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This is the Realm of the Prekleks, a lizard like people who have not the ability to cast spells. In their realm Magic is unknown by most and instead of spells you see things such as lazer guns and advanced technology.

Be advised that this area is only freely accessible for statting purposes now. Role-plays are not to be conducted here as the area has narratively been rendered inaccessible post-arc.

Maps of Preklek Realm

Settlements in the Preklek Realm

Settlement Name Main Race

Geographical Areas of the Preklek Realm

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Clans with HQ's in the Preklek Realm

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Training Areas in the Preklek Realm


Economic Areas in the Preklek Realm


Political Information About the Preklek Realm

Preklek society is extremely advanced despite its brutal, tyrannical nature. They believe that in servicing the Preklek, other species are gaining favor in the eyes of the gods. In all 36 conquered Preklek dimensions, hunger, war, famine, and poverty are completely wiped out, for the most part the conquered species are treated like honored guests, and despite their slave status, Preklek society looks after them well, with harsh penalties for mistreating them. On the other side of the coin however, if a slave acts up in any way, the slave, their family, and any close friends are put to death. Preklek society itself is highly structured. At the top is the military, below which is the science academy, followed by the non combatant citizens who usually join the police force and then at the bottom the slave races. All Preklek know their place, and follow the chain of command to the letter. They look to battle and see it as a way to honor their families and deities. Preklek family units are structured in much the same way as society and are based on the members’ position. For example, if the female were a member of the military, and the male a member of the science academy the female would control the family unit. If one of the children makes it into the military, and none of the parents were members, then that child would take over the family unit until it found a mate of its own. Although most Preklek are cloned, a significant number of Preklek still have natural families and expect their slaves to care for the eggs till they hatch. It has been known for slaves to gain a high social standing by joining the science academy, although they are still not allowed in the military.

Other places of note in the Preklek Realm

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