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RP:A Redhead, A Blonde, And A Brunette... Take Dance Lessons

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Summary: Khitti writes Lanara a letter in hopes of taking some ballet lessons, so that she can regain her flexibility, after having a baby. They agree to meet at the animal sanctuary in Sage Forest one afternoon, and Khitti drags along Meri, and after some hesitation the psion agrees to support her friend in this endeavor. The trio discuss animal companions, baked goods, and their love lives, all while practicing some stretches and basic footwork. As the class ends, they all part ways and plan to meet up in the future.

Location: Lanara's Animal Sanctuary in Sage Forest.

Lanara :: The guards stationed just beyond the electrified gates allow the two women to pass through without incident, as their boss had given them descriptions of the blonde and redhead that would be arriving around this hour. After entering the sanctuary itself, the caretaker with constant resting bitch face, would usher them to the rear of the facility, past various cages of all different types of animals, both exotics and domestics. A pen filled with a dozen or so puppies rests in the center of the aisle, all of them yipping and wagging their tails in greeting. Venin, the caretaker, pauses to give each of them a handful of treats, narrowing her eyes on Khitti, as though she suspected she’d make trouble. “One treat per puppy. One. Not two, just one.” She gives a brief nod to Meri, before she motions to the puppies, allowing them this moment to interact with canines. The double doors to the rear of the room open and Lanara breezes through them, wearing a black leotard and ballet slippers, clearly excited to start their lessons. She’s finishing pulling her long locks into a bun, and she can’t help but smile as the puppies are climbing all over each other, each wanting their fair shot at attention. “Hello, ladies! I’m glad you could make it. I had our intake room sanitized and the furniture removed so we have more than enough room to move around, along with a padded floor, and we even have an extra strength bar to use!” The elf had wasted no time in rearranging her back room into a makeshift studio for the evening, as soon as she had received the confirmation letter, and she knew that the evaluation room was the perfect place, as it already had a bar that was used to tether the exotics, to prevent their escape. Surely, it could hold the balance of three women! Lana looks to Meri and smiles as she seems to be bonding with a harlequin patterned puppy, also the largest of all of them in the bunch, “He really likes you! Are you feeling well?” The last time she had seen the psion was in Craughmoyle, and she had an altercation with Gevurah. Next, she looks at Khitti, and she extends a dainty hand, as they hadn’t yet met face to face, “I’m Lanara, pleasure to officially meet you.” She’d wait until they were done with the puppies, and then escort them into the back room, where two pairs of pink ballet slippers and matching leotards were resting on the floor. “I bought you each a pair in the sizes you mentioned in the letter, so please, slip them on and we can begin.”

Khitti dragged Meri along through the forest. And when I say ‘dragged’, it’s really not that at all. Meri had her horse. Khitti had her Tikifhlee, one of the shadow cats from the Shadow Plane. They were just in a hurry. Because Khitti. “Oh man, we’re gonna be late. And before you say anything--I know it’s my fault, but when Dominic’s hungry, that kid turns into his father. I swear he’d drink a cow dry if given the chance.” She stopped in her tracks briefly, thinking about what she said. Did she just inadvertently call herself a cow? Oh well. No time to dwell on it. She sort of was, in a way, right now, a cow though. Ugh. Okay, she’s dwelling on it. “I’m going to look like a cow in this outfit.” Sigh. Hopefully these lessons will get rid of some of this baby weight. She’s gotta be fit if she wants to help stop this Gabriel dude. Or Kahran. Oi. So many bad guys, so little time. They’d eventually reach Lanara’s sanctuary and would be ushered inside by the caretaker. Khitti side-eyed Meri, then motioned with those same eyes towards the caretaker as if to say ‘Are you seeing this?’. It’s because of the bitch face, of course. And then she’s scolded without even doing anything! Oi. Okay, so, Khitti -is- a bit of a troublemaker, but she’s grown out of that! Mostly. Right? Meri? Back her up here. The redhead resisted a smirk and nodded, taking the treats and feeding the puppers as instructed. There was this dachshund though and Khitti was smitten. Ever so sneakily, that one got two treats. Maybe it took it from another doggo? Who knows. Not Khitti. Oh look, a Lanara! “Hi! And thank you!” She took Lanara’s hand, shook it, then took the offered clothes. Khitti would then promptly hide behind something--anything--and change behind it. She’s a little embarrassed of those ‘tiger stripes’ she’d gotten from the pregnancy. Gaining a ton of weight really fast had not been kind to her and she had the stretch marks to show for it now.

Meri does not back Khitti up though, she is not even paying attention to the woman with the permanent resting bitch face. She is staring right past her because look at all those puppies. The caretaker is saying something about one treat per puppy but Meri is not listening to that either. She is already planning on how she can puppynap ALL the puppies. Cal would not mind, would he? And the caretaker thought Khitti would be the troublemaker. Who does not follow the rules? Meri. Who gets more than one treat? That puppy that Meri is currently bonding with, the biggest one. Definitely that puppy got two treats, which means someone’s puppy somewhere probably got shorted a treat? The puppy that Khitti doubled up on giving treats too though, so in a way it works out. But still! Don’t worry puppy, Meri is trying to work out how to get her hands on more treats....and then Lanara appears, putting a stop to that plan. “Just to be clear though? I am not here for the dancing. I am just here to offer moral support to Khitti while she works out. You know? Like her personal cheerleader? Workout coach? Something like that.” Meri? Learn ballet? Pshaw, fat chance. As cute as those pink ballet slippers might be...Meri’s stinky feet are not exiting her boots and finding their way into those things. Nope.

