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Dracolich discussion

Cyllth asked my input, so here it is. If a player had jumped straight into a Dracolich without a significant RP history, I probably wouldn't like it. That being said, Cyllth isn't a "player", hes an admin, and they have the right to do what they wish and thier RP is regarded as canon. I'm sure Cyllth is more than capable of RPing this character. The Oracle idea seems original and fun, it should be a good addition to the game. Even if Cyllth did decide to use "godchat" for the RP, can't fault him on it, as it's his right as an admin and would probably spice things up a bit. We're missing forces more powerful than ourselves in this game, and something like that could serve a humbling roll for those who wish to think themselves of limitless power. Tiphareth 19:58, 14 October 2011 (UTC)

Why not make him a demi lich? -Derry

  • The mental image I have of the character probably isn't that far off from becoming one, except his body hasn't deteriorated yet. I don't picture his physical body moving much, if at all. He can project his awareness elsewhere for information gathering and entertainment, but for any serious discussion will have the person come to him. --Cyllth 16:30, 14 October 2011 (UTC)

I think this idea is great, lots of rp potential. The prices would need to have an evil mastermind kind of thing behind it. Something that makes Cyllth want to come about and assist people with knowledge. Sacrifices would be great, if somehow he could use them for something besides sheer sport. Perhaps people could fight others for him, giving him a splendid show to watch or they go and retrieve a lost artifact of his before he fell asleep. Because, if he really is that forgotten, I would assume a few thieves have found him out and robbed what they could off the big guy.

With that being said, I think you would want it in a hidden location but more of a rumor thing. Like, whispered about that an ancient prophet is still about and leave hints to be collected to where when someone puts 2+2 + 12 together they make 16. Anyways, that's my thought on location..

As for information, I would have to say it's quite awesome that you won't use god chat and such to do it however it might extremely limit the feasibility of it all. The tells way is by far the best but perhaps you could simply ask the players if you could use your god chat to go oracle on. I would recommend you show them what you're going to be using though, so that you would have less QQing about it.

On the note of power, I don't care where you start off at, as I don't think you as a player would abuse it in any way. You've always come across as nice / helpful since I've played so personally, I'm not worried that one day Cyllth is going to pop up (Perhaps tommorow) Burn Mura, his house, and everything he possesses in one fell swoop. That being said, I have to say, Phylactery hunting anyone :D ?


p.s. I'm with Kasyr.

With all the new additions that you're adding onto the char, he's starting to seem a bit more like a really gossipy dracholich than an Oracle. I would be all for you using godchat to know certain things that otherwise wouldn't be able to be explained. Not necessarily everything, but an Oracle that doesn't have some sort of clairvoyance of the current going-ons seems a bit, well...stuipd. And that doesn't mean that I want you to ruin other's rp with it, but maybe throw some hints in that you know what other people are doing. Be uber with knowledge, not with power.


  • Ah, I think I see a misconception. Everything I mentioned below is OOC. The player oocly gives me their question, I oocly talk with the other side (if there is one) to get details, then use that to give an IC Answer when the person visits. And it's just the best way I've managed to come up with so far. I'm open to suggestions for better ways. And one reason I haven't rushed into this is because I know it's not all that great a method. I'm just stumped for a better one so far. --Cyllth 19:17, 11 October 2011 (UTC)

Honestly? Having an oracle whose a draco lich lets you do stuff like set up camp in Vailkrin, or some secluded area, and send people on quests, either to retrieve items or just..offer you sacrifices, in exchange for cryptic tidbits. It'd be sort of spiffy.

And it gives us like...a foreshadowing device for if the admin have like <.< A major plot down the road. You can totally foretell like, a major disaster in a vague way- get the hype going. XD


P.s. Do it.

  • It does seem like you're jumping quite a ways ahead, but at the same time, I wouldn't expect you to be super powerful and go around dueling people. I think if you had a progression period where Cyllth would have to actually grow back into his power, it wouldn't seem like you're suddenly becoming a super-power. I do like the character idea and it should bring plenty of RP around for everyone.


