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RP:Unexpected Worshiper of Hind

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Summary: Larz gets the news about Lanara, his dog and even more bad news about the orphanage. All of which he’s too powerless to do anything about, but even in his lowest point… he feels drawn to Khitti’s offer to join the Devout’s Guild.

Sanctum of the Divine

Nestled in between Kelay’s most popular restaurant and the town hall lies a grand cathedral-esque structure. Stone in varying shades of grey make up the four walls and foundation of the building, with silver-painted doors and white accents to match in varying spots of the building, giving a few key outdoor access points in case of emergency. Tall, vivid stained glass windows--one of each of Lithrydel’s major deities--line the two side walls of the building, serving as the Sanctum’s magnum opus. From the Light of Arkhen, to the darkness that Vakmathras calls home, each individual deity is shown in all of their glory, wielding their chosen magics or weapons, in poses befitting them all. On the inside of the Sanctum, beneath each stained glass window, lies an altar dedicated to each god, complete with candles, incense, and whatever herbs needed for worship. Caretakers of the Sanctum show no judgement, for a person is free to worship whom they wish--it’s how they do it that matters. In addition to the altars, this room also houses pews, lined down the center of the building, until it reaches a slightly raised platform with a podium. This may be used for sermons, weddings, or funerals. An elaborate door, one that opens only for those in the Devout’s Guild, seemingly leads to nowhere on the back wall behind the podium. For those in need of shelter and food, a staircase leads down into a sizeable, furnished undercroft. Here, a fully staffed kitchen is in working order, with a large dining room to accompany it, on one side of the basement, while the other holds comfortable beds, for those weary citizens of Lithrydel that neither has a home nor the money to spend on a room at an inn. All in all, the entirety of the building is under the Devout’s Guild’s protection and no quarter will be given to those that seek to harm Lithrydel’s citizens and lay waste to the realm.

Largakh had been left in the care of those in the hall of the divine while recent events start to become a blur. He definitely remembers talking to nice blonde human on the beach before he tried to wrench the piece of a wood plank from his ankle which definitely prevented the half-orc to walk effectively. When she came back, she had offered him transport to here and a morsel to eat along the way for he had been pretty much been starved over the course of the year he thinks he’d been gone. The timeline is a little longer, but he kept time the best he could while in and out of consciousness. He distinctly remembered grinning through the curly beard that now adorns his slightly gaunt face when he saw the painted window of Lauria, the goddess of nature. A sense of calm settles over him as his tuscan sun yellow eyes slowly open again and he realizes that he must be in the basement of the beautiful cathedral. They gave the man the courtesy of a thin sheet to cover up with since he’s wearing only a pair of tattered shorts that were once nice black slacks and an extra incense lit near the half-orc to ward of the stench that came from a year of slow torture in a cave. He could still feel the pain in his ankle, but his threshold for it is high and he merely looks down at his foot sticking out the sheet as it hung over the end of the bed because the six foot seven man doesn’t exactly fit. He doesn’t care though, for he has an unusual sense of serenity and peace in this sanctuary. The unusual mix in his blood displayed unpleasantly upon his pine green skin which is dappled in jagged shapes of prussian blue and the rarity of it might have caused a stir in the other weary Lithrydelians or workers.

Khitti || Camina Corelia was at the door and waiting for Khitti when she arrived. The woman who served as Khitti’s assistant--as well as was a follower of Q’na--nearly scared the hell out of the redhead as she opened the door to the Sanctum and stepped inside. “Frakking hell, Camina. You’re gonna give me a heart attack one of these days. What is it?” The dark-haired islander pressed her black-painted lips together into a thin line before parting, kohl-circled eyes studying her boss briefly, “Your sister brought someone in. Someone that’s not her ex.” This wasn’t the first time Meri’d dragged someone all the way to the Devout’s Guild headquarters. The last time, it’d been Meri’ ex, Callum, after they’d both been attacked by witch hunters. “He’s of orcish descent and has been in and out of consciousness since he was brought here. He’s not someone I’ve ever encountered before.” By “encountered”, Camina meant he’d not been anyone she’d been sent to spy on or was in the vicinity of such person. “He’s injured and likely needs to eat something. Can’t exactly feed him when he’s out cold, though.” Khitti sighed and nodded, “Alright. I’ll go see to him. Do me a favor and go start on my paperwork, alright? You don’t have to do it all--just a headstart would be nice.” Khitti hated paperwork. Loathed it with every fiber of her being. But, every business--non-profit or otherwise--had their own fair share and Khitti couldn’t escape it here or at her bakery. Camina would do as instructed, heading off through the strange door on the back wall of the building. Khitti, on the other hand, would head downstairs and fetch some food and water from the kitchen before making her way to Largakh’s room. Mammoth stew and a bit of buttered bread was on the menu for today; it wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was hearty and filled the stomachs of those that could not afford food in the first place. A knock was given to Largakh’s door, but she’d open it a bit regardless of an answer, peering in just a bit, “Hello?” If he was still out, she didn’t want to disturb him too much.