Lanara is grateful that the double doors have closed behind them, because her tapered ears pick up on the shrill voice of the caretaker, “She didn’t think I saw?! I saw!!! Several went without treats, and the others are going to be obese! It’s all her! Red! I know what them redheads are capable-“ Clearing her throat to mask the complaints of her ill-mannered employee, Lana talks a little louder than usual, “Have either of you had any previous dance experience?” and hopes they think that she’s just taking on the role of a ‘teacher’ educating her class, rather than muffling the sounds of… What was that?! Peering through the oval window on the door, she spies the treat jar that lies on its side, the puppies happily gobbling them all up, and Venin stomping her feet and yelling for the custodian. She smirks, pleased that the crew is hard at work, and she returns her attention to the two women, quirking a brow as only Khitti is in the correct attire and shoes for ballet. “Meri… If you truly are here to support your friend… You should –fully- support her in all areas. If the tutu’s aren’t to your liking, at least put on the slippers? Trust me; your toes will thank you.” She pauses, hoping that the blonde follows the suit of her friend, and whether she does or does not, Lana moves over to the center of the room, and stands facing them both. “Alright. Before we begin learning any of the formations, we should stretch, so that we don’t harm any of our muscles in the process, and to give us a little more flexibility. Follow my motions, we’ll start out nice and easy, and if any pace seems too fast, just let me know and we can slow it down.” She first starts with bending at the waist and resting her fingertips to her toes, holding the stretch for several seconds, before rising up to her previous position. She repeats this, two more times, before moving into bending her left leg at the knee, until her ankle taps lightly against her rear, and she holds her ankle in place. “Hold it for a count of ten, and then do the right leg.” Lana keeps a close watch on Khitti, making certain that her form is correct, as well as seeing how truly flexible she is, so she has an idea on how far she comfortable with bending, at least for this lesson. Her dark eyes narrow on Meri, to get her more into the mood to join in on the class and get stretching. “Next, we will move to our arms…” She lifts her arms above her head, as though reaching for the ceiling, “Inhale… Count to ten… Exhale…And repeat.” After a few more arm exercises, she leads them in a neck roll, and a few breathing exercises. “Excellent. Are you both ready to begin? If you should need water or a break, just let me know.”

Khitti is not backed up whatsoever (!) because Meri’s super enamored by these puppers. Okay, okay. That’s fair. Khitti would probably be the same way with some kittens. Who’d’ve thought that she’d actually be okay with cats at some point? Not Khitti. Thankfully Khitti didn’t have vampiric hearing anymore. Her hearing might even be a bit bad now thanks to all those super loud concerts of hers in Cenril and Vailkrin. Sorry not sorry, caretaker lady. Khitti changed and Meri quickly states that she’s just a cheerleader? “If you’re my cheerleader, I’m gonna go find you that outfit that Bastion wore in Craughmoyle.” She took the shoes and outfit and shoved them ever so nicely towards Meri, “I just squeezed a kid out from between these legs and need a dance partner because Brand won’t do it.” Khitti didn’t even bother to ask that captain. Could you imagine Brand in a leotard and tights? Khitti could. And she liked it. But, she wasn’t going to tell him that. Or anyone else. “Pretty please? I’ll bake you a cake. And a cheesecake. A cheesecake with a chocolate chip cookie crust and caramel drizzled over the top.” Cue the batting eyelashes trick. Regardless of whether Meri actually did it or not, Khitti’d follow along with Lanara, nodding here and there when the witch spoke her instructions. “You know, I really took this stuff for granted when I was a vampire,” the redhead said nonchalantly like becoming a vampire and suddenly not being one was an everyday occurrence. She was still sore in some places and it showed, but she didn’t push herself -too- much. “Didn’t have to stretch or anything then. You just kinda go out there and do your thing and stab people when you need to and not worry about it. If I tried doing too much of that now, I’d probably be out of commission for a bit!” Nevermind the fact that both Brand and Lionel trained her and before this she was still pretty damned fit. Having a kid though sure did make her feel old--and it’s only been a few weeks. When Lanara asked if she was ready, Khitti nodded, “Let’s do this.”

Meri :: Lanara might be trying to cover by talking a little louder than the norm, but Meri has already heard too much Khitti-trash talking to her liking. Lanara is trying to convince Meri to at least put the slippers on, while Meri ends up looking out the same oval window that Lanara was just moments before. The psion is going to cause a little trouble for that caretaker, who will find an empty puppy dish is in a place that it was not left before, and she makes this discovery at the worst possible time. Mid-step when it is too late to correct her stride. Ideally she slips and falls and ends up beneath a pile of excited puppies. Sometimes puppies get so excited that they piddle too. Oh no. This is Meri’s hope but she does not continue to stare out the window to check and see if this was a mission success. She plops down onto the floor of the room and begins to slowly untie the laces of her boots, secretly wondering how Lanara got her shoe size anyway. She may have wanted to come along..! But it was not to learn to dance herself. Khitti must be behind it. “I can imagine Brand in a leotard and tights sooner than I will ever frakkin’ wear a leotard and tights.” Which is meant in no offense to Lanara or Khitti. Just. Look at Meri? Okay she is in good shape and could probably rock a leotard and tights but she would certainly feel awkward doing so. Meri pouts and finally gets her boots off. No joke though, she probably does have a minor case of stinky feet. That is how it goes with boots. They are not nearly as gross as stinky man feet...! But boots are hot and stuffy and it is a good thing Lanara bought those slippers just for Khitti and Meri. Finally Meri has PINK slippers on her feet (still wearing black pants though) and she joins the two others on the floor with a light-hearted, “You both suck.” She does not really mean that though. Anyway, what are they doing? Stretching? Meri half-goes through the stretching motions.

Lanara nearly bursts out laughing during one of her inhales as Khitti brings up Bastion’s cheer costume, though she quickly regains her composure and follows through with her breathing exercises. She had entirely missed the fiasco in the next room, though she’s pretty sure the howling wasn’t coming from the wolf with the broken paw, as it was more likely Venin getting a taste of her own medicine. Was Brand another cheerleader, or perhaps Khitti’s significant other? She’s not entirely sure, as the rambling continues, though she has been in those ballet shoes before, and most men weren’t too keen on taking up ballet. Larz didn’t seem to mind helping her with the lifts, though he didn’t seem to eye her cleavage a little longer than was entirely necessary… Khitti proceeds to talk about cheesecake, which instantly has Lana zeroing in on the woman, as her sweet tooth cravings are about to rear their ugly head. “Oh. –Please- put that leotard on, Meri! Even I want a piece of that chocolate chip cookie crusted and caramel drizzled cheesecake!” Lana is practically begging the Psion, as that dessert sounds divine! And –then- Khitti switches gears and is talking about vampirism! Clearly, this little redhead was going to be the chatterbox of the class, though the witch doesn’t seem to mind, and as much as she’s instructing, she’s also listening, ever eager to learn more about other races and things like that. “You were cured of vampirism? That’s… That’s pretty amazing!” Lana shifts her hues to Meri, who is just now putting on the ballet slippers, and she grins, knowing that she would cave sooner or later. They all did. Even the most ‘manly’ of women softened when in view of a tutu and slippers, it was in their genetic code, she was sure of it! The witch herself isn’t too shy in her leotard, for she was used to wearing it before a group of students and she had years of practice in showing off moves and toning her muscles, which resulted in a love physique. Although… She still had that ghetto booty that she wasn’t quite capable of sculpting any differently. “Alright. So in ballet there are five basic positions, they don’t have any fancy terms, unlike the rest of the moves, it’s just first position to fifth position. These will be used a lot once we develop a routine, so we’ll take it slow.” To demonstrate first position, Lana places both hands on her hips, and presses her heels together, with her toes pointing against each wall. “This is first.” Next, she moves into second position by holding out both arms and sliding her feet about a foot apart, still with the toes pointing outwards. “This is second position.” She holds the move, watching as Meri and Khitti mirror her position. For third position, the ankles touch again, toes pointed outwards, and one arm is brought to point upwards, the elbow aligned with her ear, while her right arm extends straight out. “Third position.” Next, Lana moves into fourth position, “Okay, so put your right foot forward do not move your left from the previous position. Put your right hand on your hip. And lift your left arm upwards, elbow aligned with your ear… This is fourth. Now for fifth position…All you have to do is lift your right arm up, curve both hands into an arc, and keep your feet as they are… Good!” Excitedly, she breaks her holds and claps her hands, “You both are doing great! Okay, now you two show me the positions, and I will be the student.”

