Alfredo's Night of Delightful Fights - Bare-Knuckle Boxing in Vailkrin

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OOC Background Information

The Bare-Knuckle Boxing Scene in Vailkrin is an initiative of The Eldritch Cabal.

It is a specialised fighting venue for empty-handed combat: no magic, no weapons - just brains and brawn.

This will not appeal to all, of course, but the venue is open to all who would find such an event useful for their character's RP Development.

It is not meant to be an 'event' per se, with a potentially regular schedule, like that of the Underdark Fighting Championship.

Rather, it is an RP environment for characters whose background and nature would have them want to strut their stuff in the Vailkrin equivalent of a cage match.

See Fight:Bare-Knuckle_Boxing_in_Vailkrin_-_Xiang_v_Locals for the initial RP played out to set the scene and feel of the venue.

Alfredo, the Master of Ceremonies

Alfredo has the appearance of a short man, his round and red-cheeked face adorned with finely twirled mustachios and a pointed goatee.

He carries an ebony walking cane topped with silver, and typically dresses in a somewhat scuffed and grimy tuxedo, long-tailed frock coat, and top hat.

Frequently exhibiting the powers of a skilled air mage and minor illusionist, he uses his powers primarily to entertain. However, his abilities have more practical uses should someone be found to be breaking the rules of engagement as set down by tradition of the venue.

The Venue

The event is typically held in an old abattoir which has been refitted as a warehouse owned by one of Alfredo's business investments.

An old killing pit set deep into the warehouse floor is the default fighting circle, and is painted half in black, half in white. A cage across its ceiling both keeps those fighting from attempting to escape while allowing those watching a fine view of the proceedings.

A rowdy crowd is typical at these events, and the air of the warehouse rapidly becomes thick with sweat, smoke, and alcohol fumes. People from all walks of life gather to watch: servants, ruffians, merchants, disguised nobility. Many come for the excitement, others come to scout for talent. Some, like Alfredo, simply enjoy the sound of breaking bones and the sight of blood splashed across the stones of the killing pit.

Venue Rules currently set by Alfredo

  1. No magic or enchanted equipment to be used by either fighter
  2. No weapons or projectiles are to be used by either fighter
  3. Non-human Fighters are to remain in human/bipedal form, and must be able to fit in the fighting area.
  4. The fight does not end until one or both fighters are unable to stand, be it from cowardice, fatigue, unconsciousness, cripplement, or death.

Underneath the ornate plaque with the official rules is a cheaper engraved placard bearing the following notice:

"Due to patron complaints, management regrets to advise that zombie, and similarly undead creatures, competitors are disqualified on account of already being corpses. Management apologised for any inconvenience this may have caused."

OOC Rules and Fight Types

If any player wants to utilise the venue for an RP, please note that there are three types of fight possible, with different rules for judging each explained below:


This is a fight between one NPC fighter vs another NPC fighter.

If neither player controlling the NPCs is a member of The Eldritch Cabal, it is expected that a Cabal Member shall be present to NPC Alfredo as Master of Ceremonies for the event. (This NPC role has been fulfilled by Valentin thus far)

If, at the end of the fight a clear victor cannot be agreed upon by the two PCs controlling the NPCs, a member of The Eldritch Cabal, agreed on by both Players, may be called upon to cast a deciding vote.


This is a fight between a Player's character and an NPC controlled by a Player

These matches are designed for the furthering of a PC's RP development, and the quality of opposition and outcome of the matches should be negotiated with the Player NPCing the opponents.

PC vs PC

This is a fight between two Player Characters.

Such matches are to be fought as a duel. The stakes for such a match can be determined by the Players. Cabal Members may be willing, at their discretion, to put up a prize purse for the victor.

The outcome of such a match is to be determined by three judges, with an additional caveat: one of the three judges MUST be a member of The Eldritch Cabal.

The Fighters' Stables

This is a listing of current NPCs noted as being 'Local Talent'.

To fight against these NPCs in particular, they must be NPC'd by the Cabal Member or Player who created them.

If a Cabal member wishes to add an NPC to the stables, feel free to Hmail Valentin with the details, so that some kind of match to 'Debut' the character into the Venue's history can be arranged.

The NPC Fighters

Fighters available to be NPCd by Valentin

Troll-baiter Lenny

Description: A big, bald, broad-shouldered bruiser covered in knife scars, whose knuckles seem to be more knotted scar tissue than flesh, bone, and cartilage.

Fighting Style: No-holds barred violence with a boxing background. If part of his body can hit to cause damage, he'll use it.

Eric 'hanged man' Higgins

Description: A lean and rough-looking fellow with dark, shifty eyes, and a scar from old rope burns around his neck.

Fighting Style: Boxing, dirty tactics.

Foul Mouthed Francesco

Description: Better known as 'Frankie', Francesco is a short and stocky man, sporting a shabby moustache and a greasy carpet of curly black hair. He tends to wear his builder's overalls to fight nights, sweat mingled with sawdust and dust in general.

Fighting Style: Boxing and thuggery.

Snake Eyes

Description: A lanky acrobat, long of leg and arm, body almost anorexic and wiry with muscle. Coffee-brown skin typically glistens with what may seem to be sweat, but is a film of slippery oils. His clothing in a fight tends to be a loincloth common to some of the swamp-dwelling tribes outside Gualon. Apart from his sleek musculature, the only sign of his experience with combat are a small collection of faint scars on his legs, torso, and arms.

Fighting Style: An unusual combination of acrobatics and serpentine striking techniques, stemming from a tribal devotion to the giant swamp snakes infesting his homeland.

Fighters available to be NPCd by Svilfon


Description: ColdMoon is colossal for a human; corded, tight muscles covering every inch of his exposed flesh. Born in Frostmaw, captured and enslaved as a pitfighter

Fighting Style: Berserker

Fighters available to be NPCd by Xiang


Description: Tall for a human, at 6'5, but skinny as a skeleton. Bright red hair and various tattoos.

Fighting Style: Unorthodox

Fighters available to be NPCd by Leifong

Michael 'Pretty Boy' Stevens

Description: Pretty Boy Stevens is a blond-haired and strapping young lad, well built from his corn-fed, manual labour upbringing in the provincial farmlands of Kelay. A favourite of the female audiences in Vailkrin.

Fighting Style: Boxing


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