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This cheat sheet will assume that you have a basic understanding of wiki uploading for battles, duels, role-plays, and fights. If you'd like a refresher, along with a basic wiki code guide, please check out these links: Editing and Guide to Uploading RPs, Duels, and More.

The purpose of this page isn't to teach others, and it will not be geared towards that. What this cheat sheet aims to do is provide a giant resource of current wiki tags for proper uploading. I hope that creating this page will help others out with a massive, easily navigable Wiki Tag information dump, which may prevent needless searching to find relevant tags. Navigate through the provided areas and copy the codes you need. I would suggest bookmarking this page and keeping it open in a separate tab for quick referencing.

This is not an admin-approved page, but one I put together for myself and others should they find the information contained within useful.

General Uploads

This section and its subsections are where you will find all the general tags you need for your roleplay uploads. On average, most roleplays won't need more than what I've provided here.

Guild Tag

If the roleplay you're working on uploading belongs to a guild, then look no further. Search the table below for the guild you need and copy its tag into your upload. Remember, this tag should be at the top of your RP log.

I should also note that this code is a template. And after having tested this template myself, using this tag alone to log guild roleplays is sufficient. There's no need to add the second one, located later in this guide as this template automatically adds the other mentioned tag.

Guild Tag Guild Tag
Adventurer's Guild:  {{Guild|Adventurer's|RPs}}  Merchant's Guild:  {{Guild|Merchant's|RPs}} 
Bard's Guild:  {{Guild|Bard's|RPs}}  Necromancer's Guild:  {{Guild|Necromancer's|RPs}} 
Devout's Guild:  {{Guild|Devout's|RPs}}  Ranger's Guild:  {{Guild|Ranger's|RPs}} 
Healer's Guild:  {{Guild|Healer's|RPs}}  Rogue's Guild:  {{Guild|Rogue's|RPs}} 
Mage's Guild:  {{Guild|Mage's|RPs}}  Warrior's Guild:  {{Guild|Warrior's|RPs}} 

Player Tag

Use the code below to tag characters who are involved in the log you're uploading. Copy and paste into your edit as many times as needed. This code, and all others below this section, should be placed at the bottom of your log.


After altering the name to match the character involved, it should look like this.



Log Type

Every log you upload will fall into one of four types: Battle, Duel, Fight or Roleplay. Below is the tag for each. Please ensure you copy the correct code for proper organization. We don't want to anger the wiki overlords.

Battle Tag: [[Category:Battle Logs]]
Duel Tag: [[Category:Duel Logs]]
Fight Tag: [[Category:Fight Logs]]
Roleplay Tag: [[Category:RP Logs]]

Clan Rp

If the roleplay you're uploading belongs to a specific clan, you've found the right spot. Scroll down and search for the clan tag you need.

Clan Tag Clan Tag
Skjoldet:  [[Category:Skjoldet/RPs]]   The Row:  [[Category:The Row/RPs]]  
Syndicate of Shadows:  [[Category: Syndicate of Shadows/RPs]]   The Steel Reserve:  [[Category:The Steal Reserve/RPs]]  
The Eldritch Cabal:  [[Category:The Eldritch Cabal/RPs]]   The Umbral Council:  [[Category:The Umbral Council/RPs]]  
The Eyrie:  [[Category:The Eyrie/RPs]]      

Guild Roleplay Tag

This section houses the specific sorting codes for Guild roleplays for proper organization. Using this tag will only add your roleplay to the chosen Guilds roleplay section. Scroll to your needed code, copy and paste into your log.

If you're using the guild template (the first guild code on this page), you do not need to add this code.

Guild Tag Guild Tag
Adventurer's Guild:  [[Category:Adventurer's Guild/RPs]]  Merchant's Guild:  [[Category:Merchant's Guild/RPs]] 
Bard's Guild:  [[Category:Bard's Guild/RPs]]  Necromancer's Guild:  [[Category: Necromancer's Guild/RPs]] 
Devout's Guild:  [[Category:Devout's Guild/RPs]]  Ranger's Guild:  [[Category:Ranger's Guild/RPs]] 
Healer's Guild:  [[Category:Healer's Guild/RPs]]  Rogue's Guild:  [[Category:Rogue's Guild/RPs]] 
Mage's Guild:  [[Category:Mage's Guild/RPs]]  Warrior's Guild:  [[Category:Warrior's Guild/RPs]] 

Area Tag

Look through the area tags below and copy the location tags needed for where your rp took place. These tags work as is.