Khitti waved off Lanara’s begging as Meri dealt with Venin and put on the shoes. Okay, so Khitti had definitely heard the caretaker, but didn’t want to cause any more trouble. Pick your battles and all that. “No no. This is enough. She doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. I’ll still make the cheesecake. And I’ll send you some too! I’ve got a bakery in Cenril so it’ll get shipped out fresh from there!” Meri’s shoes are off long enough that Khitti looked like she might faint--but she was just pretending. There’s even a grin to signal as much. The smelliest of feet couldn’t compare to the horridness of freshly soiled baby diapers and she was thankful to be rid of them for the next little while. Khitti certainly felt as awkward as Meri would be in that getup and it worsened when she realized how toned Lanara was. “Oh.” That ‘oh’ means she’s been hit by a wave of anxiety. Good, good. Let the social anxiety flow through you, Khitti. She cleared her throat and tried to compose herself, and followed along with her instructor once again. Each position follows the former in succession and just as Khitti feels like she can actually maybe do this, that bit of clumsiness she had problems with when she did yoga really started to kick in. The odd feet placement was really throwing her off and then she was supposed to move her foot forward?? This did not do and her body was not having it. It wobbled and shook, Khitti still getting used to the lack of top-heavy weight, and finally… Khitti fell over onto her face. “Second reason why I’m glad Brand isn’t here,” came her thought out loud, muffled by the floor her face connected with.

Meri caves on the slippers but she is not caving on the leotard, not this session. She is a work in progress and may always be such, genetic coding or not. At least she was wearing the pink slippers and sort of participating! Meri observes Lanara as she goes through the motions of first through fifth and then she repeats. Meri might be only half dressed but her pants at least have enough give to them that she is able to perform the maneuvers without being hindered by the fabric. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly given she does have a grip of fighting and sailing experience), Meri takes to the movements quite well when she is asked to repeat them back to Lanara. It is not nearly with the same precision, expertise and technique as Lanara! But at least she does not fall flat on her face like Khitti! She does sort of have an advantage though, to a small extent, she did not just spend the last nine months pregnant. What if this was her one day? That thought does not stop her from doing as bestie’s do and outright laughing at her friend when face meets floor. Meri does at least offer Khitti a helping hand back up to her feet. “Alright. Come on. Up to your feet again. Maybe from the top?” Meri looks toward Lanara, “Maybe you could show us one more time?”

Lanara is all smiles as they repeat the motions back to her, though she’s confused as to why Khitti seems a little unbalanced. “I would love to visit your bakery…” Some of the motions are as though she’s carrying a watermelon, or extra weight, and she cants her head to the side, as she tries to figure it out and it dawns on her, that she must have recently had a baby! “The shoes looks great on you, Meri! And Khitti, stand up a little straighter…” She tries to think back to when they locked eyes in December at the summoning of Aramoth, and she puts the pieces together. Always cordial to a fault, she had merely thought the woman was bigger boned or a little thick in the middle, though it likely was a –baby- in her belly. “Khitti, try to focus on your hips, work in your own space, and try to always keep your heels aligned with your hips, at least in the position steps.” Her words fall on deaf ears, as she’s a second too late, and the poor women takes a tumble, face first onto the floor. Thank the Goddess that there was a thin rubber mat on this floor, which hopefully prevented any serious damage! “Ohmygosh! Are you alright?!” Lana immediately steps forward a hand extended, though Meri gets to her friend in time and while laughing, manages to help her back to her feet. The witch takes a long look at Khitti’s face, as though to assess any injuries, and steps to the side to pour her a glass of spring water, which is then placed into her hand. “Here… Do you want to take a break?” She ponders whether or not she should go and grab the long-eared barrel-bodied puppy, as that could make anyone smile, though Meri is encouraging her to continue the lesson. “Alright… We’ll go through the positions again, and I’ll a move, okay? We’ll take it nice and slow.” Returning to her original place, she eyes the balance bar to the side, and decides that will take place a little further down the road, as Khitti was still getting her bearings. She’d catch up, in time, her body needed to adjust. Though that Meri… She was catching on rather quickly and if she kept up with classes, well, Lana may not be the only prima ballerina in this part of the lands! Very slowly, she goes through each position, first through fifth, and in reverse, and repeat, about a dozen times, until the three of them would be sick of hearing the words, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, again. The witch doesn’t grow weary of the lesson, nor does she seem bothered by having to take things slow, for she really wanted the pair to learn something from this class. “I know you both are probably thinking this is boring, but trust me, we have to know all the steps before we can move into a routine. Plus, practice makes perfect! The next move is called the ‘demi-plie’ and it’s done in three basic steps.” To demonstrate, she stands with her ankles pressed together, her toes pointing to the sides, and her arms held out at her sides, in a half arc with her fingers pointing down. Moving along she bends her legs slightly, and keeps her back straight, holding the motion, before rising back up into the start of the move. She repeats the move quickly the next two times, no longer breaking it into three steps, so that they can see how it’s supposed to look, in a fluid motion. “Alright. Now you two, show me… Take it as slow as you need to, it’s alright.”

