Arc:And it Harm None Do What Ye Will

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Lately, Talyara hasn't been feeling herself. Of course, she attributed it to stress, what with losing her home in Frostmaw and being driven out by xenophobic giants and all. Couple that with her half-sister Lanara bringing back a child from their hometown and leaving him in her and Linn's care, it's no wonder she's not her usual, happy-go-lucky self. But strange things have been happening to the witch, stranger than even she could have divined in her cards and crystals. Waking up in the woods and not remembering how she got there. Sleeping all day but still feeling exhausted. Forgetting to eat for days on end. What type of ailment is haunting Talyara? Or rather, who?

Chapter One: As Above

  1. A Witch and a Warlock Walk Into a Bar...
  2. Place Holder for Caila/Taly RP
  3. When Anger Rises
  4. Think of the Consequences
  5. Chicken Blood
  6. Just Because I'm Losing, Doesn't Mean I'm Lost
  7. The Possession of Anything Begins in the Mind

Chapter Two: So Below

  1. To Prepare an Exorcism
  2. Place Holder for Taly/Linn/Ama RP
  3. Place Holder for Taly/Linn/Lana RP