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Statistics Overview

Name: Akihiro 
Nickname:  Aki, hiro
Age: 21
Birth Date: 10th of August
Gender: male
Race: Human
Height / Weight: 5'10" (177.8 cm) / 140 lbs(63.50 kg)
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: red
Class: Druid
Sub-Class: Assassin (Due to his past but skills have atrophied due to underuse)
Specialty: Stealth/ Daggers/ Magic
Occupation: Wandering healer ( as a way to atone for sins.)
                         Mercenary ( will only accept work if good in nature or involves hunting down bad guys)
Clan: none
Guild: none
Alignment: Neutral
Origin: Off-Hollow
Home: none
Status: quo (hahahaha)

     - Observant
     - Calm and collected
     - Optimism
     - High wilderness survival skill
     - Agile
     - average-Intermediate battle skills
     - Adaptability
    - easily agitated (when someone brings up his past)
    - Dislikes direct confrontation
    - Stubborn
    - Can only cast one spell at a time


*Basic flame Manipulation
*Basic nature magic
*Assassination techniques
*Basic healing magic


Akihiro, a man hailing from the eastern lands. A man with a past that haunts him till this day. He embarks on a journey to atone for his sins.

Aki was raised as an orphan by and order of assassins who kept the "balance" They fed him, clothed him, taught him everything he knows today. The only thing they couldn't do was kill his heart. Yes, his heart. It's not that he didn't kill, he actually did at first, following blindly the dogma of his order, and he was good, really good. Years went on and he kept killing to maintain "the balance" he honed his skills and started specializing in ambush operations. He hated fighting directly, he prefers to strike silently in the midst of chaos. His favorite playing field? The forest. He knew how the forest worked, he knows what it could provide. Any poor soul who would be trapped in the forest with him would surely meet their demise. It was his second home. He thrived in it, and he learned from it.

He would live his life like this, happy and content serving a higher power... until he learned of the truth. The order has lost its way, there was no dogma, no higher power. Only lies and deceit. To think that all those he assassinated were not upsetting the so called balance, but rather individuals who were painted a bullseye on their back by the rich and corrupt. Innocent lives. He took Innocent lives.

So, he ran away, not before destroying what he once called home, taking along with it the people that blinded him to truth, the people he called brothers and sisters. He leaves his former home and sets out to atone for his sins, equipped with only the lessons taught to him and the clothes on his back. An eye for and eye, A life for a life. It wasn't easy at first, everyone in his homeland is familiar with his order, no one wanted to be associated with the "mass murderer" yet he still goes on his journey. Now he finds himself in the land of hollow, where no one knows of his past. The winds of these lands bring him hope that it is here where he can atone for all that he has done. He is a stranger to this lands but on the bright side, he still had the forest. It serves as his home now.

Things to note

* He quit being an assassin and is now practicing how to be a druid
* all magic skills he knows are basic (so please do call me out if I over do it in RP's)
* Offering healing services when doing mob clearing leave me an hmail or send me a tell when I'm active