Largakh is just a little disappointed because he thought, for sure, that his beloved Lana would be the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes again, but he’s alive! He made it out alive and is STILL himself despite his captor’s obsession with bringing about the prophecy of the blue orc. There’s so many more who are worse off than him… like the orphans at the Gualon orphanage and his heart starts to ache for he missed all of them while wondering how many got adopted during his absence. It’s while he was dwelling on these thoughts that he blinks and swivels his head so he can look at who is speaking to him. A soft grin is hidden under his beard which is streaked in a bit of silver just like the front of his black hair, but the smile reaches his intelligent eyes, “hey. You must be Khitti?” His gravelly voice sounds that of an orc, but the kindness and wisdom behind it is an odd contrast just like his vitiligo condition. He pulls the sheet over him a little more, “did they warn you of the stench?” An apologetic expression comes over him, “I apologize in advance.”

Khitti nodded as she moved into the half-orc’s room, offering him a smirk, “I am. And I’m a mom and I used to be a necromancer, so I’ve smelled a lot worse.” The meal she brought for him was set on the bedside table, allowing him to eat it when he wished--if he wished to do so. “How are you feeling? Do you know who you are? Where you are? I’ve only just arrived here for today, so I wasn’t given many details.” A chair was pulled from from the other side of the room and set next to one side of the bed, with Khitti taking a seat in it when she was done. “When you’re ready to, we’ve several washrooms on this floor, so you can take a much needed bath,” the redhead said with a smile. “The kitchen and dining room is just down the hall too and plenty of people on hand to assist you when you need it.”

Largakh gingerly props himself up on one elbow, “congratulations on becoming a mother,” he offers genuinely. Always wishing he could have a child, but his mix of race won’t ever allow it and every application he put in the orphanage was turned down because of… well… many reasons. He breaths in the smell of the food before replying to her questions, “there is some pain in my ankle,” he glances down and the gruesome sight could cause any human to be screaming in agony if it were them, but he is talking about it like a sprained ankle or something! “I am Largakh Xerthurg, but people just call me Larz. I used to be a city guard in Gualon before I went missing a year ago,” over a year ago. “I was told I was in Cenril when I woke up. It must have been where I washed ashore when I escaped after swimming for who knows how long,” a slight shrug from broad shoulders. “It was night when I escaped and that’s all I remember on how I got to Cenril, but I was out of it during the journey here.” His grandparents belong to the south in Sage and he vaguely remembers some familiar areas belonging to Kelay, “am I in Kelay?” A soft grin curves his pale and slightly cracked lips hidden under the mustache hairs, “by mother Lauria, that’s kind of you miss Khitti, thank you.” Obviously a religious man, but the choice is odd for an orc. “I won’t be a bother for too long. Once my ankle heals, I’ll be off to find Lanara and our dog, Tanner. See what’s become of my apartment in Gualon and stop by the orphanage there.”

