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Part of the Through The Looking-Glass: Return To Wonderland Arc

Part of the Magic, Madness, and Mayhem Arc

Summary: Lanara meets Khitti at the theatre to speak with her after The Sound of Sirens' concert had finished. The witch asks Gorey Taelyr (one of the band members) if he'd go with her to the winter soiree in the Enchantment and he accepts. Afterward, Lanara tells Khitti about Lionel and the fact that he's alive (mostly). Things go... exactly as Lanara expected it would.

The Theatre, Cenril

Khitti || The “gig” Khitti had told Lanara about was a part of an autumn music festival at Cenril’s theatre. Plenty of other bards and their bands were there of course, but the main attraction for tonight was Cenril’s own The Sound of Sirens and the place was -packed-. Sadly, the setlist was a lot shorter than normal, thanks to time constraints, but the show was still bound to be badass nevertheless! Lanara’s name and a description of her would be left at the ticket booth, just in case they didn’t know her there--she would’ve gotten a note in advance from Khitti saying that the free ticket was for all day, but she didn’t have to be there all day if she didn’t want to. Social situations like that weren’t always the greatest, you know. Towards the end of the night, Khitti’s band took over the stage and their ridiculously loud rock music started to play.

Khitti || ♫Let's take a moment and break the ice, so my intentions are known. See I have pity in watching you suffer. I know the feeling of being damned alone. I've got a storybook of my own. Don't you see I am your pride, agent of wealth, bearer of needs? (And you know it's right) I am your war, arming the strong, aiding the weak. Know me by name, shepherd of fire!!♫ The band’s pyro went off on cue, Khitti aiding it with a bit of theatrics on her part via her own magic, the stage lined both with pillars of elemental flames and the black and purple shadowfire. The song would continue on, and another took its place. This went on for several more songs until it was time to end the show. ♫I push my fingers into my eyes! It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache, but it's made of all the things I have to take. It never ends, it works its way inside. If the pain goes on... ah!♫ The spectre, Gorey Taelyr, assisted Khitti’s singing with his own banshee screams where needed. As per usual with the ghostly male, he wore those masks seemingly made of flesh, the particular one he was wearing now bled when he stuck his fingers into his eyes like the song says--Khitti wasn’t going to do it after all--and the mask continued to bleed throughout the song. ♫I have screamed until my veins collapsed, I've waited as my time's elapsed, now all I do is live with so much fate. I've wished for this, I've bitched at that, I've left behind this little fact: You cannot kill what you did not create. I've gotta say what I've gotta say and then I swear I'll go away, but I can't promise you'll enjoy the noise. I guess I'll save the best for last, my future seems like one big past. You're left with me 'cause you left me no choice.♫

Khitti || As per usual, the crowd was wild. There were mosh pits here and there, though there were also bouncers to make sure that those that didn’t want to be near the dangerous areas were kept safe. When the song ended, the fans let out cheers for the band, chanting Khitti’s stage name, Red. The band gave their farewells and bowed and left the stage. The note Khitti’d sent to Lanara would let her know to meet her backstage afterward--she had to change out of those stage clothes after all. Being in a rock band was a gross, sweaty business with all that pyro.

Lanara seems to have calmed down immensely since the previous nights outburst, as she walks along the main road in search of the theater where the Sound of Sirens was performing. She has a lot on her mind lately regarding the trial and the recent loss of her brother, but tonight those emotions were placed in her subconscious as she had newer instances that occupied her thoughts. How was she supposed to tell her best friend, Khitti, that she had helped to save Lionel’s life on two separate occasions? They were only three days apart, but Lana hadn’t had a chance to pen Khitti a letter as she was conned into hosting yet another ball, though she’s hopeful that the soiree won’t be as macabre as the Samhain event. The witch groans, knowing that she also had to find a date on such short notice as it was ladies choice, and as the host it wouldn’t do to go to the event single. Nick was out of the question as he would be on stage performing, and Kyori was currently in a coma, so that left one other option, she thinks as she’s stopped at the ticket booth. “Lanara.” The name is all she has to give, before the door is opened and she breezes into the venue, the sound of music greeting her tapered ears and easing her nerves about this meeting.

