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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.


  • Name: Artritus Phineas Vox "Deathspeaker"
  • Age: Oh approximately 141
  • Race: Plain human, actually.
  • Class: Necromancer, Sage, Scientist, Deathpreist, Scholar. Pick one. Or more. They're all true.
  • Physique: Healthy. ...enough.

Appearence the apparence of Artritus Vox is largely a missleading mask. Controary to popular belief and stereotypes regarding both preists of Vekmathras and Necromancers, he is not a looming old ghast in dark robes. In fact, the old man does not appear as such. He is quite a youthfull figure. Granted, he may look near the end of his prime. But not quite as worn down as some may expect. A lustrous mane of blood red hair falls in floods from his head, framing a clean shaven face with cold eyes and a sharp nose. his entire facial construction may in fact be slightly remniscent of a hawk. Something mildy encouraged by his clothes draping like wings from his thin stature. Thin is a defining word for Vox' appearence. Long, thin fingers. Slim figure as if drawn out by some instrument of torture, he looks on the edge of being sickly. Though this is amended by a tattered red jacket enveloping most of his uppet body, held in a closer embrace by his trusty cloth bag of scrolls hanging across his torso like a sash.


Vox Deathspeaker is mostly know for his expertise and expansive study of somewhat unusual pursuits and branches of the necromantic arts. Specializing in the craft of information, he is as much a scholar as he is anything else. If not more. A dedicated preist to the death god, the necromancer is as interested in the metamorphosis of ones existance known as death as he is in the life perceeding it. And all things theese entail.

During the last... heap of years, he has been on a journey of discovery. Growing bored with the lands he knew far too well, he took off to seek out different knowledge. Different fates. Only recently returning. He was never one to stay in one place without something catching his attention. Quite the fickle audience.

Still, he is known for a few accomplishments should you know who to ask. Vox has done extensive work on the use of magical circles and arrays of the necromantic schools, especially regarding flexibility and optimization when combined with the unholy language. This is also a recurring subject in the two tomes regarding his work left behind as the old sage left for his journey.

Beyond that, his presence is mostly attested to by finished and unfinished experiments left behind. Weather it be a finished product, a witness, a speciment or a partner. Perhaps one of the more notable being an old student of his


With his extensive studies and mastery of the somewhat uncommon skill of communing with those who have passed beyond this world, Vox is an authority on his craft. Of sorts. This should not be missinterprited. He is by no means an archmage or particularly powerfull necromancer, necissarily. But an authority in his own right within the field of knowledge and progress of whatever subject he chooses to pursue. A jack of most necromantic trades and master of but one perhaps to some excess. A scholar and sage rather than a bringer of death and destruction. Death comes to all. There is little need to rush the process.

As for accomplishment during his career, they are there for those that would search. Perhaps most noticably his creation of the mysterious, if not rumored, fear magic glyph referred to The Eye of Nyx