Khitti was a little out of sorts, but nothing a couple minutes wouldn’t take to get her bearings again, “I’m alright.” She smirked at Meri’s laughter, “Woman, I can take back what I said about the cheesecake.” Khitti wouldn’t do that though because she’s too nice. She rubbed her nose a bit, then nodded to Lanara, “I should be alright. Really. I’ve gotten into worse messes. Meri knows.” There was that time she got impaled by a giant tree splinter in the Frostmaw war… That time Emrith stabbed her nearly to death. That time she -actually- died. And then there was childbirth. That was the worst of all. “Okay. Let me try it again.” Lanara went through the positions again, and Khitti managed to follow along. It wasn’t without some wobbly ankles, but with the necessary adjustments the witch suggested, things went far better this time! Khitti breathed a sigh of relief and went through them again. And again. And again. The more she did it, the better she got at it. “I think I got far too used to doing some exercises similar to this when I was pregnant. Doesn’t help that I’ve always been clumsy too.”

Meri feigns a gasp at the thought that she would be denied cheesecake, of course by now Meri knew the truth of the matter. An appreciative smile is given to Lanara who takes them through the motions once more as soon as Khitti is back to her feet and indicating that she is still ready and willing to continue these lessons. Prior to them really getting back into the meat of the routine, Meri states, “You should visit her bakery, for sure. It is a great place for dates too.” She indicates, thinking that Lanara is still with that wolf — she is not up to speed. It has been a minute. “Naw, I don’t think either of us think this is boring. Sometimes you have got to walk before you run. It is like that with a few of the skills we have learned.” Like swordplay. Through the positions the two women go, one through five, until it is time for them to demonstrate it for Lanara. Which hopefully they manage to do this time to their instructor’s satisfaction. By now Meri has made slight progress herself. She was actually trying now, if not only so that she could try and encourage Khitti. Which is also what bestie’s do, in addition to laughing at faceplants?

Lanara heaves a sigh of relief when Khitti states that she’s alright and that this was somewhat a common occurrence. Her expression softens, as she was rather clumsy herself, though oddly graceful whenever she was dancing. Figure that one out! “Did you have a boy or a girl? And what name did you choose?” She smiles, making small talk, as she goes through the motions another time, keeping a watchful eye on both of their forms. They both were progressing beautifully! Meri is given a slow nod as she mentions the ‘date’ idea, and Lana realizes that the woman had no idea that her and Eirik had split a few months ago. “Oh… About that… Eirik and I broke up. I called off the engagement. We just… Wanted very different things.” She gives a shrug, the pain was long gone, and she wished the lycan all the best. Better to have loved and realized it wasn’t what you truly wanted, right? “I’m seeing someone else… His name is Larz. He’s a guard in Gualon.” She forgets to mention that he’s a half-orc, as the blonde would likely figure she went from one berserker to the next. “I’ll be sure to visit the bakery our next date night, it sounds like fun!” She gives them a smile, admiring the camaraderie between the two, and wondering just how long they have been best friends. It was refreshing for the witch, as she didn’t allow that many to get close to her heart, and she finds this is as much a lesson for her, as it is for them. “Okay, so the next moves aren’t all that difficult, the key is to focus on your posture. The back needs to be straight at all times, and your arms are going to be held slightly outwards, and at an arch, so your fingers point at the ground. This is a ‘battement tendu’ and as you can see it’s just two slight movements…” Demonstrating, she assumes the position and has her right foot slide forward, and then to the right. “Simple, right? Okay, moving along. Next, is a ‘saute’ which will take both of your feet off of the floor. We can take it slow…” She waits for them to assume the dancer’s stance she earlier used, “Okay, so this is why we wear such soft slippers. You have to stand on your toes, like this… And then jump into the air, about three inches, and land on your toes… Trust me, they will ache, but you won’t have any broken toes, I promise!” Lana giggles, giving Meri a sidelong glance. She was betting the psion was glad to have slipped those pink shoes onto her feet now, as she’d need that extra cushion to advance through the class. “With me…” Together, she leads them through the five positions, the demi-plie, the battement tendu, and she finishes with the saute, her eyes glued to the movements of both of their forms. She stops, and motions for them to continue, so she can give them her full attention and she nods. “Okay, how are you ladies feeling? Do either of you need a break or a drink? We’re going to use the bar, next, and really work on stretching those legs and testing your balance, before we move into the next two moves.”

Khitti continued to follow along with Lanara, taking the battement tendu ever so slowly. Back straight, arms out, fingers pointed at the ground. “Eirik is… a difficult person. I’ve had my own issues in the past with him. Nothing romantic, but frustrating nevertheless. I was surprised when he apologized. Now that I think of it, he did mention you then, but that was a couple months ago. I’ve not seen him since. I’d referred him to Meri’s boyfriend, to help with something witch-related he spoke of, but nothing must’ve come of it.” Khitti held that position as long as she could, a bit more of wobbling ensuing, but nothing too bad as she did her best to commit the move to memory before Lanara moved on to the next one. “Slow is… probably best.” Awkward cough. She side-eyed Meri briefly, the redhead ready for more laughter from the blonde as Khitti attempted the ‘saute’. She stood on her toes, which was a feat in itself, and attempted the jump. The act was not too graceful and she barely made it back onto her toes. “I’ll, uh, have to practice that some more at home. In the sand maybe?” Regaining her balance and awaiting Meri’s own turn with a smirk, she shook her head at Lanara, “I’m fine if you both are.”

Meri mouths an ‘o’ when Lanara explains how things with Eirik ended and that she was now seeing someone new. Down in Gualon. Meri knows a thing or two abouy that area, she did live down in those swamps for a time. No comment from the peanut gallery though, there are words from Khitti, and then the lesson continues. Meri just does not see it as the time and place to reveal such information about herself. The blonde’s attention begins to wane as Lanara adds more moves into their practice routine and it made obvious as Meri is asked to demonstrate the movements with Lanara and Khitti. She goes through positions one through five with ease, seems to have caught on to the demi-pile, the battement tendu, she will even attempt to stand on her toes...! But she nopes right the heck out of the part where she is meant to jump about three inches off the ground and land on her toes. It is not that Meri cannot jump. She just usually lands flat on her feet, and not upon the tips of her toes. The psion can just see her ankles and toes shaking and then giving way, leaving her with a twisted ankle or worse. She makes zero attempt at the sauté and does not look ashamed for it either. It is not meant to be open disrespect to Lanara, though it could perhaps easily be perceived as such. She does offer up an apology, “Sorry, not feeling the toe jump.” As for if they should continue or not, Meri smiles slightly. “I am fine, so whatever the two of you would like to do.”