Lanara :: The witch isn’t familiar with the first band but she appreciates the beat of the drums as she weaves her way through the crowd so she can be closer to the stage. Khitti had informed her that the festival would be for the entirety of the day, though Lana wasn’t feeling all that daring. There was a mosh pit, she was somewhat a ‘ woman’ in the lands, and she was more of a night owl, anyways. Plus, everyone would be in a better mood with some liquor in their veins as they rocked out to their favorite tunes. It’s a win-win situation. As the Sound of Sirens makes their way to the stage, the brunette excitedly bounces up and down and waves to Khitti, the pride in her expression undeniable. Lanara always gave props to performers, as being on a stage in front of a crowd this large was intimidating! Their vocals are mesmerizing, as is the pyro show, and of course, Gorey poking himself in the eyes as his mask oozes crimson. The fans are going wild, and as the set comes to an end, the witch stands on her tippy toes and whistles and applauds. This night out was much needed, and she breezes backstage with a smile on her face as her she greets her sweat soaked friend with a hug, “Khitti! You were –amazing- up there!” A glance towards the rest of the band is offered, as she shyly claps Gorey on the shoulder, since she felt he was the friendliest towards her, “You guys stole the show!”

Khitti laughed as she hugged Lanara back and watched her clap Gorey on the shoulder with a smirk, “It’s definitely a nice way to get out this pent up frustration I’ve been having lately, with everything that’s been going on. It’s been a bit since I’ve actually been able to perform with them. They were at the Mage’s Guild fair a while back and Gorey took the reigns for a bit.” The not quite corporeal Gorey removed his mask and eyed Khitti as he wiped the blood that still clung to him, “It wasn’t as big of a crowd as it is when you’re here, but yes, it went well.” He ran a hand through his long brown hair--or what was left of it anyway considering before he died he’d had it shaved on the sides while the middle was a strange concoction between a mohawk and a ponytail. “I think we’ve met before, haven’t we?” A ghostly hand went out, offering it to the witch, “I’d introduce myself, but I’m pretty sure you already know who I am.” The redhead just sort of stared at the two, as Gorey seemed to quickly forget that she was there entirely. Of course he knew who Lanara was. They’d met that day Lanara and Khitti discussed business about the Adventurer’s Guild picnic last year. And he’d seen her at various other events that had been held and they’d both been a part of. Khitti knew he knew who Lanara was, but she was a good wingman--er, woman--and kept her mouth shut as she tried to hide the ever-growing smirk on her face.

Lanara is still fangirling over the whole show, pointing here and there as she comments on –every- aspect of the fire, the moves, the screams, and of course, the memorable lyrics. “It was amazing! I would love to come to all of your shows, Khitti! You really aren’t afraid to let loose! I was similar… When I used to dance for others, it was the best sort of therapy, and you just sort of forget the world around you!” Of course, she wouldn’t be dancing in front of an audience anytime in the next decade, and she’d never be able to give classes again. Thanks to the witch hunters and her severed achilles tendon! Lanara tries her damnedest to maintain a smile when Khitti mentions that it’s been ages since she’s performed and had a night that wasn’t dripping in dramatics. How was she supposed to just drop the Lionel situation in her lap?! Gorey saves Lana from ruining Khitti’s high from being on stage, at least for a few moments, and the witch finds herself offering the specter an easy smile. For a ghostly man, he was rather easy on the eyes, and she finds him to be charming! “Yes, we’ve met about a year ago? And I’ve seen you here and there…” Her cheeks flush, as she was pretty tipsy at Khitti and Brand’s handfasting and may have blown him a kiss across the dance floor. Cue the awkwardness. “I’m Lanara… Everyone calls me Lana. And of course I know that you are Gorey Taelyr… I’m a big fan of your voice, your stage presence, pretty much your everything!” She laughs, a hint of nervousness in her tone as she mentally facepalms herself at her girlishness. Lana was stunning and often had a plethora of would-be suitors, at least before the whole being-charged-with-heinous-crimes business. An undead man wouldn’t care if a living person was facing the death penalty, right? She –could- be a shameless flirt; however, Khitti is standing right there and likely wondering what the heck was going on, so Lana lowers her hand and gives her friend a cheeky grin. “Do you guys have another set? Or any plans for the rest of the night?” The witch is eyeing Gorey still, and she quirks a brow in Khitti’s direction, mentally asking if the specter was single.

