he had come to apologize. Of course the way he did it this time was less emotional like a child and more like an adult, if anything he was maturing faster. "I am sorry. I am sorry that I wasn't still waiting for you when the party was over. I am sorry that I wasn't able to explain everything as I had to the Vhys guards, and I am sorry, that I have been a sh---y brother to you for the past few months." He paused, letting her rant until he had a moment to add, "Again, I am sorry." If her rant persists, he says: "I am here because you chose me to be your researcher, and while I am no longer one you like in your sight I will perform my duties to you regardless of whatever you hold against me, and I swear to you, our conversations won't be anything outside of guild or business." If her rant subsides however, he responds with. "Family sticks together, regardless of personal feelings for each other, and while I may not be favorable in your eyes right now, perhaps again in the future I shall be once again. I saw there was a space in the library I already had my desk moved in, you remember the one I made at your house, that one, I have already filled it with several books I have found, one of whom needs more research." However if Lana forgives him, he says: "I brought you something, I hoped it might subside the pain," If she asks about why he is different in color, he says: "I am an addict, these shapeshifter assistances potions I am taking well beyond the dosage to stay at this size, even at 500' long I am taking them."

Lanara continues to glare at Scandal, she doesn’t rant and rave like she had in the past, because it falls on deaf ears. The dragon continuously messes things up, and so she allows –him- to rave for the next fifteen minutes. He wallows in self-pity, offering up a platter of one apology after the other, and every time he pauses, hoping that she will take up the conversation, she remains rooted in place. Her glare deepens as he thrusts forth a present, and she’s inclined to kick him out of the meeting room, though her curios nature takes over. Presents were rare, and even on her birthday it was so infrequent that one had gotten her anything. Back in Kelvar, birthdays, mirrors, and most common traditions were forbidden. Not that it stopped Lana and Taly from breaking the rules behind their mothers back, of course! She makes no comment about the fact that Scandal had feverously worked over the construction of a modern desk for research, though she had noticed that the bookshelf looked fuller as of late. With a sigh, Lana steps forward and accepts the delicately wrapped packed, her eyes widening as she unwraps a beautiful snow globe. The dainty globe is the perfect addition to any room, and in the center is a log cabin, with a black cat sitting on the front porch, and a campfire burning in the distance. As the witch gives the globe a firm shake, instead of snow falling within the globe, autumn leaves fall perfectly into place, in a myriad of greens, yellows, and shades of red. Lana’s eyes brim with tears, as it’s the perfect replica of her home back in Kelvar, a home that was brutally destroyed by the drow. Scandal had gotten her the perfect gift, and though she feels her heart breaking from the memories, it’s also a flawless reminder of her youth. “Where did you get this made? It’s… It’s…” She bursts into tears and walks over to her brother, pulling him in for a hug, as she wordlessly thanks him for the snow globe, while accepting his apology. After they share a long bonding moment, she leans back, and her dark eyes widen in worry as she takes in his gaunt expression, and pale complexion. “I’m worried about you, Scandal… I know an herbalist; she’s in this group, actually… Her name is Emilia. She’s the best healer in the realm. Maybe she can brew you some potions without addictive tendencies.” Belatedly, she adds, “I’m worried about you.”

Scandal felt he was getting nowhere with his sister. Everything he said seemed to fall on deaf ears. Having handed off something he spent well more meaningful time and money, money he earned rather than what he had. He swallowed. "I spared no expense, anything to repair the damage, for family." He remained silent, as she pulls him into a hug. The physical action being more comforting than anything else that could be said. "Don't worry about me, I'm..." He stopped himself, "I am addicted, and I cannot maintain a form shorter than 500' without these. It no longer just pain, I haven't eaten since that well you know, since the ball."