Khitti bobbed her head in a nod of thanks to Larz, for his congratulations, but she remained quiet as he explained his injury and went on to tell his story. The name ‘Lanara’ is mentioned and all the color drained from the redhead’s face, crimson brows knitting together in concern. Larz… Larz… hadn’t Lanara mentioned him before? Now that Khitti dwelled on the name, the memory of the witch having mentioned one of her fiance’s had died. Khitti’d likely been told during one of their long conversations that consisted of practically everything but the kitchen sink. “The ankle I can certainly deal with. And you are indeed in Kelay.” Her voice was quiet, despite there being no need for it, and the redhead did her best not to show the utter sadness that stirred in her heart, wanting to bring back those tears from half a year ago. She’d need a drink tonight when she went home to Brand after this--maybe two… maybe several. “But, there is something you need to know… about Lanara and your dog.” The templar frowned and stood from her seat, moving to the aforementioned ankle that needed healing, a grim look given to Larz’s appendage. Pale hands were brought to hover over it, and what started as a golden glow around them, quickly turned to a deep shade of red as Khitti tapped into her holy magic, using its full strength. “There’s been witch hunters. Lots of them. I don’t think they’re related to Larket but…” Surely he knew about Larket’s dark deeds against the witches? “Not long after her and I met, Lanara, her sister, and another witch were attacked in Cenril. Tanner was with her and taken from her then. While the attacks have mostly subsided lately, several months ago, both Lanara and Talyara were abducted by the same witch hunters. They were tortured and rescued from their captors, but… Lanara was not the same afterward. After losing so much the past year--you included in that list--and then this capture too, it broke her mind. Lanara lives, but she is no longer within these lands. She was taken to a hospital far away from here, one that specializes in dealing with the mind.” Khitti finished up her work on his leg, not long after she finished her own unfortunate tale. “She managed the Adventurer’s Guild for a time before she left, and even joined my own. She was one of very few that I’m close to.” The holy magic gone now from her hands, Khitti raised one to her face, wiping away tears before they could fall, “I’m sorry you had to find out this way, Larz.” Weakened now from the excessive use of her magic, Khitti dropped into the chair with a heavy sigh. The pain of losing one of her close friends was now evident on her face; Khitti could do no more to hide it.

Largakh fell silent and his jaw tenses under the cover of his beard. His gentle gaze rests on the woman’s face and how distraught she is, but the healing of his ankle is basically ignored with the news even though it a miraculous magic she’s using on his wound. Feeling guilty, angry and utterly hopeless at the news, he starts blaming himself. Had he been more careful the night he was abducted, none of this would have happened, “but…” he wants to deny and argue that his strong Llama Lana would never end up in what sounds like a mental hospital. Clutching the mattress below him and suddenly not feeling all that hungry, his eyes sting with tears. Not ashamed to cry in front of someone he doesn’t even know, “whe-...” He takes a deep breath and lays his suddenly heavy head on his pillow. Being an up and coming detective, he always needs to search for clues and proof, “is there any way I can see for myself?” A soft sigh escapes him and in the silence, he lets a tear fall for its all his dehydrated body will allow as he reaches out a tentative hand towards the stranger so he could gently rest his hand on her forearm in comfort if she allows it. “I’m sorry miss Khitti that I’ve caused you to rehash such turmoil.” A subtle twinkle in his eye slowly returns along with a hidden grin, “but… I just remember her smile. The way she taught the kids at the orphanage and how they reflected the light that cast off her. The time we crashed a wedding and made up a whole life with each other. Or the time she thought my grandfather was insinuating she was a lady of the night for hire in order to lure me into a trap to which she told him off and stomped off,” his hand slipped away from Khitti and he suddenly felt exhausted. “Just… remember her spirit… bring fruits to Lauria’s shrine for tribute for me?” Again, something an elf would do and not an orc.

Khitti || There’d be no judgement from Khitti, for his crying, and for his actions that would seem strange to those that was not used to the strange and unusual (that is to say, an orc not acting at all as an orc supposedly would). “Her sister is the one that told Meri and Meri is the one that relayed it to me. Talyara would likely have more information as she was there with her. I wasn’t the one that rescued them. I didn’t even know until it was too late.” Khitti mustered a smile for him, setting her hand on his to give it a squeeze to return the offered comfort. He likely needed it more, after all; Khitti’d had time to grieve for her friend, while Larz had only just begun. “The thing that I have to keep telling myself, is that she’s not dead. She’s not dead and she may still recover, even if she never returns to Lithrydel. And I do remember her smile. There were many a night when her and I would share our problems with one another, no matter how great.” Khitti’s smile faltered now, thinking of how Lanara had been during the last time she saw her. She’d been hiding something from Khitti and Khitti’d thought not to press the issue, but… maybe things wouldn’t have ended the way they did if Khitti had. “I will. And Hind’s as well if you wish.” While it hadn’t been mentioned, Khitti’d done her homework on the Ascendi as well, even if they weren’t worshipped as widely as they used to be. “Talyara has a cottage in Frostmaw. I’ve not seen her at all since before she was taken. I… haven’t wanted to burden her with my presence when I know she’s still healing. You were family to an extent at one point, however, so perhaps it would be different with you.” Silence took hold of Khitti briefly as she pondered on things, olive-green eyes first finding the floor, before shifting back to him, “I don’t regret talking about her. The people she was close to, they deserve to know. You deserved to know. Even if it’s so very painful.” She paused a moment, then continued again, “The Sanctum can serve as your home for as long as you require it, Larz. Take your time and rest. You’re a burden to no one here. And if you need it, things can be brought to you--books or what have you-- if you’d like something to connect you to Lauria, something to help you heal.”