Lanara sighs as Khitti mentions Eirik, shaking her head, and tucking an unruly lock behind her tapered ear. Stray hairs were always coming loose of their binding, no matter how tight she made the bun. A dancer’s worst nightmare, at least if she were performing for a large crowd. The body obeyed, the hair, not so much! “Eirik was charming at the start… He proposed after only three weeks. It was a whirlwind romance that we both were so caught up in, without taking the time to think of the fact that he was a witch killer, and I’m… Well… An actual witch. Once the chase was over he lost all interest in me… But it’s fine, it’s entirely his loss. I just hope the next one is treated with more respect.” Giving Meri a glance, she gives the blonde a small smile, “I know what you’re thinking… I still cherish the tattoo. He allowed me to keep the direwolves when we parted. And now that I own a sanctuary, it seems fitting. It just has a different meaning than was originally intended.” As Meri doesn’t even try to attempt the sauté, and Khitti seems a little timid with it, she gives them a reassuring smile. “Alright… For practice, when you land, try landing on the flat part of your feet. And then perch right back up on your toes, quickly. So it will look like this…” She demonstrates, and rather than land on her toes after the jump, she lands on her soles, and then props right back up on her toes, swiftly enough that one would think she had done the original movement, though it’s far less complicated and dangerous. “It’s fine to alter it, until you feel comfortable. Okay, so over here we have the bar…” Leading them over to the right of the room, there’s a thick metal bar that stretches the length of the wall, and extends about a foot outwards, so they couldn’t bump into the wall. “Okay. The bar is your friend. It will not move. You will not fall. You have to trust it to hole your weight. It’s a guide to help you so you don’t lose your balance. First, we will work on a dance move and a stretch, all at once, while using this bar. When Schezerade is back in standing, you can come to the studio, I have a mirror on the opposite side so you can see your movements. But, for today, this will do!” Facing the wall, she rests both of her hands on the bar, and motions for them to follow suit, each of them spacing out about three feet apart. “This move is called the ‘grand-plie’ the only thing you truly have to remember is to keep your toes pointed out to the sides, your nose pointed to the wall, and your back straight. When you start to feel a burning in your thighs, it means you are stretching too far, so ease back up a little, until you are used to it.” Lana slowly descends towards the floor, her knees pointing outwards, her heels coming up into an arch to touch, as her eyes are now level with the bar. “Alright, you girls try. Take it slow.”

Khitti only just realized Lanara asked about her kid! “Oi, sorry. Much too focused on the dancing. I had a boy. His name is Dominic Connor. Meri’s his super official best aunt too! I’m worried she’s going to spoil the hell out of him. I’m already going to be doing enough of that as it is.” She was joking of course. Meri could spoil him as much as she wanted to. Khitti would nod though, as Lanara spoke of Eirik, red brows knitted together. “He mentioned that too, actually, and I was just as surprised about that as I was the apology. He didn’t really seem like the type and from what you’re saying, it doesn’t really sound like it. I’m glad you’ve found someone else though that treats you right,” she said with a smile, no judgement in her voice about the fact that Lanara’s a witch--she was a necromancer for a long time, after all, and dealt with the same sort of prejudices as the witches. “I will keep that in mind, for the practicing. I’ll probably talk to my own partner about having a bar installed in the ship’s training room too. It shouldn’t be too much of a big deal and maybe I can convince his first mate to practice with me sometimes when Meri’s unavailable.” Khitti wasn’t going to make Meri do this with her -all- of the time! She watched Lanara stretch her legs with the help of the bar, her eyes getting a bit wide. Oh my. That’s definitely bound to hurt after having a kid. Thank the gods for the ship’s healer and his herbal remedies and the holy magic from the sprite in Tenbatsu Kaji--she healed a hell of a lot quicker than most after childbirth because of it. She took the move ever so slowly, keeping a death’s grip on the bar so as not to fall over, a rather strained look on her face as she lowered herself slowly towards the ground, though not quite reaching it.

Meri clears her throat when both Khitti and Lanara speak their part. “Yeah. Well. That all sounds very Eirik. History definitely repeats itself with him, you are not the first woman that he has done similiar with. All of the women he has had in his life were far too good for him and he was a fool to treat any of you that way. Raphaline. Sabrina. Aarika.” Meri frowns as she speaks the first two names, she was more familiar with them than she was Aarika. Enough that she labeled them friend, she still does even though she has not seen either woman in an extended period of time. “And after what he once asked me to do, I find it hard to believe he would ever truly get over his hatred for witches of his own accord....I am glad that you have moved on and found someone that treats you well, and that you have even found a new meaning for your tattoo.” Meri continues to frown. It was awkward to discuss at length, she did not want to seem insensitive or heartless...she honestly wanted to warn Lanara the day that the witch was in her chair. Love makes you believe some wild things sometimes, so ultimately Meri decided not to offend someone who was at the time a customer. On to more happy topics. “Oh yeah. Aunt Meri is definitely going to spoil Dominic. Speaking of. If you ever need a babysitter? I insist you let Cal and I watch him. I knoooooow you have a whole crew that could watch him. But listen? Cal and I will come out there. We’ll even watch him on the ship if that makes it easier for you. You don’t even have to bring him out to us!” Meri was trying to sell this one hard, all things Meri considered. Which means she is probably up to something, but hey, it can’t be anything -that- bad. At least not for Meri or Dominic. Anyway. To the bar Meri goes, practicing this grand-plié. She is more willing to give this earnest effort then trying to jump on and abuse her poor toes. Why did it have to be ballet Khitti? Out of all the styles of dance, she just had to pick ballet. Could be getting krump’d right now.