Location Tag Location Tag
Alithrya:  {{Region:Alithrya|RPs}}  Larket:  {{Region:Larket|RPs}} 
Armantium:  {{Region:Armantium|RPs}}  Kregus:  {{Region:Kregus|RPs}} 
Archmosia:  {{Region:Archmosia|RPs}}  Lower Craughmoyle:  {{Region:Lower Craighmoyle|RPs}} 
Cenril:  {{Region:Cenril|RPs}}  Milous Plains:  {{Region:Milous Plains|RPs}} 
Chartsend:  {{Region:Chartsend|RPs}}  Misshapen Lands:  {{Region:Misshapen Lands|RPs}} 
Craughmoyle:  {{Region:Craighmoyle|RPs}}  Nameless Desert:  {{Region:Nameless Desert|RPs}} 
Dark Forest:  {{Region:Dark Forest|RPs}}  Port Rynvale:  {{Region:Port Rynvale|RPs}} 
Dark Lands:  {{Region:Dark Lands|RPs}}  Preklek Realm:  {{Region:Preklek Realm|RPs}} 
Darkiln:  {{Region:Darkiln|RPs}}  Realms of Chaos:  {{Region:Realms of Chaos|RPs}} 
Dead Caves:  {{Region:Dead Caves|RPs}}  Rynvale Island:  {{Region:Rynvale Island|RPs}} 
Dragonlands:  {{Region:Dragonlands|RPs}}  Sage Forest:  {{Region:Sage Forest|RPs}} 
Elimdor:  {{Region:Elimdor|RPs}}  Schezerade:  {{Region:Schezerade|RPs}} 
Eternal Forest:  {{Region:Eternal Forest|RPs}}  Taylebeck:  {{Region:Taylebeck|RPs}} 
Ferminville:  {{Region:Ferminville|RPs}}  Trist'oth:  {{Region:Trist'oth|RPs}} 
Fog Forest:  {{Region:Fog Forest|RPs}}  Underdark:  {{Region:Underdark|RPs}} 
Frostmaw:  {{Region:Frostmaw|RPs}}  Upper Craughmoyle:  {{Region:Upper Craighmoyle|RPs}} 
Gamorg:  {{Region:Gamorg|RPs}}  Vailkrin:  {{Region:Vailkrin|RPs}} 
Grasslands:  {{Region:Grasslands|RPs}}  Venturil:  {{Region:Venturil|RPs}} 
Gualon:  {{Region:Gualon|RPs}}  Vhys:  {{Region:Vhys|RPs}} 
Gualon City:  {{Region:Gualon City|RPs}}  Western Lands:  {{Region:Western Lands|RPs}} 
Kelay Town:  {{Region:Kelay Town|RPs}}  Xalious Mountain Range:  {{Region:Xalious Mountain Range|RPs}} 
Kingdom of Enchantment:  {{Region:Kingdom of Enchantment|RPs}}  Xalious Village:  {{Region:Xalious Village|RPs}} 
The Planes
Plane of Dreams:  [[Category:Plane of Dreams/RPs]]  Plane of Shadows:  [[Category:Plane of Shadows/RPs]] 

Arc Specific Tagging

This specific section will house the arc-related tagging that your roleplay uploads may need. Scroll to find the tags you need.

Arc Tag

Is your rp, duel or spar part of an Arc? Then you need to add the tag below to the top of your roleplay page for proper linking:

{{ArcNav|Arc=Change this text to the arc's name}}

The above is a generic Arc tag which should be placed at the top of your log if it's part of an arc. All you need to do is copy and paste that into your upload and alter "Change this text to the arcs name" for it to display properly.


{{ArcNav|Arc=Isok's Wiki Tag Cheat Sheet}}

Arc Landing Page Tags

The tags found within this section are to be used on an arc landing page only and nowhere else. If you're unsure about what an arc landing page is, ask someone. But basically, the landing page provides a description of an arc and a giant resource of roleplays to click on and view.

Lastly, don't forget that your landing page needs to include tags from the General Uploads Section as well. For every person, location, etc.

Guild Specific Arc Tag

Well, here we have guild-specific arc tags which you can use to mark your arc landing page as belonging to a guild. Just find the guild and copy the provided code as is into your arc page.

Guild Tag Guild Tag
Adventurer's Guild:  [[Category:Adventurer's Guild/Arcs]]  Merchant's Guild:  [[Category:Merchant's Guild/Arcs]] 
Bard's Guild:  [[Category:Bard's Guild/Arcs]]  Necromancer's Guild:  [[Category: Necromancer's Guild/Arcs]] 
Devout's Guild:  [[Category:Devout's Guild/Arcs]]  Ranger's Guild:  [[Category:Ranger's Guild/Arcs]] 
Healer's Guild:  [[Category:Healer's Guild/Arcs]]  Rogue's Guild:  [[Category:Rogue's Guild/Arcs]] 
Mage's Guild:  [[Category:Mage's Guild/Arcs]]  Warrior's Guild:  [[Category:Warrior's Guild/Arcs]] 

Clan Specific Arc Tag

Here you will find the tags to mark your arc landing page as belonging to a specific clan. Just use the table below to locate your clan and copy the code as is into your arc page.

Clan Tag Clan Tag
Skjoldet:  [[Category:Skjoldet/Arcs]]   The Row:  [[Category:The Row/Arcs]]  
Syndicate of Shadows:  [[Category: Syndicate of Shadows/Arcs]]   The Steel Reserve:  [[Category:The Steal Reserve/Arcs]]  
The Eldritch Cabal:  [[Category:The Eldritch Cabal/Arcs]]   The Umbral Council:  [[Category:The Umbral Council/Arcs]]  
The Eyrie:  [[Category:The Eyrie/Arcs]]      

Current Arc

If your arc is a current and ongoing one, then be sure to add the tag below to its landing page.


Finished Arc

If your arc has been completed then congratulations! Please be sure to delete the "current arc tag" on its landing page and replace it with this one:


Inactive Arc

Have you found an inactive arc or is yours going to become inactive? Use the following tag to mark its landing page as such. Please remove any "current" arc tag it may have as well.


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