Khitti || Oh, Gorey had definitely seen that kiss she blew him at the reception and if he hadn’t been working at the moment, he likely would’ve been attempting to smooth talk his way into a date with her. “It’s nice to officially meet you, Lana,” Gorey said, his words oozing charisma. Or was that ectoplasm? No, definitely charisma. “Khitti’s clearly very bad at introducing her friends to one another or this would’ve happened much sooner!” Khitti could only shrug and shake her head, “You know I’m not much of a people person. I’m about as bad as Brand is when it comes to social situations.” Which translated to: either she was really good at wearing a mask or she was reaaaaaally not. The latter was usually when she was drunk though or with a very close friend. “And no,” Khitti continued, now to Lanara, “We’re done for the night. Gorey and the rest of the guys are gonna be porting out of here soon to Vailkrin with the equipment. They don’t take as long as I do afterward since, you know, they’re dead. Er, undead. Whatever. They don’t get entirely disgusting.” Jon 3 called out to Gorey, letting him know that they were about ready to leave. “Well, I suppose that’s my cue,” the spectre said, “It was lovely to see you again, Lana.” Gorey scooped up one of the witch’s hands and placed a kiss on the back of it, like she was royalty or something. The action was a bit cold, temperature wise since he’s dead, but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. It was merely like a cool breeze brushing up against her.

Lanara smiles at Khitti, “I get it! As soon as you’re changed, we can grab a drink or something. I still really have to talk to you about something. But the free show was such a treat!” The witch is a sucker for a sweet talker, and the kiss to her hand was earning Gorey major points, so she feels empowered to respond, “It’s a pleasure to officially meet you, as well, Gorey… I know you’re in a hurry to get out of here, but I was wondering…” Her gaze momentarily shifts to Khitti, hoping she wasn’t breaking the friend code or whatever, by asking a member of the Sound of Sirens on an actual date. The witch was single, she needed a date for the soiree, and Gorey freaking Taelyr was showing slight interest. What was a girl to do?! She’d apologize to Khitti as soon as they were out of earshot, she vows, as she clears her throat and nips her lower lip, “So… Gorey! My sister and I are hosting this winter dance in Enchantment, and it’s this Friday, around this time… It’s a formal ball, and its ladies choice, meaning the women have to ask the men to be their date… I know you don’t really know me, or anything, but I was wondering if you’d like to be my date for the evening?” Lana’s speaking pretty fast, and she hopes he won’t ask her to repeat any part of her sentence, because that would just be mortifying. Swallowing hard, she waits for his reply, and hopes that he won’t spy the serious blush that has stained her sunkissed cheeks. She’s adorable when she’s embarrassed, but Lana loathes showing –any- sort of weakness to anyone, even in these situations. The other band mates are waiting to port out of the theater, and Khitti is likely wondering if –this- was why Lana seemed so stressed and needed to speak with her right away. “I, um, understand if you can’t make it, I know its short notice…” Lana’s nerves are fraying right now, and she’s wondering why she didn’t pull the specter aside to ask him privately.

Khitti was seriously getting a kick out of this. It was reminiscent of the day her and Brand “met” one another again, after he’d found out she wasn’t dead anymore and had amnesia. He’d been a bundle of nerves and she kept hitting on him and smooth-talking her way through things--and even got a date with him out of it! Gorey shifted his attention to Khitti after Lanara nervously word vomited at the ghost, his tone clearly in jest, “Is it true? She’s holding a ball?” Khitti would nod and respond with a “she is” before Gorey turned back to Lanara, “It would be nice to go to one of these things for once without actually being there to work. So, yes. Lana, I will go with you to this winter dance of yours.” He offered the witch a genuine smile, but it was soon washed away as now the rest of the band was calling for him, to which he gave them a scowl. “I don’t know why they’re so impatient. It’s not like we won’t be alive for the next several hundred years.” He shook his head, then looked to Lanara before he headed off, “Send the details for the ball to Vailkrin, alright? I’ll be there. And bye, Red.” Khitti waved as he left, then eyed her best friend, blinking a few times, “Well that was a thing. Don’t tell him I told you but he’s had a thing for you for awhile now. Preeeetty much since you guys first met. So, what did you want to talk about?” The redhead went behind a changing screen and finally changed out of her gross clothes, stuffing them into her satchel after she took out the clean ones. She’d emerge eventually in one of her usual wintry outfits: a black sleeveless knee length dress, a dark grey knit duster and leggings of the same color, and her favorite black boots. “It seemed like it was kind of important.”

