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RP:A Case of Chaos

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This is a Mage's Guild RP.

Location: The Dancing Destrier

Synopsis: Elioyahazer accepts a quest from the mages guild board and sets off to settle the madness that has started. 'Rumored Poltergeist Activity’ according to the rumors, but is it really? Once there Elioyahazer meets Raphaline, the bard who saved him when he returned to the lands. They work together to get to the heart of the issue.

A Case of Chaos

Built against the rocky mountains behind it, The Dancing Destrier is a large inn. Double doors open to a massive dining area, often filled with magelings, villagers and visitors to the town, and even a few errant hobbits who have braved leaving the Burrows to live amongst the 'Big People'. Many wondrous smells come from the kitchen, where the barkeep's wife prepares exotic foods with ingredients given to her by mages, and recipes gained over a lifetime of meeting the strange patrons who come from all around to study within the Mage Tower or pay their respects to the Xalious Tree. The owner is a friendly man, with eyes that betray a fierce intelligence. Thin of arm and quiet of voice, he nevertheless emits the confidence which comes from those who have studied the arcane. A small fire burns without wood in the corner, but it is more a source of light than heat; kept alive by young pyromancers in the Guild as an exercise in control. There is always a student or two sitting in one of the high chairs which surround it, their features fierce in concentration. The entire building is made like the rest of Xalious Village: simple and sturdy, yet clearly built with the love and attention which can only come from the villagers themselves.

Elioyahazer enters the establishment without much fanfare. No flashy show of tricks or lights. Instead, it's simply one boot in front of the other all the way to a table by himself. If he was going to solve the issues here, he'd need a drink and food first. After being greeted by his waitress named Natalie, he places his order and pulls his hood down to observe the crowds as they enter and exit this establishment. Truth be told the message board back at the mages guild said some pretty odd things. The Dancing Destrier believes that the mages guild let a spirit free which had turned into some kind of Poltergeist that's actually trying to sabotage business. While lost in thought, his order is brought to him and Eli begins to fill his empty stomach before working. It was much too early for him.

Raphaline has been here for a couple hours, enjoying a cup of tea and a flaky pastry. After a couple of days traveling to the other regions of Lithrydel, Raphaline is happy to be back in the Xalious mountains. Her home is tucked somewhere up in the highlands and the Dancing Destrier is the best place to visit for good food in the early morning hours. What she did not expect was seeing a familiar face so early in the morning as well. Smiling to herself, she finishes her cup of tea before rising from her table and making her way to Eli’s. “I see that you are up and moving around pretty well,” she says as she pulls out a chair at him table. “Has everything healed up alright?” She waves to Natalie to make her way back to the table when she gets a chance. "Also, didn't take you for a morning kind of guy."

Elioyahazer decided to eat a light breakfast this morning. If he was going to be chasing after some spirit, the least he could do is not weigh himself down with unnecessarily heavy food. However, just when he is about to take a bite, the meal on his fork flies off and splats on the wall. What sorcery is this? He wants to groan out loud. Can we at least wait till I've had my fill please? Raphaline is quick to pull him from his thoughts. "Ah. Raphaline, it's good to see you. And it's only because of you I'm up and around now. Had you not stepped in when you did, I'd be dead for sure. But yes, everything feels and seems pretty good. I'll be in tip top shape before long." Once more he tries to size up another bite when there's a large crash at the bar. A random patron finds himself with a sore kiester and but planted on the ground. The stool had intended to sit on was violently taken out from under his own nose. "Well believe it or not, but when I'm feeling good, I'm up with the sun and screaming at every nearby rooster to shush. With that he cracks a smile, to be honest it's for the difficult day ahead of him. "If it weren't for the request the owner of the establishment put in at the guild I probably wouldn't be here." He motions for Raph to join him at the table. "Supposedly ghost activity."

Raphaline quirks a brow at him as she says, “Ghosts? Really?” She is a bit skeptical given she has never seen one before. Lycans, yes. Vampires, yes. Poltergeists, never. All the sounds of people colliding with floors and furniture does not stir worry in the bard; all taverns are noisy. “Shushing the roosters huh?” She adds, chuckling at the image of him offending the poor, feathered creature. When Natalie comes back by and the bard orders another pot of tea--best to be well caffeinated for the day. With a small grin, she turns back to Eli and makes a waving off gesture, “I don’t think it’s a ghost. Those are silly things from stories about dead lover and vengeful enemies, but have you ever honestly seen one?” It is then that a plate going soaring past Raphaline’s head and smashes into the wall within her line of sight. She has gone from skeptical to a shade of white, because either someone is looking for a fight or this is really as bad as he made it out to seem. “Well, that was usual,” she finally clips out as she closes her eyes and takes a sharp breath in.

“Natalie!" Some from the back yells out, interrupting her ability to fulfill Raphalines order. "Get over here and help me sort the tabs! It's happening again! Those friggin mages are messing with my establishment with their ridiculous experiments!" The owner falls into a major cussing fit, nearly chaining together every known vulgarity to man. He's had a lot of practice I can tell. || Meanwhile Elioyahazer is listening and observing his doc, for lack of better words. "Please don't get me started on ghosts and spirits. My step mother was a spirit shaman." He shakes his head at the memories. "There were many nights when I wo..." Is voice trails off as the plate hits the wall. "This is a little much." Elioyahazer stands up at that and looks around the room. "I wonder what's going on?" From out of nowhere comes the voice from the back room again. "Alright good Natalie. Now get out there and lock the doors we are shutting down for the day!" A cloaked fellow seems to have overheard the boss and he stands up quickly leaving behind a journal of sorts. "Excuse me sir and miss, but we are going to close up." Before she can continue Eli responds, "Go ahead we," he points to Raphaline as well, "Are from the guild sent her to investigate." The waitress sighs and moves to lock the door.