Largakh continues to grin softly under the cover of his unruly black beard as he takes solace in her comfort no matter how much of a stranger she is. “Taly,” his tone sounded affectionate in the remembrance of her for he actually met the sister before he met Lana and his grandmother looked at the pair with such reverence. “Right…. Hind, thank you,” he looks almost sheepish, “showing my age there, but Hind a god I also feel close to.” Remembering how his grandparents gravitate towards that deity, but told him stories of how his departed mother used to worship Lauria. “There is a calming power of serenity here, Miss Khitti, I thank you again. Depending on if my apartment in Gualon has been rented out by now, this may be a temporary home to me.” He gives short chuckle, “once I’ve got more energy I will earn my keep, though. Any repairs, cleaning, cooking, organizing needs done - I’m your guy,” he fists his hand over where his heart is on his sheet adorned chest and nods his head to her. “If I could trouble you for one last thing?” Waiting for the woman’s mossy gaze to meet his sun tinged one, “since Lanara cannot be reached… at this time. Would you mind writing Taly for me after you bring the literature? I would like to see her, it will be nice to see a familiar face after being kept in a cave for so long.” A hope twinkles in his gaze, but if the templar decides not to because of the reasons she gave, he will understand.

Khitti shook her head and smiled at Larz, “Less showing your age and more showing how long I’ve actually been here in Lithrydel--which is to say, not very long at all. I wasn’t around for the Ascendi’s presence here, though I know of them, by way of books and visiting their shrines to learn a little about them.” She nodded to him, still offering him that smile, “Like I said, take your time. We’ve plenty of room here for those that need to stay much longer than the norm. And I will certainly write to Talyara and let her know. I probably should finally make some sort of contact with her anyway. It’s been far too long, and while the Devout’s Guild misses her, I need to know how she’s doing.” The smile she’d been holding disappeared, the urge to frown suppressed, “If not for her sake, then for my own peace of mind.” The talk of Talyara reminded Khitti of something, and Larz’s mention of living in Gualon even moreso, “Perhaps when you are well again, and she is also, the two of you could tackle a problem at Gualon’s orphanage. It’s been ongoing for some time now, but the few here that know Gualon well enough have been dealing with it the best they can. It was a guild task Talyara chose before she was taken. Some of the orphans might have gotten their hands on a cursed object and no one wants to fess up to it. It’s causing a sickness amongst them, but those that I sent there have been keeping the sickness as bay as well as they can. I think it could be something both of you could attend to, when you’re ready. The children are… being difficult, to put it nicely. But--”, she stopped herself before she could go any further down that route, “--they’ll be fine for now, so long as my people stay there and tend to them. Children get sick so easily, so it’s likely something that would’ve happened anyway. Thankfully, it’s not quite as serious as what had been happening in the rest of Lithrydel. I think…” Khitti tapped her chin, considering what to give Larz to do,” perhaps you could teach some of the students here about the Ascendi? It doesn’t have to be anything formal. Even if it’s just about Lauria, I think they could learn a great deal--as I said, I don’t normally teach the newcomers about them. And if you feel like doing some of the regular household chores too, then that’s no big deal. But, it’s entirely up to you!” The redhead regained that warm smile of hers, leaving the decision up to him.

Largakh feels his whole world closing in on him as panic floods his expression, eyes going wide and pretty much every muscle of his body tenses. “The orphan children!?” His voice rises, but it is not towards Khitti even if she may feel the power and panic within it. “No…” the angular elven lines of his face harden with the news as he sits up and the sheet crumples upon his hips. Now that most of his torso is uncovered, thin scars mingle with old ones on his vitiligo skin and it’s obvious that the lines were deliberate in some sort of barbaric torture a shamen of an orc tribe might do for bloodletting in rituals. Under the scarred skin is evidence of a once athletic build and even though the man has lost some muscle mass, it still looks as if they struggle to fit under the taut skin. “I must go to them. You don’t understand... I used to live at bare minimum so I could give most of my gold to the orphanage and any days off, I spent either hunting for their food or spending time with them while teaching them. I cannot just lay here and let innocent children suffer,” he throws the sheet off him and swings his feet out to stand to his six seven height, towering over the woman if she also stood to stop him, but she wouldn’t have to do much as the room spins due to Larz’s malnutrition and dehydration. Everything went dark and he started to fall back, but once he’s sitting on the bed once more he shakes off the faintness. He sighs, resting his elbows on his knees and letting his head bow - looking the epitome of defeated. His love is gone. His home is gone. The orphans are in some sort of danger and he suspects his dog is gone too… He’s a broken man and he heavily, unfairly, blames himself. After an awkward silence and a few shoulder bounces that make it seem like he’s on the verge of sobbing, his voice sounds soft and defeated, “as soon as I’m well. I’m going to the orphanage.” With… or without Taly. “And priestess… please pray for me,” his intense yellow stare finally meets her as his head raises, “I’m going to need it after I find where that cursed item came from.” Such a kind man suddenly looked… dangerous! A glint in his steady gaze reflects the speck of Darkness that had been planted over the course of this past year in the recesses of his soul.