Lanara feels her hopes dashing when Gorey looks from her to Khitti, as though the thought of her hosting a ‘ball’ was comical. Should she take offense? She often hosted holiday events, and it was a huge deal, as in her youth she was often kept at the Academy and was unable to attend any sort of affair. The fact that her magic was advanced and unstable made for a rather boring upbringing, and she was forced into isolation as a mere toddler. Talyara had the childhood of dreams, but Lanara was focused on making her adult years count, and creating that ‘dream’ event for all that came to one of her parties. As Gorey returns his attention to her and states that he would like to be her date, she hopes he won’t see the bubbling of excitement that lights up her eyes. He said yes!!! “Sure! I’ll send the information to you, and I’ll see you there! I’m probably going to wear a silver dress… So you can go with whatever color tie you desire.” The image of Gorey dressed up is far too appealing to Lanara, so she turns her flushed face to give a wave to the group as they tell him to ‘hurry up’ as they wished to port elsewhere. As he leaves the area, Lanara’s breathing returns to normal, and she nervously meets Khitti’s gaze, “I’m so sorry! I should have said something to you earlier, but I just found out about this ball the other day and I need a date, and he’s pretty hot for an undead… I hope you aren’t upset!” The redhead is smirking, likely finding the nervousness of the witch amusing, and when she admits that Gorey had a ‘thing’ for Lana for quite some time, the words are met with silence. How had Lana missed the signs?! “Really?! I had no idea! I’m just relieved that he said yes, because I never asked a guy out, in all my years!” She chuckles, and prattles on about the ‘snowflake’ theme of the ball, as Khitti is changing into comfortable and dry clothing. The witch is wearing leather pants, a corset, and a leather jacket, which is slightly out of her style as she’s not used to wearing such dark colors, but she blends in nicely with the crowd at the theater. “Let’s go get a drink… I think the Whaler’s isn’t too far from here, right? Trust me… You will want a drink when I tell you what I have to tell you…” If Khitti agrees, the pair would head out of the theater and make their way to the tavern, which is insanely packed at this hour. It seemed everyone needed a night out. Taking a seat at a table in the corner, they place their orders, and once the waitress runs off, Lana’s expression softens, “So… How have you been? Brand? I know the wedding went a little off the rails near the end there… Are things well?” She’s breaking the ice, so to speak, before adding to the pile of Khitti’s worries.

The Whaler's Bar

Khitti chuckled at Lanara’s antics regarding the ghost in her band. “Of course, I’m not mad. What he does outside of work is his own business and if that business happens to be with you, then that’s perfectly fine. If stuff like that was a problem, I think they would’ve left me in the dust when I started using holy magic.” She shrugged and led Lanara to the back exit, the redhead poking her head outside for a minute to see if there were any stragglers around wanting autographs. -Thankfully- everyone had gone home. These all day shindigs were tiring as hell. “I’m definitely all for a drink. Or two. Kinda got back into the habit, unfortunately, but it’s better than it was before.” They’d head down the street, Khitti weaving through the late night Cenril traffic as they went to the bar. She scowled at the amount of people at the Whaler’s, but she dealt with it. “Things are fine. Brand’s... Brand. He bounces back quickly after bad stuff. Which generally translates to him stowing it away into the deep dark recesses of his brain, but we talk about his time in the Shadow Plane when he needs to.” It hadn’t always been that way. She would’ve had an easier time herding cats while drunk a few years ago when her and Brand had met. Opening up was just not his way of things… not that it was hers either. Eventually, their drinks would be served and Khitti got her lovely whiskey on the rocks, as well as the rest of the bottle to go along with it. “Beyond that, there’s not much to tell.” Lanara was clearly dancing around the subject and Khitti tried not to frown too much. Spoilers: she failed. “What’s going on, Lanara? You’re being odd tonight.” The whiskey was swirled about in her glass before she took a drink, the ever familiar amber liquid burning all the way down to her stomach.