Lanara seems surprised at the lack of judgment from Khitti, as most would sneer or look at her with wide eyes when she mentioned that she’s a witch. It was pretty much common knowledge, at least in these parts, and she didn’t think she had to be cautious around Meri, who she knew to be a witch sympathizer. So, she had come forth and told the fiery haired woman the truth, and she smiles in response, a deep understanding in her gaze as she gives a small nod. The woman either was somehow related to a witch, or she had dealt with some type of prejudice in her past. In response to their replies regarding Eirik, she laughs and shakes her head. “Love makes us do crazy things, doesn’t it?! This time around, I’m taking my time. I was blind and lonely, and the perfect victim, I suppose… And I knew of those he dated in the past. All women that I respect from either knowing them, or hearing about them. I should have followed their lead and left sooner, rather than later.” She pauses, as she hears the name of the child, and glances at Meri, the designated aunt. “Congratulations to you both! Children are such blessings, and I know he’s going to be such a loved little boy. And that is a lovely name, too! Is he named after a relative?” She again, drops into the grand-plie movement, and motions for them to follow suit. The only way to get limber was to keep at it! Lanara is impressed with how far Khitti is able to stretch, especially after having a child only recently, “Very good, Khitti! You are doing amazing, just don’t push yourself.” She looks to her left and watches as Meri continues to practice, the witch nodding her head, pleased with both of their efforts. “You both are quick learners. It’s great that you both are doing this together, though if you wish to do a lift I think you’ll have to bring your partners in… I can arrange a nice, private ballroom dance lesson for you. Once you have ballet down pat, the rest is rather simple. It’s all about having a good form to work with, and not being so rigid in your movements. Okay… So now, this one is fairly easy. You’re just going to hold onto the bar, jump up, and press your pelvis against the bar to hold your balance… Legs straight, toes pointing at the wall to our backs, and tilt your head so that you’re looking at the ceiling. Remember, all your weight will be pressed onto the bar. For now, don’t let go, but if you feel comfortable, try releasing one hand. This mimics a lift.” Lana shows them the move, holds the pose for about ten seconds so they can see her form, and then slips from the bar, as she would do it again, but with them this time. “If you feel you’re slipping, just slide your pelvis lower until your feet hit the ground.”

Khitti eased back up to an almost standing position and then eased back down towards the ground, repeating the move in the time Lanara allowed them before continuing. “He’s named after his father--a name Brand used to go by anyway--and his uncle, Lionel.” Khitti definitely does not push herself because she doesn’t want to start splitting at the seams, so to speak (for the lack of a better analogy), and returned to standing completely as Lanara showed them the next position. “You don’t need to keep him on the ship; the kid could do with a bit of the forest, I think. I’ve even taken him to Frostmaw with me when I had to take care of Lionel’s paperwork. He seemed to like it well enough,” Khitti said, eyeing Meri curiously. “Are you sure Cal’s going to like that? He seemed very much like Brand used to be in the kid department, maybe even moreso.” Meri was -definitely- up to something. Khitti knew it. Now, she even had a nose for these things. Her mom senses were tingling. “No having wild binge-drinking parties with my kid though. He gets enough of that with his father.” That was a joke, of course. Khitti finally attempted that next move once her thought had been spoken, her hands finding the bar and those arms lifting herself up with all the weight on the bar. “Wow, this one’s much easier. Probably because of the archery!” Well, at least she found -something- she can do without mucking it up.

Meri does not provide Khitti with an immediate answer, because they were doing the jumping thing again. At least this time it did not require Meri to land upon pointed toes. Both hands upon the bar, Meri pushes herself up and holds herself there. The instructions are heard, hold yourself up as long as you feel comfortable and if you feel comfortable releasing to one hand..great! Both Khitti and Meri take to this one with ease. They are both fighting chicks and neither of them are lacking in arm strength. Gotta swing that sword and punch people. Meri attempts to do it with only one arm supporting her next! Mission success! The psion decides to invent her own instructions at those point. Look Lanara! No hands! In essence, Meri is now cheating and relying upon her telekinetic abilities to keep her floating above the floor. Up and up she goes until the top of her head is almost touching the ceiling. Legs are then lifted and folded so she is now levitating in the air cross-legged. The woman smirks down at the two woman. “Carry on. Just gonna have a little break.” Not that she was feeling particularly tired, Khitti was the more dedicated student and Meri...was just her to goof off, honestly. “That is a complicated question, Khitti. I might definitely be trying to convince Cal that one of our own would be super cute. But even if I did not have this motive, I am still his Aunt? One way or another Dominic is bound to make an appearance at our house over the years, so one way or another Cal is probably going to have to begrudgingly accept that much. Especially since we’re going to get married. Even if we decide maybe it would be better to have no kids, that Dominic kid is officially part of the Meri package. I just probably should not try and convince him to change any diapers while we watch Dominic....”

Lanara tilted her head to the side as the origin of the child’s name is mentioned, and she wonders if it’s the same Lionel that she had met years ago in Xalious. And wasn’t there a fancy statue of him in a washroom somewhere in Frostmaw? She vaguely remembers the man, and the name Brand is foreign to her, though she smiles all the same. “It’s a fitting name for a boy. So… You live on a ship? Are you from Cenril or Rynvale?” Lana had only been aboard a ship once, and that was with Barnabas, so that they could gather some items for a ritual to save the life of her shark horse. It was… Catastrophic, to say the least. Although, she assumes that if one were often at sea, they’d grow accustomed to the constant swaying underneath your feet. She chuckles as Meri is accused of potentially hosting a binge drinking party, “He can’t have any tattoos just yet, either!” Lana turns her head to wink at Meri, only to see that the woman is no longer balancing atop the bar, she’s… In the air!? Levitating above their forms, the woman is a tad startled at first, as she doesn’t recall teaching them –that- move, though she can’t help but giggle. The abilities of the psion had saved the lives of her and Encara, though this time she was using her powers for fun, thankfully. The time in the shadow plane hadn’t exactly been pleasant. The two women discuss children and she remains silent, merely nodding here and there, as she wasn’t able to have one of her own. The sanctuary was all she needed, the animals were her children, and if she ever married and chose to adopt, she’d think about it when that day came. There’s not a hint of envy in her chocolate hues though, as she watches Meri plot about using Dominic to give Callum some of that paternal instinct, and she nods, as though she agrees it’s a fine plan. The admission of Meri saying that they are getting married causes a brow to quirk, “Oh my gosh! Have you gotten engaged, Meri?!” With all that was happening in Larket, the resurrection of Valrae, her mud-wrestling match with Taly, and the opening of the sanctuary, the elf had gotten rather behind on the happenings of the lands. It was high time that something light hearted had happened. The break is welcome, and Lana retreats to a small table in the corner, where she pours three glasses of water, and motions to a tray of cookies that she had made herself that morning, nothing fancy, just chocolate chip. She’s suddenly self-conscious of her baking abilities, as Khitti was in fact a professional baker with her own shop, so she merely bites into the cookie and drinks her water, hoping they were suitable. Next up would be the final move of the night, the pirouette, and they’d need this break, before heading into that.