Khitti || There’s this thing vampires do, when they’re really pissed off. A certain sort of metaphorical darkness seems to gather around them, they make themselves seem bigger than they really are. More imposing. More -deadly-. Khitti hadn’t been one of the undead in well over a year now, but there were still some things that were retained in that brain of hers, things she’d never forget from that experience--this was one of them. She’d stand there and listen to Larz, watch him as he stood and in that instant, that little switch flipped in her head, just as it had in years past when she was amongst vampire-kind. Unpainted, pale lips pressed into a grim line as he declared what he’d do as soon as he left, only to feel dizzy and collapse to the bed again. “You will do nothing, Largakh,” her words were like a smouldering whisper, the redhead doing her best to keep her irritation as quiet as she could. “You’re dehydrated. Malnourished. To such a point that I know perfectly well. And you will also not insult my guild and my people. The people who have been taking care of your orphanage since we found out about the problem. I am doing my best. -We- are doing our best. Many things have passed during the year or so you’ve been gone. A madman from Catal resurfaced and threatened to annihilate all of Lithrydel. A plague the likes of which I’ve not seen in my time took hold of the entire continent and is only just now starting to subside. The witch hunters. A mindflayer in Venturil. An uprising of sentient raptorfolk in Venturil has made a blockade and murdered people with their impenetrable wall.” Oh, Khitti tried so hard to keep her cool, but… she was a redhead and a fire-wielder after all. “My guild is spread thin. -I- am spread thin. If I didn’t think they were in capable hands, I would’ve dealt with it myself. It would’ve been dealt with sooner if it hadn’t been for Talyara’s capture. This is guild business, and you will take Talyara with you, because our guild is what those children have known since this started.” Khitti stood from her chair finally, staring down at Larz with knitted brows and a rather unhappy face, “And for the record, I’m not a priestess. Or a paladin. That is not a path someone like me can ever walk down.” Khitti’s line of sight shifted away from him, the woman side-stepping away from the chair and the half-orc, and eventually letting out a heavy sigh. “Look, please just understand that I’m doing everything I can. The building is quarantined for now. Like Lanara was with animals, Talyara’s empathy lies with children. She’s more necessary to this than you might think. I will write to her, tell her you wish to speak to her, and hopefully she will come here soon. But please… you must think of yourself for now.”

Largakh settles. Be it out of weakness or respect… probably both. “I mean no disrespect, Miss Khitti. Lanara, Tanner, my grandparents and those kids were all I had and I come back from being tortured in a cave by my father to bring about a prophecy of the destroyer… the blue orc,” a hand presses his fingertips into his own chest, meaning himself. “I didn’t let him. I clung on to those simple things. Those few things because they were -mine-... I have nothing, miss Khitti.” A hand runs down his face as he lays himself back down, “I’ve said too much. Please accept my apologies, miss Khitti, allow me to help.” Sincerity fills his gruff timbre as he turns his head to look at her once more, “as soon as I get better, that is.” A soft grin curves his dry lips, “the way you carry yourself reminds me of my grandmother. She was a well respected warrior priestess before my grandfather and her got shunned, but she always emulated fierce strength and even taught me the ways of the bow. That is why I mistakenly referred to you as such, again, my apologies.” To him, it was a compliment, but not everyone knows or remembers Seldana and Theodiun.