Lanara knows she shouldn’t be encouraging Khitti to drink, especially since things had gotten so out of hand in the past involving liquor, but things were now in a more manageable state. The martini remains untouched, though the olive is slide from the toothpick and Lana nibbles on it, deliberating. How could she just blurt out that Lionel was back, after he had missed his sister’s wedding, and hadn’t been there to defend them in the Shadow Plane? Khitti felt so abandoned and it was the anger she felt towards the warrior that kept her from falling apart. Would this cause her best friend to derail again? Lanara smiles faintly as mention of Brand doing well, and things being stable, is spoken, though Khitti knows her too well, and she sighs, “I have some news to tell you that isn’t exactly pleasant… I will tell you everything from the very start, and I would have come to you sooner, but I was sort of, uh, sucked into the abyss for round two.” She rolls her eyes as she thinks back to the battle against Khasad, a name that meant nothing to her at the time, though she secretly feels like a badass for defeating the apparition. “About a week ago I went horseback riding on the beach in Chartsend… You know my love for animals and nature, and since the jurors haven’t made a decision yet, it made sense to visit a faraway beach rather than the local one in Cenril. I didn’t want to be judged by the locals, and I just wanted to clear my head… However, things didn’t quite turn out that way…” Lana pauses, meeting Khitti’s emerald hues, “There was a man lying on the beach, washed ashore, and sustaining nearly fatal injuries… I couldn’t leave him to die, so I went over to help, at the same time as this other young woman. Penelope Halifax, is her name. I didn’t recognize this man at first, as he was bathed in blood, but Penelope said his name, and after healing him with my magic… I realized exactly who the blonde haired, sword wielding, Catalian warrior was… Lionel.” Swallowing, Lana lifts her glass to take a sip, allowing Khitti to absorb the news that Lionel is back in the lands, before she continues. “Lionel wasn’t alone… He said that when he passed through the rift, that some shadow creatures followed… So, I had to battle a few of those figures, from the Shadow Plane. After the area was safe, Penelope took Lionel to a healing center, and I never thought I would see him again… But I was wrong… I was pulled into something sinister a few nights ago.”

Khitti || It was certainly going to be one of those nights, Lanara. The type of night where Khitti was probably going to go home after this little meeting and get heavily wasted. Or maybe she’d stay and get into a fight like she had several times in Venturil. Khitti’d continued drinking as Lanara started her story. She almost finished her glass but stopped before the very end and started to put it down when Lanara said that name… The ‘L’ name that was -not- Lanara’s own… In an instant the Prince of Catal’s name summoned up an onslaught of rage in Khitti’s mind. The glass shattered in her hand, and there was even a brief glimpse of her shadowflames as they ate away at what was left of her whiskey and ice. “You… what?” Most of the glass fell from Khitti’s hand, but smaller pieces clung to it still, drawing blood and a pain Khitti couldn’t yet feel. She couldn’t feel anything but anger. “He was in the goddamn Shadow Plane the whole time?!” Her voice steadily grew louder--thankfully, it sort of blended in with the rest of the din of the bar. There was a bite to her words that Lanara’d not quite heard before. “You should’ve left him to die. Should’ve told Penelope to let him die. He deserves it for what he did. He betrayed his family. He betrayed -me- after everything I did for him! Brand never would’ve been kidnapped if it wasn’t for him!” The redhead slammed her fist down on the table, letting out a growl, “I’m not surprised Penelope helped him though. The few times I’d been around her was with him and it was clear she fancied him.” The bloodied hand was outstretched towards Lanara, pointing a finger at her angrily, “You never should’ve went anywhere with him. Do you know what kind of trouble he gets into? It’s bad enough you do things with -me-. He can’t be trusted. He could’ve gotten you killed.” Killed. Murder. Maiming. These thoughts ran through Khitti mind as she eyed anything in the building besides Lanara, “I’m going to kill him. He thought Kahran was bad? He hasn’t seen anything yet.”