Khitti :: “MARRIED?!” If Khitti were drinking something right now, she’d have spat it out. Instead, she was in the middle of lifting herself up on the beam again and nearly came crashing down onto it! She could only blink and stare at Meri as she composed herself enough to stand properly again, those olive-green eyes fixed on the blonde. Was -everyone- going to get married before Khitti and Brand? Hell, at this rate--and if things went well for them--Lanara and her new guy might be too. She tried her best not to ponder on that as Lanara ushered them over to cookies and water, “You didn’t tell me about this.” There wasn’t anything bad about the way she asked this, just shock. Meri was much like Brand in a lot of ways and getting married seemed like one of them. Then again… Brand -was- the one that proposed, so it’s not entirely unlikely that Meri would come around to the idea too, as she’s clearly done. Khitti grabbed a cookie and didn’t even bother inspecting it. It goes into her mouth and the shock that’d been written all over her face is now replaced by pure joy. “Frakking hell, this is amazing!” Don’t worry, Lanara. Khitti loves -all- sweets equally. Doesn’t matter who they’re made by. “Oh and I live in Cenril, yes. On Brand’s ship, the Tranquility. Might be putting in an apartment above the bakery soon too!”, she managed to say finally after another cookie’s shoved into her mouth and swallowed.

Meri lowers herself to the ground as the women break for water and cookies. It was not just the promise of water and a snack though, it was not actually easy to keep one’s self levitating. “Yeah,” Meri admits to Khitti in a somewhat guilty tone. The blonde did not really have a good reason for not confiding in the redhead on this matter — other than spoilerz. “Anyway, I don’t know if we are going to have a long engagement or a short one. We have only made it to the yes part of the whole affair.” Khitti could still yet tie the knot before Meri. It should not be surprising that Meri is not gushing over planning the whole affair with the two other gals present. It is Meri. It was obvious she was happy with the decision to get married though, she was smiling during while giving the sparse information that she has to the women. A cookie is chomped upon and then washed down with water. Her half empty glass is set lightly on the small table, next to the tray of cookies. Afterward Meri is motioning back to the open room, “Shall we?”

Lanara smiles as Khitti compliments her cookies and even reaches for another, a faint blush rising to the woman’s cheeks, “Thank you.” For now, the focus is all on Meri! She can’t believe that the woman just announced her engagement in the evaluation room of the sanctuary, wearing pink ballet slippers, while levitating. She’s delighted for the woman, as she’s grown rather fond of her over the past few months, as they always seemed to be in the same circle at one time or another. She remembers the woman mentioning that her and Cal were talking about getting a puppy at some point, though they obviously were far more serious if they evolved into talking about marriage! And she’s acting so non-chalant about the whole thing! Lana watches, incredulous, as the woman eats a cook, sips her water, and asks to return to her dance lessons, to which she shakes her head. “Uh no! Khitti and I want details!” She’s speaking for both of them, as she assumed the redhead wanted to know just as badly as she did, for deep down Lanara was a true romantic at heart. “How did he propose?! Did he get down on one knee? Let me see the ring! Don’t leave one detail out!” The elf is giddy now, and she takes a step towards Meri, her gaze almost apologetic. “Congratulations to you both! I’m so happy for you! And I’m so sorry that I don’t have anything more than water… I may have some orange juice somewhere, but… That’s not the best for celebrating something this monumental, either… I’ll tell you what! When you and Callum are ready for adopt a pet… The adoption fee is waived, I insist.” It looks as though she’s going to pull the psion in for a hug, but then thinks better of it, as the last time she did the woman squirmed and had a look of distaste. Lana looks at Khitti, smiling warmly, “I take it you had –no- idea, either?! This is so exciting! Also, the offer extends to you, too… Bring Dominic around one day; he can help me feed the baby animals in the nursery. It’s good to get children used to animals.”

Khitti :: The blinking was sent towards Lanara then as she’s shown her enthusiasm for the engagement. -This- is where Khitti and Meri were much alike. “No, no. She doesn’t have to talk about it if she doesn’t want to. She can be as private as she likes with this.” She said this with a smile, because Khitti did the same thing when Brand proposed. Hardly anyone even knew about it because she wasn’t one to brag--and really, it’d felt like Khitti and Brand had been married for a long time anyway (especially with all the fighting they used to do). “And, we’ll see! I’ve been meaning to get a booplesnoot--er, a rabbit--for awhile now, but my spider Francis takes up a lot of room and so does my Tikifhlee, the big cat outside. If I go too pet crazy, Brand might think I’m turning his ship into a zoo. Best not to upset the captain, you know.” She’d return to the bar after downing another cookie and the rest of her water, ready for more lessons, her attention on Meri for the moment, “You can babysit Dominic anytime you like, Meri. Doesn’t need to be a reason for him to see his aunt. I’m sure Cal will grow to like him too. Maybe you two can figure out the best veggies and fruits and such I should start the kid out with when he’s ready for it?” It’d give the poor botanist something to focus on besides dirty diapers.

Meri shifts her gaze away from the two women and the window, trying to gauge how much sun they had left - if any. Meri was grateful that Khitti spoke up on her behalf, allowing Meri to not feel like she has to give in to the gals for this gossip session. It was not that Meri minded talking about how everything played out, but would Cal mind if Meri told people that she actually proposed? And not him? Honestly Meri did not believe he would...But men were sometimes confusing creatures and when you combine that with the fact that these were -Catalian- men? It only made things more complicated. It is probably safer to confer with him in private before she goes gabbing away too much. She does at least show the two women the ring — a ring without any bling. It’s a simple silver band with a floral design along the band itself. “It’s not anything flashy,” and not because Callum and Meri can’t afford it to buy a bit of bling. “But I love it. Anyway, Callum and I would love to drop by and take you up on that offer. He promised be a puppy and I am holding him too that, but we are in the process of selling our Larket house and what not - so I think it will be once we are settled.” Which Meri hopes will not be too much longer. Who wants to keep their ties with Larket? And to Khitti, Meri grins, “Booplesnoot. Honestly between the three of us I am sure Dominic is going to get to hang out with plenty of critters of all shapes and sizes. And I will definitely kidnap Dominic plenty.” By kidnap she of course means borrow with the intention of returning. Cal would definitely make sure she gave Dom back, not that Meri would get any wise ideas. “Hey. Yeah. I bet Cal could come up with all sorts of suggestions for that. That is a good idea.”