Raphaline hasn’t decided if she is excited for this new turn of events or not. Firstly, getting locked in with the possible issue has her wary of every sound now that the other patrons have left. To keep from being a sitting target, she sets her satchel and violin under the table while she gets up to take a look around the empty tavern. Besides the toppled chairs and smashed wares, nothing leads her to believe some sort of curse is what’s causing the issue. As she makes her way around a fallen stool she spots the journal that got left behind. “Did either of you forget something?” She asks of the barkeep and the waitress as she reaches to pick up the journal and hold it aloft for them to see.

It only took a moment to clear everyone out, and the normally sharp eyed owner steps out from the back to answer Raphalines question. "Nah we got a room for our personal effects." What a minute. "Why are you two even here? I just asked Natalie to close the place. It's not safe, I tell you." His gaze moves from Raphaline to Eli. "This place is nuttier than a nutter bar I swear! Orders go missing, tabs get mixed up, customers knocked on their butts. Hell even my cleaning supplies go missing!" He throws his arms up in the air irritatedly. "Sir these two are from the guild." There's a moment of silence here, while he mulls over what he wants to say "So you're to investigate?" The journal Raphaline has discovered looks like it belongs to an apprentice of the guild. It contains a lot of notes about different spells. While the room was filled with silence, a very loud creaking noise fills the room.

Elioyahazer is dumbfounded over the fact that they actually closed shop! Damnit, we are going to need to work fast. "Anything in that wealth of knowledge that can explain the situation Raphaline?" However that creaking noise puts a damper on Eli's mood. Those sensitive to magic my feel a pickling cold. Although it's bright outside, the room begins to darken. Then more noises until a cupboard opens nearby by and slams shut. "I'm not so sure this is a ghost."

Raphaline keeps a tight hold onto the journal as magic begins to brush against the edges of her own magic. Definitely not a ghost. “Magic, maybe? You aren’t casting any spells right now are you Eli?” She asks, carefully making her way back over towards him. “Here. Maybe you know who might own this,” she says as she hands the journal over. “I’m not prolific in the arcane arts but I would say a mage was here--” She stops and turns towards the slamming cupboard doors. “Might be still here, or…?” Slowly, she kneels down on the floor and presses her hands to the floorboards so she can better read the magic, if that is what has been woven into this place. Her fingers begin to prickle from the chill of shadows darkening the tavern. “Definitely not a ghost.” Her only worry is that if there is no one inside casting, it means either the spell has been set into the foundation of the building or the caster is now outside causing problems. “One of us should make sure no one is loitering around outside causing this,” she says as she rises from the floor, eyeing the door and the now spooky walls.

" Nu uh no way Missy, we ain't splitting up. I've heard bad stories that end that way."

Elioyahazer takes the time from Raphaline and notices it's enchanted, almost instantly. "I wonder.." Raphaline would discover very fast that the magic affecting the building is coming from outside and is not something in the foundations. More precisely the backyard of the establishment. With a wave Elioyahazer activates the enchantment and begins to read - it's text very different from before. "I Jacob Reaulle have been made a fool of! That damn wench got me so drunk I lost my project! I knew that teacher would question my drinking, so I lied said it was stolen. But i think I'll tear that business down." Eli's eyes drift up to Raphaline and then Natalie who screams, that ungrateful bastard! He comes in here every day and can't even make it out the front door because of his boozing." Elioyahazer puts a hand up. "We will deal with him. Just stay inside. Raphaline, any idea where he might be?”

Raphaline doesn’t answer Eli, instead she takes a hold of his wrist and makes for the back door of the tavern that leads out into the backyard. There is few things in the world that really irk the bard, one of them being is men who foul up things and then promptly blame it on unsuspecting women. And nasty drunkards. She doesn’t much like them either “I can feel the core of the spell out there. Either this Jacob fellow is out there or the root of the spell is,” she explains as she presses her other hand to the back door and finding the spell is growing stronger just beyond those wall. Her own magic has gone from a slight tingle in her fingers to a full on swirl of electrical pulses beneath her skin. Turning to Eli she allows a sly smile to cross her features before she says, “Feel like kicking down the door on someone’s fun today?” She doesn’t wait for his answer before throwing open the back door and stepping back out into the sunlight.

Elioyahazer finds himself dragged along by the whims of Raphaline. Did he feel like kicking a door down? Damn strait he did. His hand pressed up against the wooden structure, pumping his manna into it, before the door flies off the hinges and straight into the idiot who casting his spells. With a loud scream he falls to the floor in pain. "Don't you think the bad guy would do a better job of hiding?" Elioyahazer takes quick steps to the apprentice, where his fist collides with Jacobs face, knocking him unconscious, The spells die instantly. With a grin Elioyahazer looks to Raphaline. "Thanks for the door of the moment help. Quest complete." This buffoon would be turned into the authorities. "I owe you lunch Raphaline. But I need to turn this fool in and report." With a nod he collects Jacob and heads off.