Lanara had seen darkness in various forms, from various people and animals, though she’d never witnessed a fury such as this boiling in Khitti’s veins. It was both terrifying and admirable, though the witch can’t help but feel as though she’s being scolded. “I didn’t –willingly- go anywhere with Lionel…” Her words are a mere whisper compared to the jeering in the busy tavern, and the venom laced threats exiting the redhead’s mouth. “Here… Your hand!” The healer in Lanara takes over as she snatches Khitti’s hand, and immediately presses a clean napkin into her palm, to staunch the flow of blood. Hopefully, she wouldn’t require stitches! The two look as though they’re holding hands, and naturally a drunkard sitting haphazardly on his stool catcalls over at them, slurring some nonsense about adding a ‘man’ to their little party later in the evening. Lana ignores him, nearly choking on Khitti’s words about Kahran and how she wished to kill Lionel, as that’s exactly what had happened! “After the beach incident I started to think about –you- and Brand, and of course Dominic. I know that you’ve had too many dealings with the Shadow Plane, and how those witches crashed your wedding reception… I just wanted some answers, so I figured I’d stop by Yerrel’s Hut in Sage Forest, where Penelope was rumored to be employed. I had no idea that she’d brought Lionel all that way from Chartsend! It was three days later! But they apparently left on foot and Yerrel had no idea where they were headed, so I was walking home and I ended up in this strange sort of fog… There was this crystal form and I tried to break it with my magic as I sensed a presence, but it pulled me and my direwolf inside! I ended up on a battlefield… Kahran was there, some vampire lord, a woman with a facial scar, wraiths riding behemoths, and of course, Khasad…” She had learned his name after the encounter, and she only now recalls Rorin, “Penelope was there, too, and this young guy…Roland? Something like that… He seemed pretty infatuated with Lionel. Anyways… We all had to fight for our lives… Sigrid died, saving Penelope’s life… Roland nearly lost his leg. I managed to defeat that apparition of Khasad and tame a behemoth… Penelope fought off the spiders… And then, um…” Lanara takes a long pull from her glass, “Kahran killed Lionel.” The burn in her throat is slow as she recalls the turn of events, “Lionel said there was no other way, that his death was the only way to defeat Kahran… So, they both died…” She still doesn’t understand –how- Lionel was brought back to life, or –why- they had to bargain with a hag, but she continues, “And then he came back…” Who!? Kahran or Lionel!?

Khitti let Lanara take her hand, a glare sent to the drunk patron that commented on the two of them. “Rorin.” For some reason just saying that stupid kid’s name made her even angrier. “I’ll kill him again. I’m going to do it.” She assumed it was Lionel. Because of course he’d be the one to come back. “This wasn’t the first time that idiot up and left to go chasing after Kahran and left us behind. He fails to realize that his actions have consequences, even if they don’t happen to him.” The venom in her voice was still there, but she’d lowered it somewhat, adopting the quiet smoldering tone that Brand had when he was this angry. It’s no wonder that those two hotheads were together. “He’s a selfish asshole that needs to be put out of my misery.” Whatever Lanara was to do with her hand, Khitti allowed it. She finally quieted entirely, but was every bit akin to a simmering pot ready to boil over again.

Lanara switches seats so that she’s beside her friend, rather than reaching across the table, and she removes the napkin to take a closer look. “Lucky for you, I’m not wearing that stupid ankle monitor…” It’s forbidden in the public taverns to use magic of any variety, but since she’s already facing charges of murder, Lana takes her chances. First Khitti’s palm would grow as cold as freshly fallen snow in the heart of Frostmaw, numbing the area and slowing the flow of blood. A single chestnut lock is plucked from Lana’s head as she lays it atop Khitti’s palm, and she mumbles something in Sylvan, likely a sterilization spell. Next, the few lines that needed stitches would be magically sewn together using the powers of the witch, as the strand of hair is used to tether the flesh and heal the injury. Once complete, Lanara studies her work and lowers Khitti’s hand to the table, “Ice it some more when you get home, and you should be good as new in a few days…” There’s a long pause as Khitti’s anger seems to reignite by the mention of Rorin, and all the witch can do is nod in agreement. She didn’t know Rorin or Lionel, and she didn’t really know Penelope, either, but she was also a healer so Lana felt some kinship towards the woman. Her loyalty was at Khitti’s side, always, as the redhead was her best friend. How could Lionel just leave Brand to die? Abandon everyone and run off into the Shadow Plane?! “I don’t know why he did any of that, and I don’t even know Lionel really, at all. I just know that this witch came by as his exposed heart was in Penelope’s hands, and she said that she could bring him back to life, but that he wouldn’t be the same. He’d be a shell of Lionel and would wander aimlessly, and eventually go insane. I’m not keen on bargaining with a dark magic user, but I could tell there was more… It was Penelope that pushed the hag, and she said the three of us passed some test? That an ‘ishaarite’ spirit would be with us always? And she revived Lionel. I assume he’s at a healing center, somewhere… I didn’t stick around. I took one of the behemoth’s and fled back to Enchantment.” Lanara is quiet for a long moment, merely studying her friend’s facial expressions, “Are you alright, Khitti?”