  • You're an admin. If they don't like it, tough. And I seconded Kelo, it's not like you're going to go uber on everyone. --Vuryal 19:35, 9 October 2011 (UTC)


I had to rush, so I didn't have time to post my thoughts behind the character:
  1. I am unable to Death Duel
    1. It makes a sort of sense to have a character who is, for all intents and purposes, immortal, and knows it.
    2. As a corollary, if he's functionally immortal, he could already be ancient.
  2. I am able to warp, teleport, see everything that's going on.
    1. A mage, specifically an Oracle, seems to fit those abilities.
    2. This brings up issues of player privacy, so my having godchat will not be used in any way to support an Oracle.
  3. I have no interest in running or ruling a region. That's not my thing.
    1. Also, I am not a super-duelist. I have fought 3 duels, and lost them all. This character is not going to go around uber-pwning people. After sleeping for several centuries, it's feasible he's rusty.
    2. I hope my prior characters speak on my behalf. None of them have possessed or used any sort of extreme powers.
  4. The character changeover process sat on a shelf for several months, and I gave it no thought, until the server swapover made it convenient, so I took the option. I have to fill in the character and his RP story and background still, so anything I've said about him is not set in stone, and can still be changed.
    1. Theoretically, since I haven't played anything yet, I'm not even wedded to the race or class at this point.
  5. For me personally, I'm not a good story writer. I have trouble coming up with my own storyline, but I'm not bad at adding to or filling in other's stories, and I had hoped that an Oracle would be useful for that.

--Cyllth 21:04, 9 October 2011 (UTC) --

Oracle Discussion

Assuming that I go ahead with the Oracle concept, any suggestions on how I should operate it? Here are a list of things that need to be considered or answered (I have bolded the ones that I am currently using in the concept, but I'm open to change if a compelling argument is made):


  • Hidden location, where it's a challenge just to find the Oracle in the first place
  • Public, but costs money to enter
  • Public, people can stroll in off the street

Payment options

How much should I charge for the service?

  • My original idea was a custom item in exchange, but I'm not sure now if that's a good way to do it.

Information Sources

Obviously I am not an Oracle IRL. ;) Unless I just totally make stuff up on the spot, typically I'll need to look around for a valid answer. Now, I'm lazy, so I'd rather not have a method that takes a lot of effort, because quite frankly that won't last long before I stop putting the work into it. ;)

  • Godchat will not be used as a source. What I happen to see or not see while performing admin duties does not affect RP.
    • Because of this, I will have to go to other people to get the information needed to answer the question. Just because I saw Pauly Paladin and his friends planning a raid on the local slave ring HQ yesterday doesn't mean I can mention it in an Answer without talking to Pauly first.
  • Player sends me the question a week or so in advance, so I have time to talk to any players whose actions would affect the Answer.
  • Players or admins with upcoming RPs can send me blurbs I can use in if a question comes up. But this would require the other people to think of/remember to do this in advance. I can't constantly pester folks asking "Got any RPs coming up?".
  • If I provide an OOC notification, would it be acceptable for Cyllth to ICly eavesdrop on conversations? That way the players would know, but the characters wouldn't. Granted, some players it would be more dangerous to eavesdrop on than others.
  •  ??


This is a spur of the moment idea, so not sure how or if it will work, but if it does it could be an interesting hook.

  • Cyllth is really only partially anchored in regular reality. As such, when he looks at a person, mostly what he sees is their aura, rather than their physical body.
  • I can put a note in the room listing the 7 Sins and 7 Virtues.
  • Each question is typically motivated by 1 of the 14, and the asker would OOCly tell Cyllth which it was.
  • The player would also OOCly pick 1 or more of them that identify their character, in descending order.
  • No telling how Cyllth might use the information gained in this way.
  • Nor do the characters know that he can see this about them.

RP Custom for finger ideas

Recording them here so I have them all in one place. Feel free to add others if you want. I am looking for ideas on names for Custom Finger armor items, that are appropriate for both his physical body or his 'astral projection', without having to swap them out depending on which form I'm RPing.

  • Korenai
    • Greater Ring of Projection
    • Ring of Astral Form
  • Iverfin
    • Spiritual Nexus
  • Kolgaar
    • Mood ring
  • Sophie
    • knucklebone protruding from flesh
    • Ring of Astral Projection
    • Writhing Tendrils of Thought/Mind
    • Ring of Psychic/Mind Projection
    • Aura of Projected Thoughts
  • Zaxx
    • Band of decay
    • Signet of Necromancy
  • Braker
    • Ring of binding
    • Amulet of empty thoughts
    • Brooch of broken dreams