Lanara didn’t mean to be so bubbly, she just loved hearing about these sort of things, so as Khitti steps in and mentions privacy she lowers her gaze, as though she were scolded. Back in Kelvar the residents viewed handfasting as the most joyous of occasions, and though she doesn’t understand their wanting to keep the details secret, she gives a slight nod. After all, she was previously engaged to one of the most infamous men in the realm, and she hadn’t exactly been forthright with her own blood, let alone friends. “I’m sorry, Meri. I didn’t mean to pry.” She leans in to examine the band with the flowers etched into silver, and she gasps, “It’s lovely! I wish you both the best of luck!” Her smile is genuine, and she nods, delighted that the offer of a pet has been accepted. She knew that Meri would be an excellent pet owner, and she tilts her head to look at Khitti as she mentions adopting a rabbit, possibly, in the future. “Bunnies are fun pets! I gave one to Larz on Ostara as a surprise. They don’t need all that much care, and they are the perfect beginner pet for children. Don’t feel too bad! I bring home an animal just about every day!” She chuckles, and finishes the remainder of her water as they discuss babysitting Dominic and what foods to start him on when he’s ready to advance to people food. Babies needed as much care as her animal companions, it seemed! Lana returns to the bar and leads them through a few more leg stretches, and waits until they’ve both nearly perfected the grand-plie, before she claps her hands. “Alright, ladies. Now we will go back over there and we are going to learn the final step of the evening. I’m sure you’ve seen this step a million times before, it’s called a ‘pirouette’ and it’s basically a fancy term for spinning elegantly. This can make you a little dizzy, so try and focus on one thing in front of you, rather than the room spinning, so you don’t lose your balance.” It’s easier for her to show them rather than tell them the steps, so Lana stands before them, with both of her arms held out straight, her hands level with her shoulders, her left toes pointing outwards, as she lifts her right leg, and spins in an elegant half-twirl, where she then presses the sole of her right slipper against her left knee, and finishes the spin. Her slender form glides along the floor, as she does a trio of pirouette’s, her posture kept at a perfect angle, her eyes never once moving from a small picture placed atop the far wall, and a practiced smile remains on her face, until she ends the motion, following through, and giving a small curtsy. “Alright. Let’s take it nice and slow now…” She leads them through the steps, breaking the one twirl into four different parts, and eventually tying it together, until they were able to do a simple pirouette. Once they get the hang of it, she’d gradually pick up the pace, pausing if they had any questions or needed another demonstration. “Okay! Before we finish the class, let’s do a ‘routine’ which is basically all the moves I taught you, but in an order. Once you both get them down pat, and are familiar with the terms, we can add on some moves and make things a little more complicated, like adding lifts and such. I’m always happy to teach an advanced class, or if you’d prefer to take a different style of dance, I can do that, too. No pressure.” Lana would then lead them into a routine, starting slow, with the most basic of moves, gradually increasing the speed, and ending with a trio of pirouettes.

Khitti would start in on those pirouettes until she too looked towards the nearest window to gauge the sun as it fell behind the trees. She was mid-dance when it suddenly hit her: Brand had told her before she left that they were heading off to Chartsend tonight with a new shipment. “Oh, frak. I think I’m gonna have to take a raincheck on the routine, Lanara.” She does manage to finish the pirouette so as to commit it to memory with the other dance positions, “But! I will practice at home in the meantime! I forgot that Brand said we’re leaving the wharf tonight. Since the kid’s been born, he’s able to start delivering to Chartsend again since we don’t need to stick by land for so long!” Oh frak oh frak oh frak. “He’s gonna kill me for sure if I’m late. Meri, if you want to say goodbye to Dominic real quick, you can come with me! We might be gone a few days.” Quickly, she gathered her clothing and moved to stand near Lanara, “I really appreciate the lessons. I promise I’ll make it up to you with that dinner date for you and your boyfriend! I’ll even close up the shop for it and everything,” Khitti said with a grin. She could definitely tell Lanara was the romantic sort--and so was Khitti for that matter!--and she didn’t want Lanara to think that her and Meri were upset with her. They just have different views on things.

Meri :: Lanara looks lovely, elegant and graceful as she pirouettes, but that does not make Meri eager to try her hand at this. She was about as eager to do this as she was the thing where she was supposed to jump on her toes. Look, Meri was like that dumb jock who was told that they should take ballet lessons to improve upon their football game or something. Or more like the coach practically demanded it. She was -not- excited about doing the girly twirly thing. No Lanara, Meri is not going to do the girly twirly. She is going to park herself next to her boots instead and remove her ballet slippers. They were a gift, and so Meri would treat them accordingly and with respect. Her boots would take time to put back on and lace back up, long enough for Khitti to work on her own girly twirly. “Oooooh, look at you. How fancy. How elegant. And you’re not falling on your face!” When Khitti makes the realization that she is going to be late, Meri finds her way to her feet. Her boots have been addressed by now and she is ready to go, perfect timing. “Of course I want to say bye to Dominic,” said in a light, why would you even ask, sort of tone. To Lanara, before departing. “Thank you for having us. I promise I will be seeing you again soon.” Possibly for a number of reasons, like to get the puppy or to just chat.”

Lanara beams with pride as Khitti complete her pirouettes, and she is fine with them practicing and showing their routine another time. Practice makes perfect, after all! She gives a nod to Khitti, in perfect understanding, as the woman explains she has to run as she’s due in Chartsend later in the evening. “Oh no, it’s totally fine! Get home to Brand and Dominic, I completely understand! Please, be careful in your travels, it’s getting dark out there.” She glances at the window, thinking it was best that she head home for the evening, as well. Larz’s grandparents were making her a special dinner in honor of opening the sanctuary and she didn’t want to arrive late. Khitti mentions setting up the bakery special for her and her boyfriend and her expression softens, as she’s so touched by the woman’s words, “We would love that… Thank you, I can’t wait!” They knew how to get in touch with one another, as they had been corresponding via letters for days. She had noticed that Meri didn’t seem overly fond of the pirouettes and she gives her a lopsided grin, tilting her head to the side as the woman laces her boots and rises to her feet. “Not a fan of dancing, huh? Well… There are many other styles of dance. We’ll find one that works, I’m sure! Congrats again, Meri, I’m truly happy for you.” She gently elbows the woman and nods, eager to rehome a puppy to the newly engaged couple, and of course, the offer to just chat is accepted. Lanara held Meri in high regard, and she’s hopeful that she’ll see more of Khitti, too. “I look forward to seeing both of you soon. Come by anytime, and ignore Venin, she’s an old crab!” The elf would escort them out of the evaluation room, past the puppy pen, and towards the entrance, where they would part ways for the evening. “You two be safe, and see you soon!”

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