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  • Clan: The Temple
  • Alignment: Good ~ occasionally smudged with grey around the edges~
  • Full title: Myrall Stronghammer.(She is again acknowledging her husband's name, as he seems to be back to his old self.) High Priestess of Loda, Leader of The Temple Clan and Queen of Craughmoyle.


Gone is the naive idealistic young dwarf who came down from her home in the hills to the east of Craughmoyle in search of her betrothed. Gone is the innocent creature who stared in wonderment at the many story book beings, such as Dragons, Pixies Elves and Vampires she encountered in this strange new land. In her place stands a one who has met with war, death, betrayal and loss, but also found love, friendship and an inner strength she did not know she possessed.

Myrall has never actively sought the positions or titles she now holds, but has rather stumbled into them but virtue of her stubborn refusal to bow to those who would turn her from her chosen path. Never one to back down from an argument or for that matter a fight, this peculiar woman has stood her ground through periods of turmoil, chaos and self doubt, emerging from them with a confidence of purpose that was not evident in the person she had previously thought herself to be.

She has embraced this destiny as it has unfolded before her, and adapted to suit each new challenge. Although she is still not entirely at ease with her full title, she is getting there, and is as ever eager to do all that she can to ensure that Craughmoyle and the dwarven race are returned to their rightful place in the history books.

Loda: This is the dwarven goddess of weaponry and magic, and her symbol is a swirling triune of golds and reds, each of the three intertwined circles representing one of the orbs of power, wisdom and knowledge she is said to possess. There are many tales of Loda's bravery, with her ability create powerfully magical weapons and wield them battle being the cornerstone of many of these legends. She is usually depicted in dwarven script as a rather bookish looking woman, with flowing white hair, and glasses, though it is said that the majestic sight of the goddess, riding her fiery chariot through the night skies, on the eve of battle will inspire any dwarven army to greatness.

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