Khitti let out another sigh, then shook her head, “It’s alright… I’m sorry too. It’s just been… very trying lately and next to my fiance, I’ve the worst temper in Lithrydel.” Careful, slow steps brought Khitti to Larz’s side again and she took his hand gingerly, “Please understand when I say that I know what it is to have nothing. Even with everything I have now, it still feels that way at times. I still feel alone. I still wonder why Cyris put me on this path and what he expects of me and why he wants anything from someone like me in the first place.” She gave his hand a squeeze, then released it, allowing him to let it drop where it may. Perhaps she’d “You -will- find your way again and you -will- help those children. Both they -and you- are in a delicate state, and that’s why I want you to accompany Talyara when she’s ready. Taly’s in quite the same boat as well. It’s better to work together and lean on each other when it’s needed, then try to do it all alone.” Khitti wouldn’t mention though that she never followed her own wisdom--she was incredibly stubborn like that. “I will offer you one more thing though before I leave you to rest. Scandal, a dragon that Lanara and Talyara adopted as their brother, felt as if he were lost too when Lanara was taken to that distant land. He felt empty and hopeless, just as you do now. I offered him a place in the guild, as a place to take solace. He’s not as well-versed on Lithrydel’s deities as he is those from his own time, but he’s eager to learn and loves to research. So, I offer you the same thing. A place in the Devout’s Guild, should you wish it. There are many here that are just as broken as you are--and I’m right there with them. You’d have people to lean on when you need it, a sanctuary away from everything else.” Khitt shrugged, olive-green eyes shifting towards the floor, “It’s not something I’d want you to decide on now, nor do I want you to. Something to think about at least. And you’d not be the first to turn down the offer, if that is what you ended up doing. I am not quite the person you think I am, but Cyris compels me to help others--to help them be as free and independent as possible--because the gods helped me. I do what I must, because without them, I wouldn’t be alive in the first place.”

Largakh lets out a slow breath from his nostrils as he takes her hand in return, “sometimes that lonesomeness is easier to ignore when you’ve no time to think on it due to being busy… or spread too thin.” He wisely muses with those all too intelligent eyes connecting right to her own, but his expression wasn’t that of being judgemental or nagging… it was kind and understanding. These strangers have revealed some deep wounds in a short time, but being here made him feel safe and comfortable. The warmth of Hind is near and fills the half-orc with a certainty, “right now miss Khitti… this is where I need to be. You can ask me again in a few days, but I will tell you the same.” No more danger glinting in those unsettling yellow eyes as a look of clarity washes over his expression, “I feel a need here. For me. For this sanctum. You have my oath that I will do anything in my power to help you and your people the way you’re helping me.” He fists his hand over his heart again with a nod and in the heartfelt moment…. a loud gurgle comes from the empty depths of his stomach; bellowing the song of it’s people for the desire of sustenance! He glances to the stew she had brought in and sits up some with a sheepish grin before he steadily begins to eat.

Khitti couldn’t hide her smirk once Larz’s stomach growled rather loudly and he’d said what he needed to say. She’d obviously let him take several bites before she held out her hand, her palm face up. “If it’s truly what you want, then let me give you what you need to enter the Sacrosanct. It’s through that door that Camina went through. And don’t mind her, either. She’s a bit like me… just a lot less loud about it.” When he gave her his hand one last time, she’d draw a rough sketch of the guild’s sigil on with her index finger, a bit of her holy magic pouring into it. Once the sigil was drawn, the guild’s sun symbol would glow silver on his hand before disappearing entirely. “There’s a library there, an armory and training facility, rooms for everyone that needs one. I’ll make sure Camina knows.” There was a knock at the door then, as if on cue, and opened to reveal the redhead’s assistant. “It’s already been taken care of,” she said, her thick islander accent accompanying the words. “You were listening again weren’t you?” Khitti smirked at the dark-haired half-elf as the woman just shrugged at her. “And you didn’t even touch the paperwork. You’ve doomed me to a life of bureaucracy, Camina.” It’s fine. Totally fine. Camina was better at stealth and spying anyway. Clearly. “I’ll leave you to finish your meal, Larz. If you want anymore, there’s still some in the kitchen, or you can help yourself to the kitchen in the guild area. Plenty of sweets from my bakery in there.” Taking a few steps towards the door, she’d turn around and offer him a sympathetic smile before she took her leave, “Things will get better. It can’t rain all the time.”

Largakh allows the marking to happen with keen interest. The holy magic does sort of burn, like one you get from the sun, but he expected as much due to his orc blood. He doesn’t even indicate it pained him for he can tolerate a lot worse and it’s worth it anyway. He quirks a brow, “sweets?” He asks through a mouthful of bread. Nothing was compared to his grandfather’s famous sweetbread, but the guy sure does love him some sweets. He grins with his lips closed to Camina since he’s still chewing and waves a small hello to her. With Kitti’s simply wise quote, he catches her gaze and agrees, “no… it cannot,” for it goes for the both of them.

This is a Devout's Guild RP.