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Name: Dominic

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald

Scars: Right shoulder; claw marks.

Build: Atheltic( not that big but got some muscle).

Ambitions: To find and be apart of a pack not its leader. To train under, Turel and Kasyr. To duel Vuryal, to see if he can cope with battling something which is feared an hated.

Birthplace: Cenril.


Swordplay (katana), Theivery, Stealth, Archery, Tracking.


Dominic was born in cenril to a mother that died in childbirth and a father that got put in prison for murder of his brother, so at five he was alone. He took to theiving and picking pockets for a living, until one day he was caught by an oldman that at the time he thought moved quick as lightning. For some reason though the man took him in and trained him in his ways and later he became a scout for the old man and checked buildings and other area's out of the city for good places to rob, eventually the old man passed and the now 15 year old took to the wilderness and thats what changed him. On the first full moon he was attacked and barely escaped with his life, all he remembered was it was big, hairy and fast. Of course he discovered eventaully what he was and still continued his training and now being 17 he missed one thing all humans and lycans do, people. He felt there was something missing so he searchs for battle and a pack. Don't get this youngster wrong though he cares not for parents, his was perfectic, they couldn't cope with life... Only the strong survive, the weak they perish and those that die should just be forgotten, they couldn't keep up. Still young and not that experianced in the ways of battle but his thirst for battle might change that or get him killed, most times he could not care about death of others as long as he survive and the only fear he knows of is being imprisoned.

Ooc points: Am up for any type of rp, also willing to help with anything i can. Kinda old player trying to get back in the swing of things so if you have any comments or problems with my rp, writing or anything let me know. If I know I can get better.