Newsclipping: The Church Involved With Cultists??

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The Cenrilian Times - Cultists in the Church?

In an unprecedented turn of events, the leader of the Church of Cenril was arrested this weekend, under the charges of murder and treason. According to investigators, the evidence pointing towards the Bishop's guilt was near impossible to disprove. Many may recall a particular event taking place last year, when festivities held in Vailkrin were interrupted by an attack by cultists. It has now been revealed that the Bishop himself has been directly involved with the activities, through several documents discovered in his office, as well as the uniforms worn by those cultists found in the offices of the Holy Gazette. General Brommson refused to answer questions detailing her opinion on the man, and on what her plans were now that the corruption has been cleared from the Church, other than to say, "It is my belief that Cenril will be in a state of unrest for quite some time now. I would advise women and children to stay indoors as much as possible, and I would suggest all able-bodied folk come and apply at the Guard. We will need all the strength we can muster in the next few weeks." She has since been unavailable for interview, but sources suggest that she has been busy planning counterattacks to any oncoming trouble, as well as building up supplies for the aftermath of whatever it is she believes will come next. Guards have been posted at each of the city's entrances, and a night installment has also been placed, to keep the streets safe in the darker hours.

The Guard will be accepting applications starting tomorrow at dawn.
The Cenrilian Times is still accepting applications.