Falious-Wood Staff

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This page describes an non-custom item available within Hollow. To see more items, go to Category:Items.

Falious-Wood Staff - Magical Weapons | Staff
Bonus: +0
Sold at: Open Market
Cost: 10010,000 sp <br />100,000 cp <br /> gp, 00 gp <br />0 cp <br /> sp, 00 gp <br />0 sp <br /> cp

Created by Lanlan during Cenril's Charity Bazaar 2022, now sold at the 'Open Market' in Cenril.

These sticks aren't as potent as the real deal. But they look and smell and feel like the real deal! Examples of SUPREME forgery skills! But, just like any branch of wood, they make decent channelers of magic. A skilled wizard or witch can wield one to good effect. Though these were being marketed to novices, children even, so they were bestowed with some babby spells to impress. These amazing falious-wood staffs can move small things from here to there, or clean up smudges, light torches, blow out torches, and even glow in the dark! Amaze your friends with your magical abilities, make them think YOU are a member of the mage's guild!