Lanara pulls back from the embrace and gently rubs Scandal’s shoulder, her soulful gaze full of concern for her adopted brother. She appreciates the snow globe, more than he’ll ever begin to understand, and she deposits it onto the table, as she listens intently to his predicament. Addiction was no laughing matter, and very hard to overcome. It wasn’t as if she could dissuade the dragon with mere words, and she knew the withdrawal of the potion wasn’t the answer, either. He would suffer the horrid detoxification she had heard about while at the academy. Lana had grown up with Taly, and saw how addiction had destroyed her sister, firsthand. But she had gone away, healed up, and returned with healthier habits, and as far as she could tell, the eating disorder was long gone. Should she give him the same advice? With a sigh, she meets his gaze and drops her hand from his arm, “I’m not the best one to seek advice from when it comes to addiction. Taly has recently returned… She went far away, to a rehabilitation clinic, and after three months she was allowed to return home. They will teach you coping mechanisms, and how to avoid triggers, and ease your cravings. The urge for the next hit will continue to consume you… I advise you to seek out Emilia, or even Sabrina… Ask them if they can lessen the amount of the addictive substances in the potion, and try not to take it as frequently. Also, you –have- to eat, brother!” There’s a pause, as her gaze drops to the snow globe, “I also think we have to push forward and head out for the next ingredient to enchant your talisman. We are halfway there.”

Scandal enjoys her touch, it was a reminder to him that someone was close. Admittedly he once had other feelings for her, but those had vanished now replaced with solely and completely a brother/sisterly love for his sister. His eyes lit up when heard Talyara had returned. "She has returned?" His smiled stretched for what his face could pull off, "Almost like we have the whole family back together. I wouldn't want to withdraw so soon without saying hello to my other sister, it would be rude." He cringed for a moment as creaks and groans came forth from his body as if the entirety were screaming to be released from the form it was in. Scandal bitterly pulled out a vial, was about to take some more, but stopped, and let it sit on the table. The vial had a label, and the label had a warning, *Warning: The contents of this potion have been distilled and concentrated, use upon a group of 100 or more only, do not ingest. For Dragons a hundred feet tall, take a tablespoon. Each vial contains twelve tablespoons. Scandal closed his eyes, "It’s hard to estimate how much one needs when one is a few miles tall. But that one vial there would have been my two hundredth today." He paused realizing he did need to eat. "I am afraid to Lana, I am afraid to eat, you've seen me before, you seen how big I am, I shudder, when I think of the whales of the sea, and realize that at my size the amount I would need to consume a day, unless I resorted to eating krakens and other sea monsters. Even if I get the talisman I am unsure if I will be able to eat healthy for my size. I don't want to be more of a menace than I already am." He closed his eyes and opened them, "I am sorry, I am wallowing in self pity again. I got to work on stopping that. Half way there, we have the first ingredient and the second, again a thousand apologies over the second, if time travel were possible I would fix everything I did wrong. We have but two more to obtain, and I am guessing we will need someone to make it."

Lanara nods, the empathy she feels for her brother shines in her dark eyes, though she find she has zero answers. What could she say? Yes, I know you’re a big boy, but big boys need to eat to grow big and strong? Survival is important? Krakens are tasty, especially with salt and pepper? They had two more ingredients to obtain, and she was certain that they could get them without incident. Enchantment had been rough, though they’d had the assistance of Talyara and Zahrani to lessen the danger. Frostmaw was equally as dangerous, and she’d been swallowed by Scandal, in his dragon form. “Yes, Taly is back. She’s healthy and whole, and loving life, it seems. I couldn’t be happier for our sister!” A pause, as she considers when they should head out for their next item retrieval. “We have Craughmoyle and Vailkrin, left. I think we should handle the vampire city, next, if that’s alright with you? That way at least we targeted all the above ground ingredients. And once we have everything… Taly and I will make a paste and coat the talisman with it, before we begin the ritual. It has to take place beneath a full moon, and in a place that you are most at home. So, I’m guessing, Venturil?” Hoping the shift to adventuring would be more palatable to her brother, Lana focuses on the things she can fix, regarding her craft. Other than that, she was just a tapered ear to listen. Taly was the expert on addiction.

Scandal recalled Enchantment, in his mind, the experiences how Talyara had been wounded, and how he had been poisoned by that prankster of fairy who thought it would be funny to make the dragon sleep walk off a cliff without his wings. Enchantment had been brutal physically, and Frostmaw had been brutal emotionally, he hoped that Vailkrin’s difficulty would limit itself to the undead, and to its darkness. "Sure, let’s get the undead city out of the way, that way Craughmoyle is just a step in to Venturil." He took a breath, "What can you tell me about Emilia? How would be best to present her the problem at hand?"