Khitti nodded slowly at Lanara’s instructions, though it might’ve went in one ear and out the other. She’d drink more whiskey at home and it’ll numb the pain! It’ll be fiiiiine. “There was an ishaarite spirit in Hellfire--his sword. It’s… a long story.” The reminder of said spirit brought back memories of Dominic 1.0 and his dealings with his own ishaarite spirit from the rune stone he’d found, and now Khitti wondered if it was still in him… or Brand, rather. “No. I’m not alright. I’m angry and I’m half tempted to get myself into a fight after we’re done here.” Her attention had shifted towards Lanara’s healing magic, watching as the witch dealt with her hand. She sighed eventually, and though her stoney facial expression didn’t fade much, her voice did soften a little, “I’m not mad at you though. This is what happens. This is what he does. People manage to meet him and get into some mishaps and it’s all happy-go-lucky-fun-times with Lionel and then all hell breaks loose and you’re left to pick up the pieces. -Alone-. You’re forced to move on. -Alone-.” She pulled her hand back from the table and crossed her arms over her chest, “It’s a wonder I’m even able to still run this guild like I am because I’m tired of people and their inevitable betrayal--and I’m tired of picking up the pieces. You can only put something that’s broken back together so many times before it crumbles entirely.” Khitti meant herself, of course.

Lanara chooses silence for the duration of Khitti’s words, because venting is necessary, and her tapered ears were certainly up to being there for her friend. She isn’t sure what to say or do, because she was involuntarily forced to assist on both occasions involving Lionel, but she also didn’t want her best friends to be upset. Could she have left him to die? No, even if she had known these things, the healer in her wouldn’t have been able to turn a blind eye. “His sword is beyond repair… It shattered into a million tiny pieces. I don’t really understand much of what happened, and I really didn’t do all that much… I fought one of the bad guys after my wolf was killed… But, it’s strange that you mention the Guild, as it’s all I’ve been thinking about since Lionel was resurrected… I felt the presence of the Goddess, and I haven’t felt that in over a year. Ever since I lost myself and have been accused? I have felt so alone, spiritually… But I feel as though she’s been carrying me this whole time, and that she’s never truly left my side. I’m not sure what the verdict will be, but if you’ll accept me again, I’d love to rejoin the Devout’s Guild.” She pauses and lowers her eyes, “You can even demote me if you want…Or deny me membership, I would understand.” Once a reply is given, no matter if it’s favorable or not, Lanara would order another bottle of whiskey for the table. She wouldn’t leave Khitti’s side like others had, nor would she leave her to drink alone. “Let’s get wasted. And don’t stress over Lionel… Yes, he’s back from the Shadow Plane. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgive him or forget what he’s done. You could just ignore everything I’ve said and pretend he doesn’t even exist if that’s what you want… But I do think you should inform Brand, at least? See his take on things? And… I’m sorry that I was the one to tell you this stuff, and I honestly didn’t know it was Lionel at first that I was healing, nor did I sign up for war in a foreign place. We didn’t even speak, come to think of it… He may not even remember that I was there to help.” She shrugs, as it didn’t matter. Khitti’s feelings, however, took precedence over everything, “I’m always here for you, and I won’t betray you…Nor will I fall victim to Lionel’s ways… Now that Gorey? That’s totally a possibility!”

Khitti ’s recently healed hand is brought up and out again, her index finger used to tap the back of Lanara’s hand. The guild’s sigil glowed silver, just as it had the first time the rune had been placed there, and then it would disappear again. “You were never kicked out. You’ve always been able to return when you wanted to. I guess you needed to find yourself first though to know that.” She paused, watching the waitress return and leave again with the new order, “I’m sorry about your wolf.” Khitti’s anger had seemingly faded entirely at this point. It took a lot of adrenaline to crush that glass and be as angry as she was and she was starting to come down from that high. Her hand was a little sore, and she’d definitely ice it later, but it paled in comparison to what had happened to her hands the last time she was in the Shadow Plane. “Brand will find out, but it’s not going to matter. It’s easy for Brand to break off attachments if and when he needs to. That’s all he’s ever known throughout his life.” Both hands rubbed at Khitti’s eyes, a sigh given to… pretty much the entire situation. “I should thank him, before I kill him. After all, he’s just one person in a long line that’s helped me find myself, like your goddess did with you. And one day, he’s going to meet that version of me, this evolved thing I’ve become… and he’s going to wish he’d never met me that day in Vailkrin four years ago.” The waitress returned one last time for now, a new bottle of whiskey and two new glasses in hand. A towel was used to sweep up the glass Khitti’d created, but Khitti said nothing. Instead, she uncorked the bottle, poured both herself and Lanara a glass, and set to drinking. It was going to be a very long night...