Lanara sits at the edge of the table, lifting the snow globe and giving it another firm shake. As the leaves begin to wildly float around the sphere, she gives a faint smile, clearly loving this gift. It had cost her brother a pretty penny that was for sure. It’s as she’s feeling the love Scandal holds for her, when she comes up with a brilliant idea, and she lifts her gaze to lock onto his face. “So… Now that Taly is back and now that we’ve properly made up. Do you think…?” Her voice trails off, and she hopes he won’t find her suggestion foolish. “Do you think we could officially make you our brother? We could go to the courthouse in Cenril, file the paperwork, and get the approval of the judge.” Her high cheekbones flush with color, as she begins to babble, “Unless you don’t want to do that, and we can just consider each other as siblings… I just thought that we could make it legal and all. And you would feel better, since you’d have a family backing you through your recovery. And… I would have your last name. I never had one, you see, Taly took our step-father’s, but I disliked him, and we believed we were half-siblings our entire lives, until we discovered the truth. So… What do you think?” She pauses, and considers his question regarding Emilia, before she grins. “Emi is the sweetest person. I went to her when I first came to the lands, and I had no gold, and nowhere to go… She literally moved me into her home, gave me a job, covered all my expenses, and made me a part of the family. I’m forever in her debt. I think if you just mention that you are my brother, and that I told you it’s best to seek a professional healer, that she will help. She’s not motivated by gold, but she is motivated by one in need. She has a big heart.” Lana smiles, remembering the high holidays she spent with Emi and her triplets.

Scandal is caught off guard by the question of legality. Or at least stunned by the actual desire of Lanara to want to recognize it solidly. He is almost forced to have to take a seat realizing what this meant. "Oh Lana, I, you have left me speechless, but if you and Taly want to make it official, there are no words I can think of to convey how much I would love that, but I have to ask, would you be okay with your last name being Scrathulclaw?" He listens for her reply, and adds, "As Family you might as well be entitled to an inheritance, so I will have to make plans for you two to actually visit the place where I keep the hoard, let you two pick what you want from it." His eyes were full of tears but they were utter joy. "I just hope with Emilia I don't come off on the wrong foot, I..." he shrugged, "...I seem to have developed a reputation for getting off on the wrong foot."

Lanara can see how touched Scandal is by her willingness to make things official between them, and she smiles warmly. Her own eyes glisten with tears as she gives a nod, not caring if their last name was Scrathulclaw, Smith, or something entirely else. It wasn’t the name that mattered to the witch; it was the fact that Talyara and her were building a family. They had lost their mother, father, sister, and their home in Kelvar. They had lost each other along the way, too, though they had been reunited time and time again. And now, there would be three of them. Scandal lost his parents, and he’d proven to be protective, caring, and an excellent friend over the years. He should have legally been made their brother a long time ago, in Lana’s eyes! Sniffling, she reaches out for a final hug, knowing that she really had to get back to planning for the meeting. “Thank you. I’m honored that you’ve accepted Taly and I as your sisters. It truly means the world to me, Scandal… I-I never really was able to lean on any man, as every one either mistreated or abandoned me in the past, including my own father. You are the one male that I can count on, and I hope you know that I love you, and I will be proud to call you my brother.”Her arms wrap around his middle, and she rests her head on his chest, the two of them looking like such an odd couple. Lana was only five foot, four inches, and a mere hundred and twenty-five pounds, and Scandal was a dragon, and in his human form, still thrice the size of the petite elf! She doesn’t comment on the mention of inheritance as she would never put a price on family. Regarding Emilia, she nods, and points to the door. “You go and grab a bite to eat, you’ll meet Emi tonight, but perhaps it’s best to speak with her in private. Pen a letter; she’s rather quick to respond. And thank you again for the snow globe, it’s lovely. I will see you at the meeting in a few hours, I have to go over a few things before that, but it was great to catch up.” She walks him to the door, waving as he passes through, and when he fully fades from view, she can’t help but smile. Soon she’d be calling him family!

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